Vernon (Seventeen) Wiki Bio, parents, sister Sofia Chwe, net worth, dating

• Vernon Chwe, stage name Vernon, is a rapper from the popular Korean band Seventeen.
• His mother is American and father is Korean, and they moved from New York to Hongdae, South Korea when he was five.
• He loves Hip Hop, Rap, R&B, and Jazz, and is a fan of J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, T.I., and Nicki Minaj.
• He enjoys playing the guitar, watching movies, collecting hats, eating Twix bars and ice cream, and is a fan of cats and dogs.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $1 million.

Vernon, a front-rapper of one of the most popular Korean boy-bands, lives his dream-come-true life surrounded with loving and supporting fans from all over the world. How come he is still single? Let’s find out more about Vernon’s family, net worth, bio and dating history, and follow his way to world fame.

Early years, family, education

Hansol Vernon Chwe was born on 18 February 1998, in New York, USA – his name has various spellings in different languages, thus his full name in Korean is Choi Hansol, though he is known as Vernon since he uses his middle name as his stage name. He once confessed that the name “Vernon” is in fact his mother’s maiden name, but he liked it so much that he took it as his own. His mother is American, her name is Melody Chwe and it’s known that she is an art teacher. His father’s name is Simon Choi, who is Korean and a teacher too. Vernon has a sibling, a younger sister named Sofia Chwe (Choi Hangyeol); when she was around six years old, she modeled for a children’s clothes brand. As for now, she studies at high school, and her hobby is singing. Vernon’s fans also follow her successes and show her respect and support leaving positive comments under the videos where she sings. Vernon has a temporary tattoo with his sister’s name on one of his arms.

Vernon’s family lived in New York for several years, and then when Vernon was five years old had to move to South Korea due to family circumstances they haven’t revealed, to Hongdae, a neighbourhood in Seoul, which is the capital of South Korea. Since his mother didn’t speak Korean, she had to stay at home for a long time and couldn’t find a job in Seoul. At home, they all spoke English, that’s why Vernon is very good at both languages – English and Korean. Vernon entered a local elementary school there, his parents’ choice fell on Ewha University Elementary School, and then he attended Changchun Middle School. There’s no information about any college or university Vernon is now attending or has graduated from, looks like he is focused on his career now and has put his education process on a pause. His family still lives in Hongdae, but Vernon lives in Gangnam because Seventeen’s house is situated there.

Career at Seventeen

Pledis Entertainment, which is a respected company founded in 2007 by Han Sung-Soo, launched a show called “Seventeen TV”, actually an online program broadcast on the UStream platform from 2013. The show had several seasons, and was similar to X-Factor and other shows where there is a big number of trainees who learn singing, dancing, performing, and then end up with a concert where they all demonstrate what they’ve learnt so far.

Vernon was one of those guys who got the attention of the audience from the first episodes of the show. It’s said that Vernon was noticed by the show’s agents near his school near a metro station. He was cast right there, an invitation to the project when he was 14 years old.

The project debuted in 2015 with a one-hour length show “Big Debut Plan” on TV, and had great success. A couple of days later their first EP called “17 Carat” was released, and it became the longest-charting album in the genre of K-pop in the USA. In September 2015 they released another EP called “Boys Be”, and it was an even bigger success with eager fans around the world waiting for it to come out, and won several awards such as “Seoul Music Awards”, “Golden Disk Awards” and “Gaon Chart K-Pop Awards”.

In 2016 Seventeen released a full-length studio album called “Love & Letter”, and went on a world tour with it, visiting such countries as South Korea, Singapore, Japan, China and finally Australia. In December 2016 they released “Going Seventeen”, their third EP, and it outsold their studio album “Love&Letter” though no one expected it could happen. In 2017, their fourth EP called “Al1” came out, and then went on another world tour “Diamond Edge” visiting North America and various countries in Asia.

In 2018 Seventeen released a special album called “Director’s Cut”, and their first Japanese album “We Make You”, and their fifth EP – “You Make My Day”. The year 2019 started with the release of their sixth EP called “You Made My Dawn” – the single “Home” from that EP broke all records, and won around ten awards on weekly music shows.

