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• Wayde King is an American entrepreneur, animal lover, and television personality born in 1969.
• He was raised in a fish dealership environment, learned to build and sell aquariums, and then moved to Vegas to work with a company and meet his future wife.
• He established Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) in 1997 and in 2009 had an agreement with Animal Planet to start filming ATM for broadcast on television.
• His tank manufacturing company stands as one of the biggest in the US, with annual sales estimated to be close to $10 million.
• His net worth is estimated to be over $5 million.

The ardent fans of ‘Tanked,’ the American reality television series on Animal Planet, wouldn’t miss the name Wayde King, the CEO of ATM, maker of world-class beautification aquariums. His name goes beyond the shores of his country, known worldwide as the ‘Tanked’ man. His excellence in bespoke aquarium construction defies ordinary human reasoning, as the dexterity at which he achieves the impossible is breathtaking and marvelous! Wayde has proven to his fans anything is possible, showing by his work that if you can think up an idea, you can make it happen. In this fact-revealing discussion, we want to look into King’s life and see how he has been influenced and trained to be the man he is today. Let’s take a look at his family life and learn other personal details about him, especially his consuming passion for animals, not just fish! We searched for information about his wife and his children and bring you information about his family and career, and a snippet about his net worth! Please sit back and read our piece on his business with fish, how he is giving them a new home in the paradise world of avid customers who love to beautify their environments with his invention. For the ‘tanked’ man, all aquariums are not made the same. We present you, Wayde, the King of ‘tanked’ fame!

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Who is Wayde King?

He is an American entrepreneur, a diehard animal lover, and television personality; his name is Wayde King, born on 19 September 1969, the son of a fish dealer which explains his consuming interest in fish, and so his business. As a young kid, he used to help his dad clean aquariums, a trade which grew to become a passion and business.

Early life and education

Born in Long Island, New York, he was raised with five sisters in a fish dealership business environment managed by his father. As he receives formal education, he had the opportunity to learn fish trade on the side, spending quality time watching beautiful fishes of various types.

His parents were divorced when he was 14, and he lived with his mother and his stepfather, who happened to run an aquarium cleaning service, so preparing the stage for Wayde’s future career.

Thus, he was introduced to fish and aquarium business in his early days where he learned about an assortment of fish for the aquariums.

Knowing what he wanted, Wayde’s early education was at Commack North School of Hard Rocks. Before he decided to build a rewarding skill by attending the American Institute for Tooling, a machinist school, to become a diamond cutter as well as learning the use of the machine in a variety of hand co-ordination techniques.

Wayde King

His career

After his technical education, he moved to Vegas about 10 years later to work with a company that builds and sells aquariums, and where he also met his future wife, and that began the journey of his career. One of his major assignments in Vegas was the building of a tank for his wife’s father. His father-in-law saw in him, a man cut out for big things in the aquarium construction business and decided to partner with him to build his enterprise to sell fish and construct tanks, beginning Wayde’s entrepreneurial adventure. That was in 1990; he constructed a 600-gallon fish tank for his father-in-law (Irwin), and from that point, a new business was born.

The business that emerged was a family affair involving Wayde and his wife’s family including his father-in-law, brother-in-law Brett and his wife, as often seen in the television series, Although such a business arrangement has its challenges, it also has its opportunities.

Business development

Following the success of their partnership was the establishment of Acrylic Tank Manufacturing (ATM) in 1997. After 13 years of successful operation, the business had an agreement in 2009 with Animal Planet’s Tanked to start filming ATM creation for broadcast on the television channel. The first episode of the program hit the airwave in 2011 and remains active to date, (more on his TV show below). On 15 July 2016, the company upgraded its manufacturing facility to a 37,000 sq. ft. premises, which currently accommodates its operations.

The services being offered by ATM include:

  • Aquariums
  • Aquarium Gallery
  • Exhibits & Habitats
  • Pool Viewing Panels
  • Water Features

Today, his tank manufacturing company stands as one of the biggest in the US, with clientele spread across the country and beyond. The company’s annual sales are close to $10 million according to authoritative source. The company has various roles distributed among the partners, with Wayde as the CEO, while his wife is the company’s accountant.

TV Show

The commencement of the reality program ‘Tanked’ on Animal Planet boosted Wayde’s business, helping to protect the company’s image as an authority in large scale aquariums. The program can be described as an ultimate success with local and international audiences.

The reality program which showcases the activities of ATM and their various projects, also serves as a real marketing channel for the company to market their rare quality tanks for corporate and personal needs. The program debuted with a season of six episodes in 2011, and had its season 15 and 10 episodes televised from December 2018, revealing comedian Tracy Morgan’s Giant Shark Tank is one of many exciting storylines; another season is expected to follow in 2019.

The TV show is mainly successful because of high-quality programming and storylines that the audience could relate to without a problem. The story lines are not strictly about fish and aquariums – the theme each project offers is appealing to the audience. Each season treats a specific project which shows teamwork in the area of planning, problem-solving and how they can manage available resources to achieve a set goal in the end.

Wayde’s personal life

His love for animals goes beyond fishes and tanks; it cuts across all kinds of animals. On a personal level, King keeps other pets, including a dog and cats.

He loves life and has been reported to live lavishly with his house estimated to cost $600,000. He is also a car lover, with several cars to his name including a brand new 300 STR-8 Chrysler.

His wife

Wayde is married to Heather Raymer. The ceremony taking place on 25 October 1997, followed by a honeymoon to Hawaii and later Mexico where he had time for his scuba diving sport. He has had 21 years of marriage with his friend, business partner, and wife. He now lives with his family in a luxury house located in Las Vegas.


His marriage to Heather produced two daughters named Taylor King and Morgan King.

Net worth

Wayde has been successful across the board in his career. His tank construction business is doing great while his business contract with Animal planet has enjoyed uninterrupted production since 2011 and continuing. Available information from authoritative source estimates his net worth to be over $5 million.

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