The Life and Career of Andrea Chaparro: Age, Height, Husband

Andrea Chaparro rose to prominence after making her Instagram debut in 2016, and steadily expanding her fan base on the platform. Andrea has been dedicated to engaging with her audience and cultivating their support; her every image is carefully captured and shared in a compelling manner.

Despite being a teenager back in 2016, she’s consistently showcased herself in numerous images, adopting poses reminiscent of professional fashion models. Several years into her Instagram journey, Andrea marked her screen debut in 2021, with the film “The House of Flowers.”

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Early Personal Life

Andrea was born on 16 January 2002 in Chihuahua, Mexico, and has spent a significant portion of her life residing in Los Angeles, California. Her formative years were shared with two siblings during her pre-teen years.

Her bonds with both siblings and friends are exceptional, evident in the abundance of photos featuring her and her close companions on her Instagram. Notably, her dad, Omar Chaparro, has made a mark in numerous motion pictures and is recognized as a media personality, actor, TV host, singer, and comedian.

Omar has been happily married to Lucy Ruiz de la Pena since 2001, solidifying a strong family foundation. The family expanded with the addition of two more siblings, a sister Sofia and a brother Omar Emiliano.


Andrea commenced her education at a private school in her hometown during her early childhood. At the age of 19, she is presently employed, however, she has not disclosed any information regarding possible college or university education. While it’s possible that, at 19, she could be pursuing a degree from a reputable university, there is no mention of this aspect in any of her public statements or profiles.


Before kicking off her career in the acting world, she showcased her talents in season four of the “La Voz Kids Mexico” singing competition. Her entry into the show came after an online audition; when the time came for her last audition, she mesmerized the audience with a rendition of Thalía’s “You Didn’t Teach Me.”

Capitalizing on her striking appearance and charm, she ventured into the world of fashion modelling, securing numerous magazine assignments. With a rapidly advancing career, she finds herself inundated with offers from various producers and directors.

Taking a significant step in her acting career, she inked a deal to participate in the television program “No Fue Mi Culpa: Mexico.” Towards the end of 2021, she made an exciting announcement, revealing her involvement in the acclaimed “Rebelde” series on Netflix. In this series, she portrays the character M.J.

Not only limited to acting, she has been spotted gracing the covers of prestigious magazines like Cosmopolitan and GQ.

Andrea attributes her ability to pursue a career in acting, dance, and music to the unwavering support of her father, who has been a constant presence in her life.

Interesting Facts

Andrea has been a face for skincare items from KeraStase, showcasing these products to her audience. In addition to her involvement in the wider beauty industry, Andrea has a penchant for pink colours, evident in her preferences and style.

Notably, she graced the cover of the January 2022 issue of Glamour, marking a significant milestone in her modelling and influencer journey.

Beyond her career in the spotlight, Andrea finds solace and joy in painting, having created numerous captivating canvases.

A true music enthusiast, Andrea’s love for melodies extends to her ability to play the guitar. The multi-talented individual not only indulges in the arts, but also appreciates the aroma of flowers, adding a touch of nature to her surroundings.

Having been a swimmer since her younger years, Andrea maintains a connection with water, reflecting an active and health-conscious lifestyle. She seemingly doesn’t care about superstitions because she has a black cat.

Beyond her hobbies and interests, Andrea has a fascination with opals, making them a notable part of her personal collections.

Later Personal Life

At this point in time, there is nothing to indicate that Andrea is in a romantic relationship. It could be that she’s simply keeping her private life out of the public eye, but she’s remaining tight-lipped about her romantic life.

Physical Characteristics

Andrea is of average height at 5ft 6ins (165cms), weighs 121lbs (52kgs), with vital statistics of 32-26-32. She has medium-length black hair and beautiful brown eyes.

Net Worth

Andrea’s career has only just taken off, so she doesn’t have a lot of money to show off with yet, but as of late 2023, her estimated net worth is over $20,000.

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