The Life of Alexas Morgan: The Influencer and Fashion Model

Alexas Morgan is a 27-year-old American social media personality and model, probably best known for her Instagram account, alexas.morgan, on which she’s amassed over 5.7 million followers. She also hosts “The FanBus” web series on the eponymous YouTube channel, and creates explicit content on the subscription-based platform OnlyFans on her @alexavip account, on which she’s amassed over 760,000 likes.

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Early life, source of career

Alexas Morgan was born on 24 March 1996, in Miami, Florida USA. In her No Jumper interview, she said that she was raised and spent nearly all her life in Miami, later clarifying that the weather was too adequate for her lifestyle; hence, she had no desire to leave. Alexas said that she was private, insecure, and shy but attractive in high school. Consequently, she was bullied because ‘she would date the popular guys at school, confusing the popular girls who wanted them but couldn’t get them.’

Alexas stated that she doesn’t have a brother ,but hasn’t clarified whether she has any sisters. She also revealed in the interview that she’s of Latin American descent, and mentioned her Spanish and Cuban heritage. Furthermore, Alexas declared that her family always allowed her to do whatever she wanted, and that she started watching pornographic material at a young age. Despite that, she was against pornography as a career choice, but competed in beauty pageants as a child and teenager.


Alexas told the No Jumper host that she started her online career at 21 – she had a business partner with whom she managed girls who posted explicit or modeling content to Premium Snapchat. Later rebranded to Snapchat+, Premium Snapchat is a subscription-based upgrade that allows access to the creator’s extra content for a fee. Snapchat is a unique social media platform because direct images and videos are deleted shortly after the recipient sees them, preventing them from easily recording or sharing them. That made it ideal for creators who wanted to offer paid graphic content to their followers. Alexas eventually started taking pictures of herself and found an experienced manager, possibly her business partner, to help her attract followers and brands to model for.

In doing so, she accidentally found a frequent collaborator for suggestive content. Alexas met her best friend, social media personality and model Kendra Karter, at Miami’s Cheetah Gentlemen’s Club – strip club. She said that her business partner celebrated his birthday there, and Kendra, who danced for customers, immediately attracted her attention because she loved blonde-haired girls. Her business partner offered Kendra a management opportunity, and the two girls have worked together since. Alexas noted that they had their first time in the bedroom in front of the camera, combining business and pleasure. Kendra said that Alexas was unexpectedly forceful.


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Instagram modeling

Alexas began her Instagram career in June 2019 by posting a photo of herself in a bikini to promote the Legends of IG Tour business, a photographer named James “JZL” Thompson, and make-up artist Brooke “Queen B” Siprell. She followed that with another provocative post a month later, flaunting her voluptuous physique. She posted similar posts monthly, which contained images taken by professional photographers such as Moises Moezart Uriarte and photography companies Photomillz, MQMLife, and Byrd. She boosted her engagement by posting witty or suggestive captions, asking fans questions such as, ‘If I invited you at 10 p.m., how long would you stay with me?’

Alexas also spiced things up by interviewing people in supermarkets dressed in cosplay costumes of characters such as Velma and Daphne from the “Scooby-Doo” cartoon franchise, or waitresses, boat captains, or Playboy Bunnies.


Alexas is one of the top-ranked content creators on OnlyFans, a platform that allows creators to hide content such as posts, images, videos, and live streams behind a paywall. Consequently, the majority of creators use it to post suggestive or pornographic content. Alexas made over 1400 posts, uploaded more than 1000 images and 404 videos, and live-streamed over 75 times on her account, @alexavip. Alexas told Adam from No Jumper that she ‘has gone all the way from the beginning,’ suggesting that she has filmed pornographic material in full nudity from the start. Moreover, she has collaborated with fellow OnlyFans creators who display full nudity or are adult actresses.

