“SWAT” actor Shemar Moore’s Bio: Wife, Mother Marilyn Wilson, Married, Net Worth, Parents, Siblings

• Shemar Moore is an American actor and former model known for his role in "The Young and the Restless" and "Criminal Minds".
• He won an Emmy and Image Award nomination for his first major role.
• He was born in Oakland, California, to a mother of Irish and French-Canadian descent and an African-American father.
• He has dated Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Kimberly Elise, and Ashley Scott and is currently dating Shawna Gordon.
• His net worth is estimated at over $16 million.

Who is Shemar Moore?

Shemar Franklin Moore is a former model and an accomplished American actor. He is the main star of the TV series “S.W.A.T.”, and is also known for his role of Derek Morgan in “Criminal Minds”. In his first major role, Moore won an Emmy, and an Image Award nomination for Outstanding Young Actor. He has won eight awards, including Daytime Emmy 2000 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in the Drama Series, “The Young and the Restless”.

Shemar Moore’s Bio: Early life, Parents, and Siblings

Shemar Franklin Moore was born in Oakland, California, on 20th April 1970. His mother is Marilyn Wilson who was born in Roxbury, Massachusetts, and is of Irish and French-Canadian descent, and his father is Sherrod Moore who is of African-American ancestry. Moore has no siblings, but his parents separated when he was still an infant, and as a result he spent his entire childhood living with his mother. There is no information on his father remarrying, but it’s clear that his mother has remained single.

They went abroad to Denmark before shifting to Bahrain, where his mother worked as a teacher. During their stay in Europe, Moore attended a British private school for seven years. Moore and his mother moved back to the US in 1977, to Chico, California, before settling in Palo Alto. He attended and matriculated from Gunn High School, then enrolled into Santa Clara University, where he majored in communication and minored in theatre arts. In college Moore was a superb athlete, and had dreams of playing professional baseball, however, a shoulder injury forced him to look elsewhere. He decided to put his physique to good use by taking modeling gigs, through which he was able to settle bills.

Shemar Moore Career

Moore started his acting career in 1994, appearing in several roles the most significant of which was in “The Young and the Restless” through to 2005. Meantime in 1997, he made his debut film appearance in “Hav Plenty”, followed the next year with a role in “Butter”. In 2000 he also became the host of the syndicated “Soul Train” up to 2003, and during the same period, he featured in two more movies, “The Brothers” and “Birds of Prey”. In 2003 he also had a role in the TV movie “Chasing Alice”, and in the following year featured in the TV film “Nikki and Nora”, and in the series “Half & Half”. In 2014 he did the voiceover on several of DC’s animated movies. Justice league; War, Justice League: Throne of Atlantis, Justice league vs. Teen Titans and also in the new film in 2018, The Death of Superman.

After portraying Malcolm Winter for eight years in the series “The Young and the Restless”, Moore quit the show, but he would later return on September 2005. His second stint on the show didn’t last long, and in 2007 he said, “My time is done on Y&R.” However, he was cast in a major role in “Criminal Minds” beginning in 2005 and through to March 2016, as Derek Morgan playing for 11 seasons and 251 episodes. In February 2017, he was unveiled as the main star in CBS’ new series “S.W.A.T.”, which is based on 2003 film of the same name.

Shemar Moore’s Mother Marilyn Wilson

Moore’s mother is a Caucasian; she is a university graduate with a degree in mathematics and was a math teacher, but is now a business consultant. In 1970, she chose to move to Europe because of the civil unrest sparked by racism, and her interracial relationship which was perceived a taboo. His mother fell ill and was diagnosed with MS or multiple sclerosis, a degenerative illness that affects people mostly between 20 to 50 years, particularly the central nervous system bringing severe health complication. In her case, it manifested through inability to walk. Although it has no cure, it is manageable with the necessary lifestyle changes. Moore’s mother has now regained her mobility, and she is taking the challenge one step at a time.

Who is Shemar Moore wife?

Moore’s fans and admirers have been asking if he is married, but although he is single and has no kids, in 2016 via his Instagram account, he expressed his desire to get married within two to three years, and even quit his busy role in Criminal Minds apparently to focus on his personal life. In an interview with TV line, Moore is quoted saying, “I need balance in my life. I love what I do for a living, I love it from ‘Action’ to ‘Cut,’ but I also want to walk my dogs, travel, get married, have kids. I want balance, and it’s hard to do with the schedule that we have.”

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Currently, Moore is dating Shawna Gordon, an American soccer player, since 2014. Pictures of them spending more time together have been going viral on the internet, prompting the question, ‘are the two getting married soon’? His affair with Shawna appears more serious than the previous ones. It is on record that Moore has dated Halle Berry, Toni Braxton, Kimberly Elise and Ashley Scott. However, no news of any engagement or a wedding so far.

Shemar Moore Net Worth

Moore stands above the rest in Hollywood, often keeping the audience on the edge of their seats for two decades. His acting career has blossomed over the years; his compensation has been on top too  his salary on “Criminal Minds” was $175,000 per episode, and in 2016, he earned over $300,000 from his film, “The Bounce Back”. In the same year, his voiceover for the animated movie, “The Justice League vs. Teen Titans” earned him $ 3.98 million, sat unsurprisingly authoritative sources now estimate his net worth at over $16 million.

5 Fan Facts about Shemar Moore

  • Moore is also philanthropic, after his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. He has been involved in various charities events to create awareness and raise funds for the sick. Together with his friends, Mandy Patinkin and Thomas Gibson they donated $20,000 for the National Multiple Sclerosis society.
  • Though Moore is American, the first language he learned and spoke was Danish.
  • In 1995 Moore modeled in the Toni Braxton music video, How Many Ways.
  • Moore is also an entrepreneur, and runs the fashion line Baby Girl, borrowed from his famous catchphrase in “Criminal Minds”. All the income from sales goes to the National Sclerosis Society.
  • Moore was bullied – he is on record as saying how it was difficult for him when they returned to the US. His bi-racial looks attracted a lot of negativity.

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