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Versatile YouTube star Brandon Buckingham, is recognized for his engaging content that seamlessly blends travel vlogs, interviews, humor, and creativity. As a travel vlogger, he explores diverse locations, conducting entertaining man-on-the-street interviews with strangers. Through his self-titled channel and “The Buckingham Show” channel, Brandon has cultivated a substantial following. His unique approach to content creation showcases his personality and a genuine passion for connecting with people from all walks of life.

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Early Life and Family

Born in 1995, in Maryland, USA, Brandon Buckingham is the son of Kent Buckingham and Kandis Bailey, and was raised in a middle-class family in the town of Woodbine. Brandon exhibited thoughtfulness as a son, often surprising his mother with gestures such as bringing her a bouquet of roses at her workplace. While details about his father are not widely known, Brandon shares a special connection with his grandfather, whom he affectionately calls “Papa,” and who celebrated his 82nd birthday in 2023.

In addition to his younger brother Kurtis, Brandon has two half-siblings, Brooke DeLane and Kyle DeLane, both of whom he was close to. Tragically, his older brother Kyle, a Technical Sergeant in the Air Force, passed away at the age of 34 in 2019, a loss which deeply affected Brandon, who expressed love and pride for Kyle. In memory of his brother, Brandon created a music video entitled “Hey Kyle,” featuring a poignant poem and a photo montage, which he posted on his YouTube channel on the day of Kyle’s passing. For Brandon, art is one of the few healthy ways he copes with life’s challenges. Commenting on Brandon’s post, Brooke encouraged him to continue expressing his emotions through art, acknowledging how proud Kyle would have been of him.

Brandon reflects on the lessons learned from the experience, emphasizing the importance of not taking life for granted, and encourages expressing love and appreciation to those around you. He believes that his brother’s spirit lives on through him, motivating him to lead a life full enough for both of them.


Brandon’s educational journey began at Linton Springs Elementary School, and continued through Sykesville Middle School. In 2013, he graduated from Century High School and pursued higher education at the University of Maryland, Baltimore County—coincidentally, his father’s alma mater. Throughout these years, Brandon dedicated himself to his studies, culminating in the completion of his Master of Arts in Education degree.

He credited his parents for their unwavering support during his six-year collegiate journey. Their guidance and love were instrumental, and he expressed sincere gratitude for the privilege of having two remarkable parents. He harbored big dreams from a young age, aspiring to make a unique impact on the world. His drive and determination would later shape his endeavors and creative pursuits.

A True Sports Enthusiast

Brandon found his passion in wrestling, a journey that began in 3rd grade. His dedication and improvement were evident as he received the Century High School Athletic Achievement Award for Most Improved (2012-2013). This commitment translated into his college years in which he pursued wrestling, and emerged as the captain of UMBC’s wrestling team.

However, in 2018 his wrestling journey faced a challenging turn when he injured his knee during the National Collegiate Wrestling Association (NCWA) nationals’ round of 16. He could no longer compete, as his body had reached its limit, resulting in a fully torn anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) and a partially torn lateral meniscus, requiring surgery for both. That said, he expressed pride in his contribution to UMBC’s wrestling program, helping elevate it to one of the premier programs in the NCWA.

Interestingly, in 2020, he explored a new avenue in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, marking his debut in a tournament. Displaying his skills, he achieved remarkable success, securing victories with a D’arce choke and an Anaconda choke, with each match taking less than a minute.

Under the alias “The Banana Man,” Brandon made his debut as a boxer in November 2022, facing off against Paul “Ice Poseidon” Denino in the light heavyweight division. Securing victory with a technical knockout in the first round, the bout unfolded at Moody Center, Texas, as part of the Misfits Boxing X Series 003 event.

Art teacher

Passionate about art, Brandon was determined to pursue a career as an art teacher, a dream which materialized in 2019, when he officially signed a contract to teach elementary school art full-time in Montgomery County Public Schools. Juggling responsibilities across three different schools, he found himself navigating around 27 classes each week with an art cart, addressing classrooms filled with up to 30 students.

However, the initial joy of being an art teacher quickly waned, as Brandon faced the reality that his students were not receptive to his teaching with the art cart. Frustrated and feeling that his efforts were in vain, he considered the whole experience a waste of time, realizing that he wasn’t making the impact he had hoped for.

Feeling discontent in his job, Brandon grappled with the realization that he was sacrificing personal happiness for the perceived job security that teaching provided. Contemplating the fragility of life and the untimely loss of his brother at the age of 34, he began reflecting on the importance of pursuing his genuine passions. The fear of missing out on the things he truly enjoys weighed heavily on him, ultimately influencing his decision to embark on a risky yet fulfilling career path as a YouTuber. At that time, his channel only had around 700 subscribers.