The FanBus

Alexas hosts The FanBus, a YouTube series uploaded to her channel under the handle @TheFanBus. Since its creation in 2021, it’s attracted over 285,000 subscribers. Alexas’ first videos were interviews of social media personalities or adult actresses such as IAmVictorya, Becky Crocker, Lena The Plug, and Ashley Amor. She initially posted Truth or Dare games and hour-long podcasts, then tried to connect lucky fans with their favorite content creators, implying they had a chance to have intercourse in the bus on or off-camera.

In 2022, Alexas shifted to posting interviews with adult actresses and OnlyFans creators, published in parts ranging from three to six minutes in length. These were better suited for an audience used to Instagram Stories, Snapchat and TikTok posts, and YouTube Shorts, and brought an increase in views and subscribers. During that time, Alexas interviewed Courtney Tillia and Nikky Foxx, which led to the start of the new series in early 2023 called Bus Confessions, giving guests a chance to reveal their secrets. Dara “Money Birdette,” Brittney “B Crispin,” QueenPatrona, and Destini Fox were prominent guests during that period. However, several interviews with Tanya Tehanna, an adult actress with dwarfism who attracted attention for being a Jennifer Lopez look-alike, attracted the most attention.

In 2023, Alexas returned to her idea of a matchmaking or make-a-wish type of interview with implied lovemaking, which she said was her original plan for the channel.

Career goals

Alexas said that she wouldn’t sign a contract with a high-production adult entertainment company, even if it brought her more money and fame. She isn’t a fan of restrictions, and feels that her content is already high enough quality. Furthermore, Alexas feels emotionally attached to her team members, and acknowledges that she couldn’t have started her career without them. Alexas also shared that she plans to film more content in airplanes and boats, and has invested extra money into real estate since 2021.

Interesting facts

  • She would advise her younger self to be less picky with whom she has intercourse.
  • Alexas thinks a woman can have a high body count without being judged. She would prefer to have 30 guys on rotation, but had 23 in November 2023.
  • Alexas doesn’t leave a bad review the first time she is dissatisfied with the product or service; she always seeks a resolution or waits to see if things improve.
  • She admitted to ‘doing stupid stuff’ when she was drunk.
  • Alexas admitted to watching adult content revolving around a step-brother or half-brother, but only because she doesn’t have a biological one.

Dating history

Alexas Morgan hasn’t dated anyone publicly, but has been open about her sexual life and having sexual intercourse with men and women. She said during the PLUG TALK PODCAST in 2022 that she dated a porn actor at 16, but lied about her age and told him that she was 18. They dated for six to seven years on and off, and she felt free when they broke up, and started realizing her potential as a model and OnlyFans creator. She was in an open relationship in 2021 and said that her partner was okay with bringing a girl into the bedroom but not a guy, which she wanted.

She clarified that she separated her professional and private life and that she privately finds one guy in two years truly attractive. Consequently, she doesn’t practice hookup culture off-camera and prefers to make content with actors who are her fans. Furthermore, Alexas shared a personal story about the brother of the guy who she dated for three months who tried to romance her. Although she resisted, her partner agreed to invite his brother into the bedroom when she told him what happened. Alexas also mentioned dating a chef, with whom she had one of her craziest sexual experiences in the kitchen. In October 2023, in her The FanBus interview, Alexas said that her body count, i.e., number of sexual partners, was higher than 94, as she stopped writing the names down at that point.

Physical characteristics

Alexas Morgan has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs about 143lbs (65kgs), and is known for her curvy figure with a narrow waist. Alexas admitted to No Jumper that she had a surgical operation on her butt, saying that she had liposuction on her midsection and that the plastic surgeon had used her fat to reshape her butt. However, she started advocating against surgical operations that drastically affect body proportions afterwards, as she realized the dangers of never being truly satisfied.

Net worth

Alexas Morgan has an estimted net worth of $5 million. In March 2021, she admitted that her OnlyFans revenue was ‘high enough for her to buy a property with one month’s salary.’ It has likely doubled by 2023, but Alexas reinvests most of her fortune into her brand and real estate. According to the SocialBlade statistics for The FanBus, she earns up to $65,000 monthly and over $785,000 yearly from her YouTube channel.

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