The Story of Tayo Ricci: Age, Height, Dating, Gay, Net Worth

Tayo Ricci is a dynamic and gifted artist hailing from the vibrant city of Melbourne, Victoria Australia; he’s known for rapping, dancing, and beatboxing. This young talent seamlessly blends his Greek and Italian heritage with a deep passion for the arts, crafting a sound that is both distinctive and entertaining.

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From his early years, Tayo showcased an innate musical talent, and over time he’s meticulously refined his skills, emerging as a promising figure in the rap scene. His fusion of cultural influences and artistic fervor sets him apart in the ever-evolving landscape of the music industry.

As Tayo continues to carve his path in the world of music, his journey unfolds as a testament to his creative prowess. With a radiant future on the horizon, Tayo is undoubtedly an artist worth keeping a close watch on, as he consistently makes waves and leaves an indelible mark in the dynamic realm of the music industry.

Let’s get to know this rising star a little better.

Early Personal Life

Born on 4 March 1997 in the multi-culturally rich land of Australia, Tayo Ricci is a multi-talented artist who spent his formative years in the vibrant city of Melbourne. Despite his Australian upbringing, Tayo proudly holds American nationality, adding another layer to the tapestry of his identity.

Tayo’s roots delve into the traditions of Greece and Italy, with a Greek mother and an Italian father, Matteo Samuel Ricciuti, shaping his diverse heritage. This cultural fusion contributes to the unique and compelling narrative of Tayo’s background.

A prodigy from the early age of 8, Tayo exhibited a natural flair for the arts, showcasing his talents in rapping, dancing, and beatboxing. This early passion for music laid the foundation for his eventual journey into the music industry.

In a revealing interview, Tayo reflected on the transformative impact of the pandemic on his life. Contrary to the challenges faced by many, he expressed how the pandemic was actually the best time of his life. Relocating to Los Angeles during this period, he encountered inspiring individuals who fueled his entry into the world of TikTok, marking a pivotal moment that transformed his entire life trajectory.


Unfortunately, information about Tayo’s educational journey has proven hard to find. As of now, we don’t know what schools he attended, and if he pursued a higher education before finding fame as a musician and social media star.


Tayo started his influencer journey in 2020, capturing the hearts of a vast audience on TikTok. Renowned for his engaging content, particularly in the realm of interviewing strangers, his videos have effortlessly surpassed millions of views.

While building his TikTok empire, Tayo concurrently initiated his foray into the world of music. Recognized as an authentic bard of the streets, his lyrical finesse and storytelling prowess celebrate the essence of Hip-Hop, presented through a distinctive Southern lens.

Tayo’s music transcends the ordinary, characterized by introspective depth, expressive melodies, and infectious hooks that guarantee a lasting resonance with audiences.

Beyond his creative endeavors, Tayo wears the hat of an entrepreneur, being the proud owner of the Talent Agency, KREAM AGENCY, which manages Only Fans’ top models.

The star’s affinity for the music and rap industries dates back to his early years, when he self-taught by creating covers for various artists, marking the inception of his career.

Driven by a fear of mortality, he approaches life as a playground, recognizing its brevity and the need to seize every opportunity. Influenced by a diverse array of artists such as Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, DMX, Post Malone, Lil Wayne, and Drake, Tayo’s musical palette is rich and varied. This shows in his music, and makes him stand out.

Looking ahead, Tayo envisions a continuation of his creative pursuits, emphasizing the creation of exceptional music and collaboration with fellow talented artists. Expressing a desire to collaborate with the electronic music duo Loud Luxury, he anticipates a fantastic future if that dream materializes.

With a robust social media presence, Tayo boasts over 970,000 followers on Instagram, on which he consistently shares reels and photos, fostering an ever-expanding community. On TikTok, he commands a staggering following of seven million, solidifying his status as a prominent figure on the platform.

Tayo’s musical journey is punctuated by several hit songs, including “Let It Go For Tonight,” “Want Me Too,” “Party Girls,” “Wishing,” and “TRIPPIN,” all available on Spotify for fans to enjoy. He released his latest song “Strawberry on Ice” on 7 October 2023.

Interesting Facts

In the company of his faithful companion, a cherished German Shepherd, Toya finds joy in the simple yet profound connection with his four-legged friend.

His passion for exploration extends far beyond the bounds of his home, as he enthusiastically immerses himself in the vibrant tapestry of diverse locations. Traveling is not just a journey for him; it’s an opportunity to embrace the myriad hues that paint the canvas of various cultures.

Later Personal Life

In a grand celebration on the picturesque island of Mykonos, Greece, Tayo tied the knot with his now wife, Scarlet Vas. The couple delighted their followers by sharing enchanting glimpses of their big day on various social media platforms. Scarlet Vas, adorned in an exquisite wedding dress crafted by the renowned designer BERTA, looked stunning in lace, accompanied by a see-through train that added a touch of ethereal elegance.

The wedding ceremony unfolded in a truly enchanting setting, with Tayo and Scarlet exchanging vows in a picturesque locale that mirrored the beauty of their love story. The couple graciously offered a peek into their joyous occasion, revealing tender moments such as Tayo serenading Scarlet and their inaugural dance, complete with a spectacular display of fireworks.

Despite diverse perspectives, Scarlet and Tayo radiate happiness as newlyweds, consistently sharing their delightful experiences with an engaged online audience. Their journey as a married couple unfolds as a testament to the beauty of love and celebration, leaving a trail of joy and inspiration in their digital wake.

Hailing from Melbourne, Victoria, Scarlet is a notable Australian actress renowned for her captivating performances. Her breakthrough into the limelight came when she bagged a role on the long-running soap opera, “Neighbours.”

Scarlet’s journey in the world of acting started at the tender age of 8. Her educational path included studying at prestigious institutions like The National Theatre and TAFTA in Melbourne.

Despite her early passion for the craft, Scarlet, in deference to her parents’ wishes, after completing high school pursued a Bachelor of Arts degree, specializing in Drama,. Her heart was set on becoming an actress, and life wasn’t going to stop her.

The turning point in Scarlet’s career came swiftly after earning her degree. Within a week of graduation, she secured a guest role in ABC’s acclaimed series “The Warriors.” The subsequent week marked another milestone as she clinched the series regular role of Mishti Sharma on Channel 10Peach’s “Neighbours.”

There have been rumours that Tayo is gay, but given the fact that he married a woman recently, it’s safe to assume there’s no truth to the stories.

Physical Characteristics

Tayo has a toned body, standing at 5ft 10ins (175cms), and weighing about 158lbs (72kgs). He has dark brown eyes and brown hair.

Net Worth

Tayo has been working hard, so he’s built up quite an impressive wealth. As of late 2023, he has an estimated net worth of about $2.5 million.

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