The Naked Truth of Rydel Funk: Age, Siblings, Spouse, Children

If you know a thing or two about teen bands, then you’re familiar with Rydel Funk. She’s known for her time in the successful R5 band alongside her brothers, besides appearing in several teen series and movies from the early 2010s.

As one of the very talented Lynch family, Rydel stood out from her siblings for not only being the only girl in the clan, but also for her charisma, good humor, and lighthearted personality.

While it’s been a while since we last saw Rydel in a teen drama and doing music, there’s still much to say about her life, career, and all the great things she’s done. Keep reading to get an update about Rydel’s whereabouts, her family, romantic relationships, and so much more.

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Who Is Rydel Funk?

After becoming famous in the early 2010s, Rydel Funk, neé Lynch, earned a well-deserved spot in her fans’ hearts. She’s a native of Littleton, Colorado USA, and was born on 9 August 1993, the only daughter of Mark and Stormie Lynch.

Rydel is the younger sister of Riker and the older sister of Rocky, Ross, and Ryland, all of whom have been involved in the entertainment industry in some way. Regarding her parents’ choice of names for her and her siblings, Rydel affirmed that her mother wanted ‘unity’ by naming all of the children with names starting with ‘R’.

Rydel and her siblings’ love for music started with their parents, whom she describes as music lovers despite not being able to play instruments. At around five years old, Rydel took piano lessons but abandoned them shortly after to join a dance studio. Rydel had forgotten almost everything about playing piano by the time her brothers came up with the idea of starting a band, leaving her no option but to learn everything again almost from scratch to become their keyboardist.

The family moved to Los Angeles after Riker decided to pursue a professional career in acting.


Rydel debuted as an actress in the 2008’s Christian mockbuster “Sunday School Musical”, as a part of the Crossroads Choir. Her brother Riker was also in this movie, though their roles were very minor. Also in that year, she appeared in a TV commercial starring Vanessa Hudgens.

In 2009, Rydel had a minor role in Nickelodeon movie “School Gyrls”, named after the pop girl group of the same name. Throughout the early 2010s, Rydel appeared in many Disney-related productions such as “This is Who I Am” and “Piper’s Picks”, on top of having a role in the 2011 short film “A Day As Holly’s Kids”, and the pilot episode of the ABC Family series “Bunheads”.

Back then, Rydel’s career as an actress was in its early stages, but her popularity as a musician was about to take her to bigger stages in the next couple of years following the creation of the pop-rock band R5 in 2009.

Music & Rise To Fame

Although the Lynch siblings were always influenced by their parents thanks to their love for music, their paths to becoming musicians started when they were in their early teens. As Rydel commented in 2017, her mother had bought Rocky a guitar to make him stop playing video games, and the tactic worked so well that not only did he become enamored with creating music, but also influenced his siblings to learn other instruments.

The Lynchs officially formed R5 in 2009, but they had been working on that project for a couple of years. At first, the idea was to create a band formed by the four siblings with their youngest brother Ryland as the drummer, but it didn’t work out in the end, as according to Rydel he wasn’t very interested in it.

Following the Lynchs’ move to Los Angeles in 2007, Rydel and her brothers met Ellington Ratliff at a dance studio, with whom they became friends before officially inviting him to be the band’s drummer. R5’s first extended play (EP) “Ready Set Rock” was released in early 2010, slowly gaining traction thanks to their music and the Lynchs’ appearances in a variety of TV productions.

Musical Path

After releasing several songs in the early 2010s, such as “Say You’ll Stay”, R5 was finally signed under Hollywood Records in April 2012. The first R5 tour West Coast was documented through the band’s online series R5 TV, available on their YouTube channel. During that tour, Rydel often performed an unforgettable cover of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

The year 2013 saw R5 releasing the EP “Loud”, which charted at 69 on Billboards 200 and gained the band a couple of nominations at the Radio Disney Music Awards and a Next Big Thing Award. In September of that year, they released their debut studio album “Louder”, selling over 150,000 copies in the US.

The next couple of years saw R5 releasing the EP “Heart Made Up on You”, their second studio album “Sometime Last Night”, several singles, and touring the world twice. Regarding their work dynamic, in 2017 Rydel affirmed that she and her brothers sometimes disagreed on things related to the band, but they still worked especially well together: ‘I wouldn’t want to be on the road with anybody else’, she said.

In 2017, R5 released their last EP “New Addictions”, which was celebrated with a tour of the same name, before announcing an hiatus in March of the following year. As Ross and Rocky told Billboard, the decision to leave R5 behind was fully supported by everyone in the band.

Personal Life & Relationships

Rydel and the rest of the Lynch family are very close to each other, always openly showing support for their personal and professional projects. According to the now-defunct website of their band, their parents were the main supporters of Rydel and her creative brothers, as when they lived back in Colorado, they would invite their relatives over to watch the kids jokingly play concerts.

Later on, the Lynch parents took an active role in supporting their dreams by becoming R5’s managers alongside Ryland, the only sibling who didn’t play in the band.

Regarding Rydel’s romantic life, in 2018 she affirmed that her dream was to marry and have children. The next year she started dating YouTube Capron Funk, with whom she tied the knot in September 2020.

Their first son Super was born in 2021, and their daughter Sweetie in 2022. Their youngest son Storm Rocky-Ross was born in 2023 and was named after her mother and two of her brothers. The fact that all the children have names starting with ‘S’s is no coincidence, as in 2019 she revealed that she wanted to continue the family tradition of naming all her kids with the same initial letter.

What Is Rydel Doing Now?

Besides her very successful stint as a keyboardist, songwriter and occasional singer of R5, Rydel Funk has been pursuing some of her other creative passions in recent years. For one, in 2018 she went back to the big screen by acting in the movie “Colossal Youth”, starring her brother Riker.

She also played the character Jill in the short film “Aliens On Halloween” in 2019, on top of appearing in some music videos of Riker Lynch’s soloist project and The Driver Era, the band formed by her brothers Ross and Rocky, for whom she also worked as a keyboardist from 2018 to 2021.

The only Lynch girl is also a big fan of fashion, starting her brand RYDEL in early 2018. As she stated on her website, her main inspiration for her clothes came from her experiences touring the world and getting to see new styles. Rydel is a big fan of getting ‘dolled up’ by trying girly styles, but still often describes herself as a ‘tomboy’ for growing up around boys,

These days, Rydell is very big on social media, having over 1.7 million followers on Instagram, and half a million subscribers on YouTube.

Appearance & Net Worth

Rydel Funk is a Caucasian woman who has blond hair and light brown eyes. She’s 5ft 8ins (1.73m) tall, but her weight is unknown.

Rydel has an estimated net worth of $2 million, resulting from her successful career as a musician and owner of the brand RYDEL. It’s also worth considering that Rydel earns money from her online content, which is mostly focused on family, self-care, and baby products.

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