Korie Koker: Danny Koker’s wife Wiki: Death, Age, Children, Net Worth

• Korie Koker is a businesswoman and wife of famous television personality Danny Koker.
• She was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and has a degree in broadcasting.
• She and Danny have no children and have a net worth of over $1 million.
• She is alive and active on social media.
• Danny Koker is a car enthusiast and musician from Cleveland, Ohio.

Who is Korie Koker?

Korie is best known for being the wife of famous television personality Danny Koker, who became famous thanks to the TV show, “The Counting Charm”, which is broadcast on the History Channel. However, she is a very successful businesswoman who has built her career for years.

Korie Fera was born on 8 August 1965, in Las Vegas, Nevada, but grew up in Chicago where she finished high school, then graduated with a bachelor’s degree in broadcasting. Her first job after study was as a camera operator, and afterwards became the production coordinator for a local television station.


Concurrently, Korie started her career as a singer. Along with her friends, she formed a short-lived band, however, she still likes to sing occasionally, and from time to time go to karaoke. After marrying, Korie convinced her husband that it would be ideal to open a bar and grill venue, subsequently called Count’s Vamp’d, which is ideal for rock music lovers as well as for those who want to enjoy good food, because the bar has a scene where bands play in a separate area to the restaurant. Her job at the club is to find and hire bands to play, reputedly organizing over 300 concerts a year. She once said she loved doing the job, and that it is very fulfilling for her.

Does she have children?

Korie married to Danny Koker. They met in Nevada, Las Vegas and started their relationship,  deciding to marry in a small ceremony – date unknownt. Since then, they have been inseparable, especially since they not only have a private relationship, but are also business partners. She once said that her husband has been the greatest support, trusting in her and never keeping her back. Although they have been married for some years, they have no children.


Her net worth

Korie’s net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $1 million, and her husband’s estimated at around $15 million. One of his sources of income is his TV Show “Counting Cars”, broadcast since 13th August 2012 and is still being shown, so far airing 136 episodes, for which he earns $100,000 per episode. In addition, he earns from Count Kustoms, a hot-rod and chopper company in Las Vegas. He invested his fortune in over 50 cars and countless motorcycles. He’s a real collector of unusual cars. It is not known how much the house in which the two of them live is worth.

Is she dead?

Recently there was much talk about the death of Korie. She had had a car accident, and, some people thought that she had died, but Korie is alive and well. Before this rumour, there were stories about her husband being deceased too, but that was also a misunderstanding. This happened in 2008, and came about when his father, who had the same name, died. However, both spouses are alive and well, at the top of their careers.

Social media

Korie is regularly active on social networks Instagram and Twitter, followed by a consistent number of fans. She often posts images of her friends, and events she has organized. On Twitter, Korie often announces a schedule for rock bands, so if you are a fan of this music, you should follow her.

Danny Koker: biography

Daniel Nicholas Koker II was born on 5 January 1964, in Cleveland, Ohio USA. From an early age, he loved cars. His father worked for the Ford Motor Company, and Danny learned how to repair cars, and just about everything else he needed to know about cars.

After several years of practice, he decided to open a vehicle restoration and repair shop. He used only the best materials and worked well, gaining a good reputation. Before he got his own show, he was a guest of two well-known show, “Pawn Stars” and “American Restoration.” His show “Counting Cars” is about how he and his team collect cars, fix them up and renovate them, and sell for a profit. In addition, he is also a musician, and just like his wife is quite talented in music, songwriting and singing, a talent apparently inherited from his father.

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