The Adventures of Vet Dr. Buckeye Bottoms Death Cancelled. Wiki, Bio, Family, Married, Personal Life

• Dr. Buckeye Bottoms is a veterinarian and the main protagonist of the reality TV series “The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms”
• He was born in Santa Barbara, California, and obtained his doctorate of veterinary medicine in Canada in 2004
• His net worth is estimated to be close to $1 million
• He is currently unmarried and without children
• He is not active on social media

The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms” is a relatively new reality TV series, so not all people are aware of the existence of the charismatic veterinarian Dr. Buckeye. The show focuses on his love for animals, and the popularity of the series is growing by the day. That is why our in-depth overview will give you all the info you need on Dr. Buckeye and his bio, family, personal life, career, etc.

Childhood years

Bartholomew Bottoms, which is his real name, was born on 25th January 1977, in Santa Barbara, California, where he spent his childhood, but his early years were largely affected by the divorce of his parents. Only a year after Bartholomew was born, his father, Timothy and his mother, Alicia Cory decided to part their ways. Timothy, who is an actor, later married Marcia Morehart in 1984, who became Dr. Buckeye’s stepmother. When it comes to siblings, Dr. Buckeye has three of them – Bodie, Bridget, and Benton.


According to reports, Dr. Buckeye was always a big fan of animals, ever since he was a small boy, which could be the reason why he decided to join the California Polytechnic State University upon finishing his high school education, majoring in Animal Science, and graduating in 2000. Dr. Buckeye then went to Canada and enrolled at the University of Prince Edward Island, from where he received his doctorate of veterinary medicine in 2004, which basically allowed him to start his own practice, and begin helping animals in need.

Dr. Buckeye Bottoms

How did Dr. Buckeye start his career?

Upon obtaining his license, Dr. Buckeye started working in Santa Cruz, California, however, his career soon took him away from his home state, and he even ended up in Hawaii. Since 2007, he has been working as a mobile vet on the Hawaiian islands, and his story has recently been turned into a reality TV series.

“The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms”

After the death of Dr. Scott Sims in 2015, who passed away after losing his battle with bladder cancer, Dr. Buckeye was asked to take his place in the National Geographic Wild program. In February 2017 the pilot of a new show was aired, and as they say – the rest is history. “The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms” has so far had two seasons, with a total of 16 episodes being aired. The storyline of the reality TV series centers around Dr. Buckeye, and his operations as a mobile vet on Oahu, Lanai, The Big Island, Maui, and Kauai. On his voyages and daily activities he treats all kinds of animals, with his ‘patients’ including dogs, pigs, horses, donkeys and even alpacas!

Dr. Buckeye’s other acting roles

Besides being the main protagonist of “The Adventures of Dr. Buckeye Bottoms”, you can also see his face in other TV series. For instance, he appeared in “Animal Fight Night”, and he also in “Aloha Vet”, which was the original Dr. Sims’ show.

It seems that acting runs in the Bottoms family, and Dr. Buckeye’s relatives have also been highly successful actors. For instance, his father appeared in over 100 films during his acting career, and was also a producer at one point. Timothy was best known for his portrayals of Mr. George Bush, and Dr. Buckeye’s uncle, Joseph Bottoms even managed to win a Golden Globe award in 1975. Another uncle, by the name of Sam Bottoms, was also an accomplished professional actor.

What is Dr. Buckeye’s current net worth?

Dr. Buckeye has been a veterinarian for close to two decades now, and in the recent period he has even become a TV celebrity. However, it was a bit challenging to discover his current net worth. According to authoritative sources, his estimated net worth is now close to $1 million, from his primary veterinarian work, supplemented by his salary from the TV series.

Marriage and kids

Even though Dr. Buckeye is 41 years old, he is still not married. Interestingly, he does not even show signs of planning to settle any time soon. He seems to be enjoying his single life, spending the majority of his time working on and helping animals. There have been no rumors about him dating anyone in recent times. Consequently, Dr. Buckeye still has no kids, at least that is what the public is aware of. His only companion is his beloved dog, Kevin.

Social media presence

Since Dr. Buckeye belongs to a generation which did not actually grow up with smartphones or even computers, he does not feel the need to have a profile on social media sites. Of course, if his show continues to grow in popularity, the pressure from the fans will become unbearable and Dr. Buckeye may well create Instagram or Twitter profiles to communicate with his followers. Nowadays, he just likes to keep to himself.

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  1. I hope this show continues. Love this vet and his rapport with not only people but the animals . Keep it going

    1. Dr Bottoms hope you continue your show
      I love the way you are with animals and the humans

  2. Love this show. It’s right up there with the Incredible Dr. Pol and Dr. Oakley Yukon Vet. As a retired vet professor of 50 years, these three all exhibit exceptional skills in the field of veterinary medicine. Watching these dynamic trios, one who is interested in becoming a vet, has only to watch their series and they’re halfway through their education. Well done.

  3. Doctor Bottoms, I haven’t seen you on lately. Do you still have your show? You have such a special Heart for the animals and the people.
    I loved seeing your dog riding with you in the back of the truck. I hope all is well with you and your dog.

  4. Just found this show. Amazing. I have learned so much about animals that I didn’t know. Your love and compassion for both animals and their people is beautiful. The fact that you are in beautiful Hawaii and respect and understand the culture and spirit makes this show incredible to me. Thank you for what you do.

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