The Life and Career of Aliza Jane: Age, Baby, Husband, Career

Who is Aliza Jane? Her biography

In the ever-evolving world of social media, where influencers rise to prominence and capture the public’s imagination, there exists a figure who defies convention and courts controversy with every post and proclamation. Aliza Jane, a name that has become synonymous with audacity and headline-making antics, has carved out a unique place in the digital landscape.

Let’s delve into the intriguing world of Aliza Jane, a personality who continues to challenge the status quo, and push the boundaries of what it means to be an influencer in the digital age.

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Born under the zodiac sign of Gemini on 27 May 1997, which makes her aged 26 today (October 2023), she’s a native of Los Angeles, California USA, holds American nationality, and likes to be referred to as Hispanic. Aliza spent her formative years in the Golden State, later making a move to Utah, although details about her childhood and upbringing remain mostly undisclosed. It’s known that her Mormon parents disowned her after she made the headlines claiming that on her birthday in 2020, she performed oral sex on seven National Basketball Association (NBA) stars, who at the time were members of the Phoenix Suns basketball team.


As Aliza said, she worked as an accountant in her father’s company, but he fired her. She began modeling, and after she established her Instagram account, Aliza ascended to stardom on the platform thanks to her captivating beauty. According to her admirers, her striking looks, combined with her keen sense of style, garnered her a dedicated following of admirers who couldn’t resist scrolling through her aesthetically pleasing posts. With her charisma and eye-catching visuals, Aliza quickly became a prominent figure in the world of Instagram modeling, captivating audiences with her allure and fashion-forward presence.

Is she married? Who is the father of her child?

She’s been the subject of various rumors, however, Aliza Jane has chosen to maintain a veil of secrecy draped over her romantic life, opting to remain tight-lipped about her relationship status and any potential marriage. Despite the curiosity of her followers and fans, she’s steadfastly avoided disclosing details about her significant other, preferring to keep her personal life under wraps. This enigmatic approach adds an air of mystery to her public persona, leaving many to wonder and speculate about the identity of her husband or partner, a secret she guards closely.

Years have passed since the wild night with the Suns players, yet a multitude of internet users are rife with speculation, and are emphatically asserting that one of those seven Phoenix Suns players might be the father of Aliza’s first child. All the while, the model herself remains tight-lipped, leaving the truth yet to be unveiled. Aliza gave birth to her daughter named Noa Meadow, on 13 January 2023, and she often shares her photos on her social media profiles.

A Few Things You Perhaps Didn’t Know About Aliza Jane

Aliza Jane is not your average Instagram celebrity and model. Her unconventional journey to fame and her outspoken nature, have kept her name in the headlines. From her bold claims about her romantic escapades to her interactions with high-profile figures, here are a few things you need to know about Aliza Jane.

YouTube and Presence on other platforms

Aliza launched her YouTube channel on 21 August 2020, under the name ‘ayyye jae’, which has been subscribed to by over 40,000 people. Her content includes Q&A (question and answer) sessions and documentary-style videos exploring alternative lifestyles. Her YouTube channel is just one of the platforms where she interacts with her fans, as she also has an OnlyFans profile for sharing exclusive content. Those over 18 years old can find her profile under the name ‘thegreekfreak’.

Aliza is also active on her Instagram profile, which has been followed by over 65,000 people. She has a TikTok profile, under the name ‘lizaswrlddd’, which has gained over 55,000 followers, and her videos together have amassed over a million likes.


Aside from her given name, Aliza Jane has adopted some intriguing pseudonyms. She’s known by the monikers ‘Ayyye Jae’ and ‘The Greek Freak’. The origins of these aliases are not entirely clear, but as mentioned, she uses them online.

A Controversial Figure

Aliza Jane has not shied away from controversy. One of the incidents that put her in the spotlight was her claim of intimate encounters with seven Phoenix Suns players on her birthday. She later announced her pregnancy, further fueling public interest. Moreover, she’s been involved in feuds with well-known athletes, and even prominent figures from the music industry, including Kanye West and Future.

Brand Influencer

Modeling was Aliza’s initial career path, which she pursued for several years. As her fame grew, she transitioned into a brand influencer, representing various companies. Her journey as an adult model on platforms such as OnlyFans began around 2020 or 2021.

Cosmetic Procedures

Aliza Jane has undergone a series of plastic surgery procedures, including a Brazilian butt lift, to achieve a specific body type. Her journey into X-rated content followed these surgeries, and she has been open about the improvements they brought to her physical appearance, even though she admitted that the most recent procedure was terrifying.

Passion for Travel

Beyond the controversies and her professional pursuits, Aliza is an avid traveler and explorer. She values adventure, the opportunity to discover places, and the chance to experience different cultures. As she said, traveling helps to rejuvenate her mind, fuel her creativity, and make new connections, even though she typically maintains a private lifestyle.


Aliza likes to watch movies in her spare time – her favorite actor is Tom Hanks, and her favorite actress is Scarlet Johansson.

How rich is Aliza Jane?

Aliza Jane’s success in the modeling and content creation industry has translated into a remarkable net worth, which according to sources as of October 2023, has been estimated at $1.3 million. Her income streams include professional modeling, content creation across various platforms, and her role as an influencer. In early 2023, Aliza stated that she’d earned over $20,000 in one day through her OnlyFans profile.

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