The Life and Career of Airrack: Age, Height, Spouse, Net Worth

Eric Decker, who has gained online fame under the moniker “Airrack,” is a prominent comedic vlogging YouTuber celebrated for his captivating “couch series” project in collaboration with the renowned Logan Paul.

His online presence has captured the hearts of a substantial and dedicated fanbase, allured by his engaging content that never fails to entertain.

Intrigued to learn more about this charismatic young individual and his journey in the digital realm? Stay with us as we delve into a closer examination of Eric Decker’s life and burgeoning career, unravelling the fascinating chapters that have brought him to the forefront of the online entertainment sphere.

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Early Personal Life

Eric Decker was born on 12 January 1997, into a well-established Christian family, and was raised in the serene environs of Capricorn, USA.

Within his family circle, Eric is the son of Mr. Decker, a seasoned businessman by profession, and Mrs. Decker, who fulfills her role as a dedicated homemaker. His familial bonds extend to include a cherished sibling, with his sister bearing the name Chole.

Apart from this, we unfortunately don’t know anything about Eric’s childhood and upbringing.


We don’t know which school Eric attended, but his quest for knowledge led him to enrol into a local university in the US, where he diligently pursued his academic endeavors, culminating in the attainment of his graduation.

From the earliest stages of his life, Eric’s exuberant spirit found expression in his active participation in sports, and a wide array of co-curricular activities. His inherent passion and unwavering dedication to achieving the status of a celebrated figure in the world of entertainment drove him to become the star he is now.


Eric’s journey into the world of digital content creation commenced with the launch of his YouTube channel on 3 January 2015, but it wasn’t until 14 June 2016 that he shared his inaugural YouTube vlog, aptly titled ‘Making a Timelapse.’

With his debut on YouTube, Eric embarked on a trajectory of unceasing success that has shown no signs of waning. His unique content and engaging presence have continued to captivate a growing and loyal audience, solidifying his status as a beloved online personality.

Recognizing the potential for influence and connection on various social media platforms, Eric wisely expanded his reach to platforms such as Instagram and TikTok. Through these ventures, he has garnered a substantial and dedicated fan following, further cementing his presence as a multi-faceted and accomplished digital figure.

As of late 2023, Eric’s YouTube channel has an impressive 14 million followers, while his Instagram account has reached nearly 700,000 followers.

Eric’s ascent to fame reached new heights after he posted a captivating video under the title ‘Sneaking Into Jake Paul Vs Gib As fake reporter.’ The intrigue and daring nature of this video struck a chord with viewers, catapulting him into the limelight.

A mere few days later, he further solidified his online presence with another audacious video, in which he ingeniously infiltrated a bustling crowd. This particular video swiftly evolved into one of his most viral creations, propelling him to gain thousands of subscribers, and cementing his reputation as a charismatic content creator.

Nevertheless, the euphoria of his viral video stardom was met with a legal setback, as he faced charges for breaking into a party organized by Dan Bilzerian. The landlord of the property also filed a lawsuit against him for trespassing, causing a significant legal predicament. It’s important to note that Eric didn’t cause damage to the property, but was only present to document the event.

In the aftermath of these legal developments, Eric decided to remove the video from his channel, after engaging in discussions with the attorneys representing the aggrieved party.

On 1 May 2021, he made a significant foray into the world of education and mentorship by launching the inaugural season of “,” an online course thoughtfully designed for budding YouTubers. This engaging program spans a duration of six weeks, offering participants a comprehensive and immersive challenge that covers the intricacies of content creation and the YouTube platform.

Notably, this innovative initiative boasts an array of esteemed sponsors, including industry leaders such as the stock image and audio service, Storyblocks, as well as music licensing platforms like Musicbed and Epidemic Sound.

Even the tech giant Sony has thrown its weight behind this educational endeavor. The sponsors contribute to the program by providing participants with an array of valuable resources, which include free products and larger-tier prizes.

Interesting Facts

Eric was also part of MrBeast’s famous challenges – he first graced the MrBeast channel in a memorable video about the ‘last person to leave the circle’; the winner would receive $500, 000. In this epic challenge, he demonstrated remarkable endurance, earning himself a coveted spot among the ten contestants who held out for the longest duration. This achievement, in turn, paved the way for his participation in the high-stakes competition—a game of tag worth $500, 000.

He also made an appearance in the video about swimming with sharks for money. He had to choose between extremely hot and extremely cold rooms. For every hour he persevered in his chosen frigid chamber, $10,000 would go to a randomly selected female subscriber. His steely resolve endured a grueling 7-hour stint in the chilly room, resulting in an $80,000 windfall for the fortunate subscriber.

Eric embarked on an extraordinary mission with a heartwarming backstory. His vision was to orchestrate the world’s largest pizza party, a dream that would come to fruition at the conclusion of 2022, contingent upon his subscriber count reaching the 10 million milestone by year’s end.

The ambitious goal was met with remarkable success, as Eric achieved an impressive 11 million subscribers before the dawn of 2023. This triumphant milestone paved the way for the realization of the grand pizza party. The reason for this party? A childhood memory. At the tender age of eight, Eric threw a pizza party, a celebration brimming with youthful optimism. However, to his dismay, no one showed up to partake in the festivities.

Later Personal Life

Eric’s heart is happily entwined with the lovely Hope Lavine, a distinguished figure in her own right as a bridal stylist and an enterprising entrepreneur. Hope has carved her niche in the world of bridal fashion, in which she finds immense joy in dissecting and exploring the ever-evolving bridal trends.

With a commitment to her followers, she graciously imparts insights into fresh, innovative designs that captivate the bridal world. Beyond her bridal expertise, Hope extends her counsel to a broader spectrum, offering invaluable suggestions that encompass wardrobe choices for wedding guests, bridal hairstyles, honeymoon attire ideas, and more.

Hope’s passion for wedding fashion transcends her digital presence, as her website and Instagram bio serve as treasure troves of inspiration and guidance, housing a wealth of information and recommendations that cater to the dynamic wedding fashion ecosystem.

Together, Eric and Hope have embarked on a heartwarming journey, sharing their lives for over four years. The adoring fans of this enchanting couple eagerly anticipate a future graced with matrimonial bliss, hoping to witness their union soon.

Physical Characteristics

Eric weighs about 163lbs (74 kgs) and stands quite tall at about 6ft 1in (185cms). He has bright blue eyes and dark brown hair.

Net Worth

Eric is a successful content creator and entrepreneur, who works with brands to enhance his wealth. As a result, his net worth is estimated to be over $1.5 million, as of late 2023.

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