The secrets of Camila Bernal’s success as a CNN correspondent

Camila Bernal is a Colombian-American social media influencer and journalist, probably best known as a news anchor for CNN.

Early life, family, education

Details about Bernal’s date of birth have not been publicly disclosed yet, but she’s believed to be around 35 years old. She grew up in California with her family, and had a passion for journalism and world events, which led her to enroll at Florida International University from where she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Mass Communication focused on Journalism.

While she was studying at University, she worked as a reporter for South Florida News Service, where she covered community news for The Sun Sentinel, The Miami Herald, and The Palm Beach Post.

She has a younger brother named Julian Bernal Mejia, while her mother’s name is Adriana Bernal Mejia; details about her father remain unknown.

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Following her graduation, Bernal set out to kickstart her career in Journalism. Her first reporter role came in 2014, when she joined Local 2 News – KMID-TV based in Midland, Texas. She worked for the company nearly two years before moving, and in late-2015 she began working as a Telemundo Austin Reporter at KEYE-TV in Austin, Texas. She stayed at the company for two years and two months before she moved on again, to become a reporter at KRON-TV in the San Francisco Bay Area, where she worked for six months.

By this time, she’d become quite widely known and respected in the field, and was offered a journalism role at CNN, joining the network in 2018, as a correspondent for CNN Newscource, becoming the first reporter to deliver live reports and digital content in both English and Spanish, for more than 1,000 CNN Newsource’s local news partners.

In the beginning of her involvement with CNN, she was based in the Washington D.C. bureau where she assisted in covering several major political events, including President Donald Trump’s impeachment trial, the death of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, the overall 2020 election, and confirmation hearings of several Supreme Court Justices as most notable examples.

She later moved to Minneapolis, where she covered the heated protests that followed the death of George Floyd, and also led the coverage of Derek Chauvin’s trial which followed the incident.


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Today, Bernal is based in Los Angeles metropolitan area, and is a leading reporter on some of the most significant topics in the US. She’s covered the topic of illegal immigration across the Mexican border, and interviewed one of the so called “smugglers” who helped people to cross over. She also recently covered a story centered around Kineret Levin, who left behind her family, a job opportunity, and home and flew to Israel to volunteer as a medic.

Bernal is known for bringing a unique blend of professionalism and charisma to her reporting. She frequently goes to the extremes to get the most accurate and detailed information available. Her passion and dedication to journalism has made her one of the most successful and influential news reporters in the business.

Social media presence

Aside from her career as a news anchor, Bernal also has a very active social media life. Most notably, she is active on Instagram, on which she has over 4,500 followers, and has a verified account. She uses the platform to promote her work and career, posting excerpts of her live recordings from the studio and out in the field.

However, her Instagram is also a place on which she shares glimpses of her daily life and photos with her family and friends.

She has also posted several reels on her account, and here are some of the most notable:

On 3 January 2022, she uploaded a reel featuring her report on the trial of Elizabeth Holmes, the founder of a blood testing company Theranos, who has been accused of wire fraud and lying to her investors and doctors about the effectiveness of her start-up.

Her reel from 16 May 2021, features her as a news correspondent reporting about mask mandates from Redondo Beach, California, which were being lifted around the country as the US neared the end of the coronavirus pandemic.

One of her most viewed reels, posted on 22 July 2023, centers around her report regarding the extreme heat that affected the agricultural industry in the country. She was reporting from Coachella, CA, which is typically associated with festivals, but this time the focus was on the difficult working conditions the farmers faced, and ways in which they deal with temperatures of more than 110°F, about 43C. The story focused attention on an often under-appreciated group of workers who help put food on the tables of millions.

Personal life

Camila Bernal is married and her husband’s name is Eric. Not much is known about him, but he’s been a steady support in Bernal’s life and her pursuit of a career in journalism. He frequently appears in her Instagram photos, alongside their dog, Indy, a golden retriever. She has had Indy since 2021, and she has become a most loved family member.

Camila and Eric announced their engagement 26 July 2020, when Camila posted a photo of Eric’s proposal on her Instagram account, captioned with the words “The Easiest ‘Yes’”. The couple have no children together as of 2023.


Camila stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and weighs around 160lbs (73kg). She has long straight brown hair and deep brown eyes; she doesn’t have tattoos or piercings on her body. She is often seen wearing suits and formal style dresses due to the nature of her job. However, in her free time she often wears flower dresses, cozy sweaters, and other comfortable clothing.

Hobbies and interests

One of Bernal’s favorite hobbies is traveling, having been to a lot of countries around the world, and shared her experiences on her Instagram account, with images from places such as The Great Wall of China, Spain, Colombia, and Brazil. She enjoys hiking and visiting lakes, canyons, and various national parks.

Bernal is also an avid reader, with a large collection of books in her personal library. Her favorite books include “100 Years of Solitude” and “Norwegian Wood.”

Net Worth

As of 2023, Camila Bernal’s net worth has been estimated at around $1.5 million. Her financial success comes primarily from her career in journalism, where her estimated yearly earnings amount to around $100,000.

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