Consequently, he made the decision to resign from his teaching position.

Brandon’s journey as a content creator

He expressed that although his college years have come to an end, he remains committed to the extracurricular activities that played a crucial role in his journey—wrestling, drawing cartoons, and making music. For him, this marks the beginning of a significant new chapter.

The budding artist

His earliest memories of embracing art trace back to the age of eight, recalling a creative writing art class in which he composed a poem that sparked his genuine interest in the craft. This initial foray into poetry marked the beginning of his artistic journey. His passion deepened when, at the age of 10, he not only wrote poems but also entered a contest, securing first place and publication in the Young American Poetry Digest in 2006.

During middle school, his artistic expressions evolved, manifesting in the form of whimsical cartoon characters that adorned the margins of his homework and the backs of his test papers. The doodles became a constant companion, and his love for drawing persisted.

In junior high, he enrolled into the Carroll County Career and Technology Center’s video production program, with the intent of learning video editing. However, when confronted with the prospect of starring in his own music video for the first assignment, he experienced a moment of panic, and promptly withdrew from the course. Opting for a print production class, he redirected his focus towards illustrating, marking the inception of his journey into creating comics. During his time as an art student at UMBC, Brandon’s exploration into animation and sketch videos unfolded, allowing him to refine his skills and broaden the scope of his artistic endeavors. Simultaneously, he delved into the world of graffiti art, painting his cartoon characters on train bridges, rocks, and walls.

The digital realm became Brandon’s virtual gallery

The year 2012 marked a turning point for him, as he not only opened his Instagram account but also joined YouTube. These platforms have become crucial avenues for sharing his art with a broader audience, allowing his creativity to reach and resonate with people beyond his immediate circle.

He shared a personal sentiment about his creations. He revealed that he loves looking at his old drawings because they remind him to keep going, especially when he lacks motivation or feels depressed. For Brandon, art serves as a timeless legacy as he said that he may be gone one day but his art lives forever.

First post on Instagram

His inaugural Instagram post dates back to July 2012, featuring a comic art piece depicting an acorn kicking a peanut with the caption, ‘This acorn hates peanuts.’ Subsequent posts, such as ‘The life of a cucumber’ and ‘What happens to snowmen when winter ends,’ underscore his penchant for creating whimsical comic art. Brandon openly admits his aversion to drawing real things, expressing a preference for anthropomorphizing fruits and vegetables by giving them human-like features. This artistic choice adds a playful and imaginative quality to his creations.

First post on YouTube

“A Delicate Balance,” Brandon’s oldest post on his self-titled YouTube channel dates back to August 2014. This video features one of his artworks, adorned with the quote “Everything you can imagine is real” by the renowned Spanish painter Pablo Picasso. In the video, he rapped to an instrumental from the music of Emanon. When he shared the same artwork on his Instagram, he accompanied it with a quote from Albert Einstein: “Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited.”

Brandon considers these quotes as potential guiding principles in his artistic pursuits, a philosophical approach which underscores his belief in the limitless power of imagination and its significance in the creative process.

Brandon as a YouTuber

Social media has provided Brandon with another avenue to express his art, and he’s been consistently sharing videos on his self-titled channel since joining YouTube. Brandon harbored a long-standing dream of becoming a YouTuber, whether through showcasing his wrestling highlights, releasing music, presenting sketch comedy videos, or sharing animations. Despite these efforts, his content struggled to gain traction. Video after video would be uploaded, only to receive minimal views and likes. He was working full-time as a teacher at that time, and he pondered the possibility that if he redirected all his time and dedication toward his YouTube channel instead, he might achieve the desired results.

First street interview

One Sunday in January 2020, he enlisted one of his camera guys to accompany him to Eldersburg for an interview segment, seeking people’s reactions to the unlicensed massage therapists caught engaging in prostitution at the Elite Spa. The following day, armed with a lapel mic cleverly attached to a wooden spoon, Brandon ventured out to ask passersby about the aforementioned incident. To conclude, he added a playful twist by asking if they wanted to kiss and make out. This content marked the inception of “The Buckingham Show.”

