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• Vijay Vittal Mallya is a 64 year old Indian businessman with a net worth of $1.2 billion.
• He has been married twice and has adopted his second wife's child from her previous marriage.
• He is the chairman of the United Breweries Group, a multi-national conglomerate of more than 60 companies.
• He has been a member of the Indian Parliament and the Janata Party's National Working President.
• His son Siddhartha Vijay Mallya is an actor who has appeared in several movies and television series.

Vijay Mallya Wiki and Bio

Vijay Vittal Mallya was born on 18 December 1955, in Kolkata, India, which means that he is 64 years old, his zodiac sign is Capricorn and his nationality is Indian. He is best known as a former member of the Indian Parliament, as well as a businassman.

Net Worth

So just how rich is Vijay Mallya as of early 2019? According to authoritative sources, this businassman has a net worth of $1.2 billion, accumulated from his career in the previously mentioned fields. He hasn’t disclosed any information regarding his assets, such as houses and vehicles, but considering the fact that he is a hard-working man, he is certainly able to take care of himself and support his family financially.

Ethnicity and Background

When it comes to Vijay’s ethnicity, he is Indian, and judging from the photos available on the internet, he has a fit figure. Unfortunately, he hasn’t shared much information regarding his early life, education and formative years.

Vijay Vittal Mallya

Relationship Status

Speaking about Vijay’s relationship status, he was previously married to a hostess named Sameera Tyabjee, with whom he had a son, however, their relationship was short lived, from 1986 to ’87, ending in divorced. After that, the businessman went on to marry Rekha, whom he has known since childhood. The couple is still together as of today, and they seem to be living a happy and prosperous life , with their two daughters Leanna and Tanya, and his wife’s child from her previous marriage who Mallya adopted.


Mallya became the chairman of United Breweries Group at the age of 28, after his father died. The group went on to achieve vast success, becoming a multi-national conglomerate of more than 60 companies. In addition, the businessman consolidated numerous other companies under an umbrella company entitled UB Group, and in the upcoming years, Vihay went on to diversify Berger Paints, Best and Crompton, Mangalore Chemicals and Fertilisers and The Asian Age newspaper, among others. One of his conpanies, United’s Kingfisher beer, is available in more than 50 countries, which makes it a leader among Indian beers. Besides that, United Spirits Ltd, has sold over 100 million cases, adding to Vijay’s success. He was previously a chairman of the medical company named Sanofi India, also known as Aventis, and the chairman of Bayer Crop Science over the course of 20 years.

Social Media

Being in the business world, Vijay is also active on social media, which he uses to promote his work as well as to communicate with his followers, numbering more than six million people on Twitter, one recent post reading ’Kingstar Ooty should be pleased with my tweet of gratitude that sent out the Kingstar chocolate brand to over 5.9 million of my twitter followers !! Keep the quality no matter what.’ Besides that, he has recently shared a photo of a gift he received from his friends, with the caption reading ’Bless my friends who brought me my favourite chocolate from my favourite town where I grew up’.

Mallya has been the subject of several controversies, recently addressing one regarding him hiding his wealth, writing ’Am appalled to say the least at the media reports on the Enforcement Directorate claims that I hid my wealth ! If there was hidden wealth how could I put approximately 14,000 crores worth of assets openly in front of Court ? Shameful misleading of public opinion but unsurprising.’ His followers leave their opinions on the comments. Besides that, he uses social media to share more about his personal life, which allows his fans to take a closer look at what’s going on behind the scenes.

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In addition to being a successful businessman, Mallya was a member of Akhila Bharata Janata and went on to join the Janata Party, serving as its National working president until 2010. He was twice elected to the Rajya Sabha, as its independent member, first in 2002 and then in 2010  However, in May of 2016, Vijay resigned  from this position. He and his family are currently resident in London.

Son Siddharth Mallya

Siddhartha Vijay Mallya was born on 7 May 1987, and is best known as a young Indian actor who made his debut in 2010, when he landed a minor role in ’’The Hunt for the Kingfisher Calendar Girl“. In 2013, he played the role of Ali in ’’Flashback“, and two years later appeared in eight episodes of the television series entitled  ’’Persuasion“. In 2016, Siddhartha portrayed Ronnie in ’’Brahman Naman“, which is his most prominent project as of today. Having a lot on his plate, in the same year he worked on several more movies, such as ’’Best Fake Friends“ and ’’Pilgrims“. In 2018, he played Rufus in the short movie entitled ’Anonymous Content“. Overall, he has had ten acting gigs, which helped him establish his name in the acting world, and we are sure that there is more to come for him.

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