Was Bradley Nowell the husband of Troy Dendekker? Her wiki, bio, age, net worth, marriage, son, death, affairs, career today

• Troy Dendekker was born in 1971 in South Carolina, USA
• She is known for being briefly married to Bradley Nowell, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Sublime
• Her net worth is estimated to be around $1 million
• She has a son, Jakob James Nowell, and is currently married to Kiki Holmes
• She is sometimes active on Instagram, using her account to promote projects of her son and support him.

Who is Troy Dendekker?

Troy Dendekker was born on the 8th March 1971, in Columbia, South Carolina USA, so is currently aged of 47. She is probably best recognized for being briefly married to the late Bradley Nowell, the lead singer and guitarist of the band Sublime.

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Troy Dendekker Net Worth

As she became involved in the entertainment industry through marriage to famous musician, Troy’s professional career remains largely unknown to the public. So, if anyone of you ever wondered how rich Troy Dendekker is, we can say that she net worth of Bradley Nowell whileon his death, which is now authoritatively estimated to be close to $1 million.

Early Life and Education

Concerning her early life, Troy Dendekker apparently spent her childhood in her hometown, where she was raised by her parents, David and Robin Newton, whose professions have not been revealed to the public, nor has information regarding any siblings. Regarding her education, it is also known that she attended Notre Dame High School.

Popularity through Marriage, Son, Death

Speaking about her involvement in the entertainment industry, Troy achieved enormous popularity through her marriage to Bradley Nowell. She met him in the early 1990s and they soon started dating, announcing that while the band was on tour. Troy gave birth to their first child, a son named Jakob James Nowell, on the 25th June of 1995, and the following year they exchanged wedding vows at an Hawaiian-themed wedding ceremony held in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 18th May of 1996. Unfortunately, they did not have the opportunity to celebrate it on a honeymoon, as Bradley passed away from a heroin overdose only seven days later, at the age of 28. The death of her husband left her entire family and the other two members of the band in shocked, and Sublime disbanded soon afterwards.

Additional to her direct involvement in Bradley’s life, Troy Dendekker appeared in the documentary film about the band, entitled “Sublime: Stories, Tales, Lies & Exaggerations”, in 1998.

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Bradley Nowell Short Bio

Bradley James Nowell was born on the 22nd February 1968, in Belmont Shore, Long Beach, California, USA and passed away on the 25th May 1996 in San Francisco, California. He was a musician, probably best known as the lead singer and guitarist of the ska punk band Sublime, which he co-formed in 1988, alongside Eric Wilson on bass and Bud Gaugh on drums. Their debut studio album, entitled “Jah Won’t Pay The Bills” was released in 1991, followed by their second studio album “40oz. To Freedom” (1992), which earned two platinum certifications in the US, and peaked at No. 140 on the Billboard 200 chart. Their third album “Robbin’ The Hood” out came in 1994 and was certified gold, all adding a considerable amount to Bradley’s net worth. However, following his death in 1996, Sublime disbanded, but released their final self-titled album, which gained enormous popularity and reached No. 13 on the Billboard 200 chart.

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Their Son

As mentioned, Troy and Bradley’s son is Jakob James Nowell, currently aged of 23. He is also involved in the entertainment industry, and following his father in founding his own band called LAW, in which he is the lead singer and guitarist, while Aidan Palacio is on the lead guitar, Logaun Spellacy plays bass and Nick Aguilar is on drums.

Her Second Marriage

After her husband’s death, Troy was left to take care of their son on her own. After a while, she began relationship with Kiki Holmes, and they tied the knot at a private wedding ceremony held on the 1st November of 2002. Her second husband adopted her son Jakob and they have apparently been happily married for more than 16 years.

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Appearance and Vital Statistics

Speaking about her appearance and physical attributes, Troy is apparently a beautiful woman with long black hair and dark brown colored eyes, though now in her late 40s. Her body shape can be described as a well-maintained. She stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m) and her weight is reputed to be around 128lbs (58kgs), while her vital statistics are 35-25-36. Moreover, she has a lot of tattoos on her body.

Social Media Presence

In addition to her brief involvement in the entertainment industry, Troy is sometimes active on her official Instagram account, though she tends to spend her spare time with her husband and son, rather than on the social media scene. Anyway, she uses her account not only to promote projects of her son and support him, but also to share various other contents.

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