Interesting facts and passions

While being interviewed by multiple magazines, Vernon has revealed a good number of facts about himself, sharing his interests, passions and personal preferences. Fans were very keen to fix on everything Vernon shares about himself, and here are some facts that could help you to get to know Vernon a bit more.


He loves playing the guitar, he said his father taught him, and also developed his passion for singing and performing. In general, Vernon admits that his parents are his role models as well as his teachers.

Vernon’s favorite rap-performers are J.Cole, Kendrick Lamar, Drake and T.I. Among female singers he prefers Nicki Minaj, though he admitted he didn’t have any girls-band he liked. As for the music genres Vernon likes, these are Hip Hop, Rap, and R&B. No one would expect that, but Vernon also likes to listen to classical Jazz sometimes. Among the older singers, Vernon adores David Bowie and deeply respects his contribution to pop-music and music culture in general. As for other American performers, Vernon adores a rapper J Cole. He considers him to be a great artist and wants to be just like him.

Vernon once joked that he would choose music over food. If he could choose a serenade he would sing for his girlfriend, Vernon would pick ‘Stay With You’ by John Legend.

He prefers watching movies to reading, and his favorites are “Cloud Atlas” and “Fight Club”, his favorite actors are Leonardo DiCaprio (to whom Vernon is often compared, due to some similarity in their appearance), Johnny Depp and Brad Pitt. He likes watching webtoons.

Vernon is interested in everything connected with fashion, and he has a collection of hats which he is really obsessed with.


Life and food preferences

As for his gastronomic preferences, Vernon’s favorite food is vanilla ice-cream, chocolate, cheese cakes, chocolate cakes; for his love for Twix bars he was even nicknamed “Twix” since he always ate those bars in the practice rooms while training at Seventeen TV. He once confessed that he loves cheeseburgers, though he can’t eat them often since he tries to keep fit. His favourite fruit is plum.

As for his favorite season of the year, Vernon likes Fall and Summer, though his favorite month of the year is December, probably because of Christmas celebration.

He is a cat-lover, and has a cat named Dodam, claimingd this name was chosen by his cousin. He also has a small dog whose name is unknown, and he once shared he would like to have more dogs, though he’s unsure if he would have enough time to take care of them all.

He was once voted to be the shyest member of the band by the other members of Seventeen; he is also very ticklish, and can be easily scared, though he said he can be slow in reacting to things going on around him. Vernon shares rooms with Seung Gwan, his bandmate from Seventeen, and learns speaking skills from him. As the topic of speech was touched, we should also say that Vernon likes British/English and Australian accents, and always enjoys listening to someone speaking with one of these accents.

Vernon once admitted he’s a “night person”, and likes night time more than morning as he’s more effective then.

He feels more comfortable in Korea than in America, though he was born there. Probably, his father’s cultural roots influence him more than his mother’s.

He was once asked a couple of fantasy questions such as what superpower he would like to have and what kind of animal he would like to be born if he could. Vernon answered that as for superpower, he would have chosen telepathy, and as for the animal, he would have loved to be born a dragon.

Personal life, ex-girlfriend, dating

Though Vernon is always surrounded by girls, as for now he’s still lonely. He had a girlfriend back in 2012 – at the age of 14 – but tried to keep his relationship low-key. Thus when his ex-girlfriend posted some of the private messages on social media after they broke up, they had a serious confrontation.


Vernon has short light-brown hair that he often dyes blonde and some lighter shades; his eyes are light-brown. Vernon’s height is 5ft 10ins (1.78 m) and he weighs around 136lbs (62 kgs). Vernon has a very active lifestyle, he dances and training a lots, so his body is very fit, though one can’t find any precise vital statistics of Vernon.

Net worth

Vernon has been in the project Seventeen for several years, and earned an impressive amount of money, performing, selling albums and singles, and being signed to multiple commercial contracts. Some sources say his monthly earnings vary up to $84,000, while his yearly income may be even $1 million. Vernon’s band keeps writing new albums and touring around the globe, so his net worth of well over $1 million is only going to grow. His solo project also gives him extra income, though no precise numbers are specified.

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