The Naked Truth Behind Niurka Marcos’ Relationships and Divorces

Niurka Marcos, a multifaceted talent hailing from Mexico, has carved her place in the entertainment world as an actress, model and singer. Recognized for her bold, erotic fashion choices and unapologetically candid demeanour, Niurka made her breakthrough in 1998. Since her debut, she has graced various TV shows with her presence, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

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Beyond the glitz of the spotlight, Niurka’s personal life has played out on the public stage, with the highs and lows of her relationships laid bare for all to witness. The conclusions of these romantic chapters haven’t escaped public attention either. For those intrigued by the intricacies of Niurka’s love life, stay tuned. We’re about to delve into the nuanced details, unravelling the story of her heart’s journey with a compassionate lens.

Early Personal Life

Niurka Marcos, born on 25 November 1967 in Havana, Cuba, entered the world as Niurka Melanie Marcos Calles, a product of the union between Salustiana Celeste Calles and Carmelo Marcos.

Niurka’s father, Carmelo, served as a major in the Cuban Navy, while her mom, Salustiana, dedicated herself to the role of a housewife. It was in this dynamic environment that Niurka took root, surrounded by the love and presence of her siblings: Ernesto, Thomas, Maria, Martha and Maribel.

From the disciplined strength embodied by her Navy major father to the nurturing warmth emanating from her mother’s role as a housewife, Niurka’s upbringing was likely a good one.


There is no reliable information available about Niurka’s education.


Niurka stepped into the entertainment world in 1998, marking the inception of a journey that transcended acting to encompass singing and dancing. Her presence graced the Mexican television landscape, with notable series such as “Mi Corazon es tuyo,” “Emperatriz,” “Nunca te olvidare,”  and “Fuego En La Sangre,” so etching her name in the hearts of viewers.

Niurka also lent her voice to the soundtrack for the 2006 show “La Fea Mas Bella.” Later on, expanding her artistic horizons, she released the album “La Emperadora” in 2007, and embraced a different form of expression by gracing the pages of Mexico’s Playboy Magazine.

The year 2008 witnessed the birth of “Espectacularmente Niurka,” a show that unravelled the various facets of her personality. The subsequent year saw her tread the boards in a newer version of “La Ronda de las arpias,” showcasing her versatility beyond the screen.

Venturing into the world of hosting, Niurka helmed “El Show De Niurka,” a captivating blend of dance, song, games, and interviews conducted amidst the soothing embrace of a jacuzzi. This venture not only showcased her diverse talents but also provided a unique and intimate platform for engaging with her guests.

Her journey continued to unfold, featuring in the 2014 show “Rica, Famosa, Latina”, in which she played herself, and worked impressive authenticity into her on-screen presence. Niurka’s involvement persisted until 2017, leaving an imprint that echoed both her artistic prowess and her ability to connect with the audience on a personal level.

Interesting Facts

Sadly, extra information about Niurka is hard to track down, so finding details about her hobbies or personal fun facts proved impossible.

Later Personal Life

Currently navigating the waters of life as a single lady, Niurka’s journey through love has been marked by the echoes of three marriages. In the initial chapters of her romantic tale, she exchanged vows with Mexican producer Juan Osorio in 1998, only to untangle the threads of matrimony in 2003. The reasons behind their decision to part ways remain veiled, casting a shadow over the intricacies of their shared history.

In the aftermath of her first divorce, the subsequent year ushered in a new chapter, as Niurka embraced matrimony once again, this time with Mexican actor Bobby Larios. Yet, the pages of this chapter turned swiftly, with the union lasting a mere two years. The brevity of her second marriage invites reflection on the complexities that shape the ebb and flow of relationships, leaving us to ponder the untold stories that lie beneath the surface.

Shortly after the divorce, things got ugly between Bobby and Niurka, and some of the dispute spilled into the public eye. Many magazines reported on their divorce, airing the couple’s dirty laundry for all to see; he accused her of not wanting his then 6-year-old son in her home. This was something he couldn’t agree to, so they split up, according to him. Niurka, on the other hand, said Bobby abandoned their home, adding that she finds him disgusting.

While we’ll never truly know how these two’s relationship soured so badly, it’s clear that towards the end they didn’t want to be around each other.

In 2007, Niurka started another chapter of marital commitment, this time with Yanixan Texido. However, the union began to weather challenges, and by 2009 they’d chosen separate paths. The final chords of their marriage resonated in 2011, marking the conclusion of a chapter that, while not as publicly tumultuous as her previous divorce, bore the quiet weight of untold stories and shared history.

As a mother, Niurka’s heart is woven into the lives of three kids. Kiko was born in 1991, and Romina in 1995, father(s) unnamed, representing the milestones of motherhood, each birth a testament to the tender moments and shared joys that have coloured Niurka’s journey as a parent. Emilio, born in 2002, is the son of Niurka and Juan.

Physical Characteristics

Niurka is quite small at 5 ft 5 ins (160cms) and weighs 54kgs (119lbs). She has blonde hair (though she’s been seen with black hair as well) and striking blue eyes.

Net Worth

Thanks to her successful career, Niurka has accumulated an impressive net worth; as of late 2023, it’s estimated at an eye-popping $8 million. She’s a well-known personality in Cuba, and continues to be admired by her fans despite not currently being actively involved with any known projects.

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