The Secrets of Daria Johns: Age, Parents, Career, Net Worth

Born under the sign of Sagittarius on 21 December 2007, in Chicago, Illinois USA, Daria Johns is a 16-year-old African-American actress. She’s recognize around the planet thanks to having been part of a number of successful projects, mostly involving TV series such as “Saturdays” and “The Upshaws,” both of which are family-oriented comedies. As a result, Daria is so far termed as a single-genre artist, which both contributes to and takes from her efforts. She’s enjoyed a generally successful career in the entertainment industry since becoming part of it in 2014.

Early life & education: Who are her parents?

Daria was raised apparently an only child, initially in her birthplace, by her mother and father, both of unknown names and professions. What can be said for certain is that they were both very supportive of her budding talent for the performing arts, having moved to Los Angeles, California later in their daughter’s childhood to allow her to pursue acting. She expressed a desire to be on the screen from a very early age, portraying various characters in front of her parents to pass the time.

As for her education, Johns attended elementary school in her birthplace, having later switched to a local one near her family’s new residence in Los Angeles. It can be said that she had busier school days than most her peers, as she had to balance a tedious work schedule with educational obligations and a social life. She obviously excelled at all academic pursuits related to creative endeavors, but there’s no telling how she did in other subjects. The hustle is still on for the aspiring teenager, as she is a year and a half away from matriculating in 2025.

Career: The slow grind

Johns was only six years old wen securing her first gig as an actress in a commercial in 2014, after which her parents began working with several talent agencies to find her additional employment, and help her garner invaluable starting experience. She gave both her image and voice to various commercials during the next few years, which ultimately paid off much faster than anyone could anticipate. The child secured her inaugural role as the lead character of Kayla in the 2016 short film entitled “Kayla’s Light,” during the production of which she was eight years old.

She exploded across both the TV and silver screens, following a two-year hiatus, having been featured in as many as four titles in 2018, the most significant of which was by far her portrayal of Zoe in Netflix’s romance comedy film by Haifaa Al-Mansour entitled “Nappily Ever After.” It was hard to put a stop to Daria’s rise after 2018, even though the other three titles made no real impact on the industry. She played Sophie in an unrated short film entitled “Miskits,” Juju in “Animator,” rated 4.1 on IMDB, and Zakaria in an episode of “Rel,” rated only 4.5. “Nappily Ever After,” on the other hand, received a good 6.4 and six nominations. Johns appeared on television as herself in the same year, having served as the Legend Award Presenter in the TV special entitled “Nickelodeon Kids’ Choice Sports 2018.”

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In 2019 she only secured the recurring role of a student in an episode of the sketch-comedy short-meter TV series entitled “A Black Lady Sketch Show,” and it’s likely that she took this time to get her bearings after the busy previous year, allowing her to focus on schooling and other obligations, as she was only 11 back then. The year 2020 proved somewhat more eventful for the rising actress, appearing as Shanice in two episodes of “Mixed-ish,” and once again in its second season in 2021. In the latter year, she also had the part of Design Camp Kid, in “Space Jam: A New Legacy”, although she wasn’t credited for it. Considering the film’s measly 4.5 rating, it’s perhaps even beneficial for the young actress that her name didn’t appear in the credits.

Much more importantly, 2021 was the breakthrough year for Johns, as she was cast with portraying Savannah in the popular comedy series by Regina Y. Hicks and Wanda Sykes entitled “The Upshaws.” She has remained there through 2023, having been seen in 12 episodes across the show’s four seasons, thus undoubtedly boosting her standing among fellow stars. After appearing in a short film in 2022, Daria secured another role that turned out indispensable for her growth, playing the lead character Simone Samson in 15 episodes of Disney Channel’s “Saturdays” throughout 2023. “The Upshaws” is what keeps Johns busy near the start of 2024, as she’s bound to appear in its future installments. She boasts a modest 11 roles under her belt when all is said and done, seemingly only at the beginning of an illustrious career.

Daria’s prestigious award

The rising star has managed an accolade in the business prior to even being 18 years old. She’s already been nominated for two awards, having won one of them; Daria took home the 2019 Young Artist Award in the Best Performance in a Streaming Series or Film: Young Actress category thanks to her faithful portrayal of Zoe in the now famous “Nappily Ever After.” In addition, she was considered for the same award in 2021, for playing the character of Shanice in “Mixed-ish.”

What happened to “Saturdays?”

Daria’s by-far most important role yet – Simone Samson in “Saturdays” – has been suddenly cut short by the producers, much to the dismay of numerous fans. Launched in March 2023 as part of the Friday night line-up, the show centered around 14-year-old Paris Johnson and her close friends Simone and Ari, who showcased their roller-skating skills at the local Chicago rink named Saturdays, forming the We-B-Girlz skate crew with a mission to prove that they had the most impressive skate routines.

Although the reasons behind the cancellation were not explicitly disclosed, apparently  “Saturdays” flopped during just one season. Fans had speculated about the show’s fate, noting social media behavior between the main stars, Danielle Jalade and Daria Johns, who blocked each other on several platforms, and taking guesses regarding potential low ratings. However, the cancellation leaves fans disappointed, especially those who found significance in the representation provided by the show. The network’s decision aligns with a strategic shift towards different formats and content priorities, leaving “Saturdays” behind in the process.

While the series initially received positive attention, its starting success seems to have mattered little to Disney’s corporate overlords. Disney Branded Television, once enthusiastic about the single-camera comedy, has shifted its focus to developing multi-cam strategies, concentrating on Disney-owned intellectual property (IP), and creating global tent-pole programming. In other words, Disney is more interested in creating high-profile shows that generate widespread attention and viewership, which often become the cornerstone of the network’s programming strategy, helping to attract a large audience and boost overall earnings. “Saturdays” sadly didn’t turn out to be such a series.

Espousing noble values

The budding actress took a trip over to the East LA Rising Youth Center in California, bringing with her not just fame and glitz, but a heartfelt mission. As the designated celebrity godmother for the non-profit organization called Saving Our Daughters, Johns aimed to connect with the young girls at the center, tackling the omnipresent issue of bullying. The Disney star expressed her enthusiasm about inspiring girls who are navigating challenges similar to those she faced, emphasizing the importance of authenticity and resilience in the face of oppression. Reflecting on her role in “Saturdays,” the teen recognized the potential impact she could have on the lives of numerous young girls.

She went beyond words during her visit, engaging the audience with a demonstration of her adept skating skills, acquired during the production of the discontinued Disney Channel series. Set within the show’s locale and Johns’ hometown, the demonstration provided a perceptible connection between the star and her audience, reinforcing the empowering message of staying true to oneself.

The actress highlighted her eagerness to leverage her platform for positive influence, especially in addressing issues like bullying that disproportionately affect young individuals. Her visit to the youth center aimed to exemplify the synergy between celebrity outreach and community engagement, fostering a sense of empowerment and resilience among the girls present. Johns did her utmost to try and underscore the significance of using public reach to uplift and guide the younger generation through the challenges they may encounter, ensuring they feel inspired and supported on their journeys.

What is her net worth?

Daria Johns’ accumulated wealth is estimated at over $1 million as of late 2023, garnered thanks to persistent engagement with increasingly higher-earning Hollywood projects, her arguably biggest paycheck so far being attributed to her involvement in “Saturdays.”

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