After filming the “Elite Spa” video, Brandon realized that this style of content aligned with his vision for the channel. Having made up his mind about the direction he wanted to take, he submitted his resignation to the school. Worth noting, as he was still under contract as a teacher, he continued filming more content, including “Acting Like I’m The Man,” “Divorced on Valentine’s Day,” “Pepper Spray in The Face,” and “Mardi Gras Bourbon Street.” He patiently waited for the opportune moment to post them on his channel – the first video, “Elite Spa,” was uploaded in June 2020.

“The Buckingham Show”

Brandon launched the “The Buckingham Show” channel in October 2020, showcasing short clips and live streams. The channel has garnered nearly 80,000 subscribers, and across approximately 140 videos has accumulated seven million views. However, it’s his self-titled YouTube channel that serves as the platform for “The Buckingham Show,” featuring captivating travel vlogs and engaging street interviews.

Among the show’s most acclaimed content is the documentary “Life Inside O’Block (King Von’s Hood),” which has garnered over 2.7 million views. O’Block denotes a neighborhood within Parkway Gardens on the South Side of Chicago, Illinois, renowned for its association with the drill music scene—a subgenre of hip-hop that often reflects the harsh realities of urban life, including violence and crime. King Von, a prominent figure in the drill genre, was tragically shot and killed at the age of 26. Recognized for his influence, Brandon ventured into O’Block to inquire about the experiences of residents living in an area marked by prevalent gang violence.

Notable among Brandon’s diverse content are videos such as “The Bloods of Oahu: Inside The Most Dangerous Hood in Hawaii,” “Life Underground: The Mole People of Las Vegas,” “Gathering of the Juggalos 2021 – What is a Juggalo?,” and “Squirting Milk on Pornstars: EXXXOTICA 2022 Interviews,” which have contributed to the popularity of his channel.

The Brandon Buckingham channel

His self-titled channel, boasting almost 500,000 subscribers, showcases a diverse array of content that has collectively garnered over 42 million views. however, Brandon’s journey to this level of success wasn’t without its challenges. About a year into his YouTube venture, he faced a daunting reality—only 11,000 subscribers and a struggle to reach 10,000 views per video. Financial strains from production costs, totaling $15,000 with minimal returns, pushed him to the brink of quitting. Despite not making money from his channel, he persevered, taking on door-dashing for six months while continuing to produce content.

A move to Los Angeles, fueled by hopes of boosting his YouTube career, yielded little success, leaving him disheartened upon returning home at the age of 25, laden with regrets and self-doubt. His channel had yet to gain substantial traction, but Brandon refused to surrender. Through determination and a commitment to creating content, he pressed on.

The turning point came with his “January 6th Storming The Capitol” video in which his street interviews positioned him at the forefront of a major news story. Despite the video’s rapid success, accumulating 100,000 views overnight, it faced challenges. The FBI even contacted him, suspecting his involvement, but realizing his innocence and lack of pertinent information, they dropped the inquiry. Unfortunately, YouTube demonetized the video, which had accrued over 400,000 views.

Undeterred, Brandon’s fortunes began to change. Each subsequent video gained momentum, and within a few days of posting his 80th episode, “Exposing Airsoft Cheaters w/ ZillaKami,” in December 2021, he officially reached the 100,000 subscriber milestone. From there, his channel’s success continued to flourish.

Personal Life

Social media serves as a great avenue for gaining insights into the personal lives of celebrities and influencers. In Brandon’s case, it seems he chooses not to delete posts related to past relationships. According to his Instagram content, he has had two significant relationships. The first was with his high school sweetheart, Rebecca “Becky” Foose; their paths diverged after he entered college. Subsequently, he entered a relationship with Sofia Rosenzweig, whom he met at UMBC, and this connection became Instagram official in 2016. While they were together for an extended period, by the time he completed his master’s degree, he referred to her as a friend in a May 2019 Instagram post, expressing pride as he watched her receive her bachelor’s degree.

In 2019, Brandon celebrated the Fourth of July with Angela Gleason. However, it seemed that their connection didn’t progress further. Based on Angela’s social media posts, she is currently in a relationship; as for Brandon, it appears that he’s single.


Brandon Buckingham stands tall at 6ft 3ins (192cms) and maintains a weight of about 195lbs (88kgs), showcasing broad shoulders and well-toned muscles. His distinct features include long, curly light brown hair, brown eyes, and a mustache. Notably, he often wears a pair of eyeglasses, adding to his distinctive look.

Net Worth

Brandon Buckingham has solidified his status as a successful YouTuber, extending his brand with an online store that offers merchandise showcasing his unique artwork. Additionally, he maintains a Patreon account for further engagement with his audience. According to authoritative sources, his estimated net worth is an impressive $5 million, as of December 2023.

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