The Naked Truth about Ashley Serrano – Age, Height, Boyfriend

Ashley Serrano is a popular Instagram star and model, who is probably best known for her mix of travel and fashion posts.

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Early life, family, education

Ashley Serrano was born on 11 July 2000, in Miami, Florida USA, which makes her 23 years old today. Growing up in the big city, she found her passion in the fashion industry, as she followed most of the fashion icons such as the Kardashians, which inspired her to pursue a career in modeling herself.

Ashley is a very private person, and hasn’t yet revealed any information regarding her parents and siblings. However, she has revealed that her family are religious Christians, and she put the words “God 1st” into her Instagram bio.

Similarly, not much is known about her education, but reports suggest that she finished a local high school, and hasn’t enrolled in college.


She started her career on Instagram in July 2020, when she made her first post, captioned with the words “Never give up.” Over the years, she’s posted over 200 photos on her account, most of which feature her in bikinis at the beach. She’s collaborated with various photographers and brands such as Fashion Nova. She’s also frequently posted reels, which vary from clubbing videos to gym workouts.

Her most viewed reel on the platform features her at a Daddy Yankee concert dancing to his hit song “Gasolina,” wearing a short red dress. The video, posted on 28 December 2022, has received over 23 million views.

Her most significant collaboration during her career was probably that with Joel Alvarez for his Black Tape Project. Created by Joel, a Miami-based artist in 2008, the project is a unique form of artistic expression that combines fashion, body art, and photography. The project involves using black electrical tape to create intricate and geometric designs on the bodies of models, effectively turning the tape into a form of “clothing” or body adornment.

In January 2023, she posted a video of herself wearing nothing but black tape placed strategically on her body. Their collaboration was a huge success, as the video reached nearly three million views. Ashley later posted a behind the scenes video of the entire process of Joel creating her outfits with carefully placed tape. This video saw even larger success, with over four million views.

She returned to the Black Tape Project several months later in July, when she posted a video in a new black tape outfit dancing at a club. The video was captured by a film director Don James, and quickly reached over a million views.

Aside from her Instagram account, Ashley also has a vibrant presence on TikTok, on which she has over 1.5 million followers. Her content on TikTok is different from her Instagram content, and mostly centers around comedic and dance videos.

Her most viewed video on the platform is a “Get Ready With Me” type, in which she showcases what she will be wearing for her modeling casting. She explains her choices of clothing, make-up and jewelry, in great detail, and gives fashion advice to her fans. The video, uploaded in July 2023, was viewed over 1.6 million times, and gathered nearly 100,000 likes.

Ashley is also active on YouTube, on which she posts primarily vlog and day in the life content. However, her YouTube profile hasn’t received as much attention as her accounts on other platforms, and only has around 4,000 followers.

Her most popular video on the platform is an apartment tour, posted in October 2022, giving her followers a tour of her new apartment as she just moved in. The apartment was still empty at the time, and she explained her ideas for furnishing and decorating it. The video received around 17,000 views.

One of her recent uploads features her doing a day in the life video in which she shows off her new car. She chose a black 2023 Mercedes AMG GLE 53 as a birthday ‘surprise’ for herself. The video features her picking the car up from the dealership and learning about its various features. She noted a few changes she will make to the car, such as tinting the windows and getting new rims.

Aside of the world of social media, Ashley has made a successful career on OnlyFans, on which she posts a variety of exclusive NSFW content, around 1000 photos and 20 videos, receiving over 250,000 likes.


Ashley Serrano has been notoriously private about her relationships over the years. She was in a relationship with an unknown person until 2020, when she posted several breakup tweets on Twitter, most notably “I’m staying single until 2045.” However, Ashley is reportedly in a relationship in 2023, but their identity hasn’t been revealed yet. This is likely due to her high-profile social media presence, and their partners preference to stay away from the spotlight.


Ashley stands at a height of around 5ft 7ins (1.70m) and weighs around 120lbs (55kg); as a model, she maintains a slim figure and works out frequently. She has long straight black hair, and green eyes. Ashley has also revealed that she had a breast enhancement surgery around July 2022. She has several tattoos on her body, most notably a rose on the side of her chest, and a butterfly on her hand.

On her Instagram profile, Ashley is frequently seen in bikinis and short dresses that highlight her slim and curvy figure. However, outside of her modeling career, she likes to get cozy in a soft sweater and a comfortable pair of sweatpants.

Hobbies and interests

Ashley loves listening to music and going to festivals and concerts. Her favorite artists include the likes of Doja Cat, Cardi B, and Billie Eilish.

She loves to travel, and has visited many countries around the world. Her most visited places include Hawaii, Greece and Mexico.

Net Worth

As of 2023, Ashely Serrano’s net worth has been estimated at around $5 million. Her financial wealth comes primarily from her modeling contracts and collaborations, as well as her lucrative OnlyFans account.

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