The Life and Career of Jackie La Bonita: Age, Bullies, TikTok, Bio

Social media can change people’s lives overnight and Jacke La Bonita is proof of that. Ever since she rose to online virality when she exposed her bullies in April 2023, Jackie has seen nothing but great things coming her way, including a wider following and lots of brand deals.

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While there’s a lot to say about Jackie’s bullying case and the controversy it unfolded, there’s no denying that the incident was a blessing in disguise for the influencer. That’s why many of her followers have become interested in her beyond the viral videos, increasingly wondering more about her career, personal life, and family.

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Who Is Jackie La Bonita?

Jackie Garza, most commonly known on social media as Jackie La Bonita, is a model and influencer, born on 4 November 1999 in Houston, Texas USA. Her parents are Trinidad and Alejandra Garza, who also have two sons. The family is of Mexican origins.

Jackie spent her early life working side jobs while helping out in her family’s small business, La Casa Bakery and Cafe. In 2018, Jackie was thrown under the spotlight after she went viral on Twitter (now X) for asking people to shop at her father’s then-low-selling bakery. The Tweet attracted so much attention that not only did it stop the business from shutting down, but the story was covered by the likes of Univision, BBC, VoyageHouston, The Independent, and more.

Jackie matriculated from Houston Heights High School in 2018, and later attended the University of Saint Thomas-Houston (UST), graduating with a degree in Marketing in 2023. As she said in an interview with the university’s outlet, she chose to study there because it was convenient location-wise, allowing her to be close to her family. Her older brother Alejandro is also a UST graduate.

Rose To Fame

Although Jackie La Bonita first gained some online fame by saving her family from selling their bakery, she didn’t achieve massive fame until April 2023, when she exposed her bullies online.


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It all started when Jackie attended a baseball game in Houston and tried to take the chance to take some pics. However, her experience was shaded by a couple of women a couple of seats behind her, who rudely behaved towards Jackie by calling her ‘lame’, and giving her the middle finger.

Jackie filmed the whole situation and posted it on TikTok, affirming that everything which happened had lowered her confidence and made her sad. Soon afterwards the video went viral, as increasingly more people became enraged by the behavior of the two women in the video, who were accused of bullying Jackie.

The situation escalated so much that internet users not only found the two women’s identities, but also their addresses and job places. Some people went as far as to leave bad reviews in the companies the women worked in, and even contacted their families. At that point, Jackie had already turned off the comments on the video, yet the story was so viral that big news sites such as Dexerto and The Sun were reporting on it.

What Happened To Her Bullies?

Given how quickly and far the situation escalated, the women in Jackie La Bonita’s video shared their side of the story in a TikTok video. They protested that they hadn’t bullied Jackie and that she’d edited the video to portray them as villains. They also said that their behavior was simple photobombing, as they were caught ‘off guard’ by Jackie taking pics in front of them.

The Internet users weren’t quite pleased with the video released by the women, who have also admitted that the attention brought upon them had ‘ruined’ them. Some days later, Jackie took to social media to reveal that the two women apologized to her in a private meeting, and affirmed that she wanted people to stop harassing the women.

It’s unclear what happened to the women in the video after people’s rage faded, but the situation demonstrates how powerful and dangerous internet virality has become.

Where Is Jackie Now?

With the bullying episode now behind her, Jackie La Bonita has been focused on growing her audience and accomplishing her dreams. Jackie has been working with beauty and fashion brands non-stop, seeing herself promoting their products on her social media or modeling for them.

Jackie is often seen supporting the Houston Astros and the Houston Texans; her love for sports allows Jackie to demonstrate her abilities as a fashion expert, for which she often receives praise on social media. On top of that, Jackie often goes on trips around the US and Mexico, sharing some of her most special moments on the road through interesting and aesthetically pleasing videos.

These days, Jackie’s biggest platform is TikTok, on which she’s close to hitting the 700,000 followers mark. She’s making it big on Instagram too, having over 180,000 followers on the pic-sharing platform.

Regarding her parents’ bakery, it’s unclear whether the place is still active, as its Instagram account is now private, but in late 2020 the news site ABC 13 reported La Casa Bakery and Cafe was ‘stronger than ever’, despite facing a temporary closure due to COVID-19 restrictions earlier that year.

Personal Life & Hobbies

Despite the huge social media presence that Jackie La Bonita has built over the years, not much is known about her romantic life. Though she’s shared relationship-themed videos on her TikTok, she hasn’t let her audience know much beyond that.

When it comes to hobbies besides sports, Jackie loves to share beauty tips with her audience, with her main content being hauls and brand reviews. Jackie is a big fan of Hello Kitty and of the early 2000s fashion. She also loves the music of SZA, whom she met in 2017.

Appearance & Net Worth

Jackie La Bonita is a woman of Mexican descent. She has greenish-brown eyes and dark brown, curly hair. Some sources point her height at 5ft 7ins (1.70m) tall. Jackie’s style is glamorous and girly, gaining her praise for her looks and fashion choices.

Considering that Jackie La Bonita’s career as an influencer is still in its early steps, it’s estimated that her net worth is close to $1 million.

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