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• Tati Westbrook is a 37 year old American YouTuber and the owner of Halo Beauty.
• She has a net worth of over $1.3 million and is married with one step-son.
• She is of Caucasian ethnicity and has dark brown hair and blue eyes.
• Westbrook made her debut in 2011 with her YouTube channel and has collaborated with celebrities such as Jeffree Star and James Charles.
• She created Halo Beauty Company which sells pills to boost hair, skin, and nails.

Tati Westbrook Age and Bio

Tati Westbrook was born under the zodiac sign of Aquarius on 14 February 1982, in Seattle, Washington State, USA, which means that she is 37 years old and her nationality is American. Tati is best known as a YouTuber, and the owner of the skincare company named Halo Beauty. Tati is one of the best known make-up and beauty YouTubers, having gained that reputation thanks to her hard work.

Tati Westbrook

Net Worth

So just how rich is Tati Westbrook as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, Westbrook has a net worth of over $1.3 million, accumulated from her career in the previously mentioned fields; she hasn’t disclosed any information regarding her assets, such as houses and vehicles, but having spent over a decade on YouTube, and establishing herself in the field, she is seemingly able to support herself and her family. Being a YouTuber, she makes money every time an ad is displayed in her videos, but she also has income from paid sponsorships.

Husband and Son

Speaking about Westbrook’s relationship status, she is married to a man named James, who often appears in her videos, which her fans and followers really seem to appreciate. James was born on 10 September 1970, which means that he is 48 years old and his zodiac sign is Virgo. She is also the stepmother of his son Taylor, who has also been the subject of her videos. However, the couple doesn’t have any children of their own, which Tati has spoken about on her channel. Despite that, the family seems to be living a happy and prosperous life together.

Ethnicity and Background

Speaking about Westbrook’s ethnicity, she is Caucasian and has dark brown hair and blue eyes, which suits her complexion perfectly. Judging from the photos available on the internet, Tati has a fit figure and always looks well put together at all events she attends, as well as in her make-up videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, she hasn’t shared much information regarding her early life and upbringing, but has made some facts known to the media – she has three sisters, Erika, Larisa and Sabrina. Earlier, Tati briefly worked as an actress, and appeared in “Unsolved Mysteries” in 1996. As of 2007, she landed a support role in “Greek”, appearing in its 10 episodes.

Social Media

Being in the entertainment field naturally means that Tati is active on social media such as Twitter and Instagram she is followed by more than 600,000 people on the former. She uses her social media accounts to promote her work as well as to communicate with her fans. Some of her most recent posts on Twitter include a tweet in which she wrote “Tears of gratitude! My sister’s baby is doing great, so is she! Baby girl will be here on the 11th! You guys know how I feel about 11’s I am SO excited!! I got this text asking for songs… let’s help Sabrina out!” Besides that, she re-tweets numerous tweets from her fans who wrote about her Halo Beauty products. Besides that, many of her fans often write about her personally – one fan has recently written about how excited she was to get Tati’s products.


In addition to being active on Twitter, Westbrook is also active on Instagram, where she has 1.5 million followers. She often posts photos from her private life, allowing her fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes. She has recently posted a photo of herself and her husband taken on their wedding day, with the caption reading “I am blessed that I get to love this inspiring, crazy, funny, intelligent, giving, patient, phenomenal man. My James you have my heart.  Happy Anniversary! 2 years Married. 9 years by each others side.”


Westbrook made her debut in 2011, when she released the video entitled “REVIEW | Buxom Smoky Eye Stick”, which has been watched by more than 110,000 people, and followed by uploading the video “TOP 10 | Physicians Formula”. Continuing to work hard in the upcoming period, she posted the video “BOYFRIEND TAG | On The Beach Maui”, with her then-boyfriend James, which has been watched by more than 200,000 people, and received a positive response from her fans. In early 2012, she made “TATI AND JAMES MARRIAGE PROPOSAL” and “MY SURPRISE MARRIAGE PROPOSAL”, with both of the videos attracting a lot of views. When it comes to Westbrook’s most successful videos, those include “DRUGSTORE MAKEUP Favorites & Hate it’s | Maybelline”, “PUTTING MY SON IN DRAG ft. James Charles” and “OUR WEDDING | Tati and James Wedding”, with all of the videos having been watched by more than four million people.

Most Recent Videos

Speaking about Tati’s most recent videos, those include “PUMA x MAYBELLINE Collection … Ummm Okay”, “ZARA MAKEUP … Mind Blown” and “JEFFREE STAR x MORPHE BRUSHES”. She has recently collaborated with her friends and colleagues James Charles and Jeffree Star to make the video “Messy Makeup Trivia ft. Jeffree Star & Tati”, with more than 11 million views.

Halo Beauty

In addition to being a successful YouTuber, Tati is also a businesswoman who created Halo Beauty company, which sells pills that boost hair, skin and nails. There were certain rumors about her products not working, however, a lot of people who use her pills have confirmed that they helped them out with their skin and hair problems.

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