What did Bill Aydin do to Jennifer? His Age, Height, Net Worth

One thing about the cast of the “The Real Housewives” franchise is that they know how to keep audiences entertained with their never-ending personal dramas. When it comes to the New Jersey show, Bill and Jennifer Aydin stand out from the rest, not only for their affluence and good looks but also for the problems inside their relationship which have been brought to light since they joined the cast in the ninth season.

One of the issues which have threatened their two-decades-long marriage is the cheating allegations against Bill, which were confirmed during the 12th season of the show. The couple solved their issues, and decided to stick together after attending couple therapy. Yet, other problems inside the relationship resurfaced, such as Bill’s habit of staying away from the rest of his family to spend time alone in his pool house, something that Jennifer strongly disapproved of.

However, what else is there to find out about Bill Aydin and his marriage to Jennifer, and who is he when he’s away from “The Real Housewives of New Jersey” cameras? Keep reading to find out!

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Who Is Bill Aydin?

Nebil ‘Bill’ Aydin was born on 2 June 1973, in Istanbul, Turkey. His family moved to the US during his teens, but further information about his early childhood, educational background and family are unknown, except for the fact he has a brother named James. He belongs to the Orthodox Syrian Church.

Bill graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and studied at the New York Medical Center, obtaining his medical residency at the New York City-based St. Vincent Hospital. Nowadays he’s a renowned plastic surgeon specializing in reconstructive and cosmetic procedures. Bill belongs to the American College of Surgeons, the American Board of Plastic Surgery, and the American Board of Surgery, and has been included in the Castle Connolly Tops, which rates the best doctors in the US.

Bill owns the AYDIN Center, which focuses on numerous cosmetic procedures, including surgeries and non-invasive procedures. On top of that, Bill is a TV personality, whose rise to fame came with “The Real Housewives Of New Jersey”, in which he appears alongside his wife Jennifer and their children.

Debut On TV

The first time we saw Jennifer and her husband Bill on TV was in the ninth season of “The Real Housewives of New Jersey”, which premiered in 2018. Right from the start, Jennifer was a stand-out in the show, due to her forward, extroverted and often bragging attitude. She also became known as the ‘Queen of Thrones’, for having 16 toilets in her mansion in Paramus, New Jersey.

Though Jennifer has seen herself in the center of controversy for allegedly checking her nanny’s bag, putting security cameras all over her house, and having more-than-serious arguments with her co-stars, she gained the audiences’ hearts, and has had a stable place in the show for several seasons.

On the other hand, Bill’s appearances in the show are very scarce, yet that hasn’t stopped him from becoming the focus of drama. A good example of that happened in the show’s 12th season, when the housewife Margaret Josephs brought to light the fact that Bill had an affair with one of his former co-workers years prior, also criticizing Jennifer for talking about him as a ‘perfect husband’ while disregarding their issues.

While it’s not everyone’s cup of tea to have their private issues aired on TV, there’s no denying that Jennifer and Bill have adapted well to the show’s format, and already gained their rightful place as two of the most memorable stars of the show.

Marriage to Jennifer

Bill and Jennifer Aydin met in 2001 when both were 23 years old. As Jennifer recalled in a YouTube video, her family had strongly insisted on her becoming engaged to a man from her Turkish community, but Jennifer wasn’t quite into him, even after meeting several times.

The first time that Jennifer caught sight of Bill was during his younger brother James’ wedding, and she found herself enthralled by his looks and intelligence. Back then, he was already working at St. Vincent Hospital in New York, while Jennifer lived in Long Island. The pair found a way to keep in contact through the phone, and eventually went on dates.

According to Jennifer, the 9/11 incidents led Bill to reflect on his life and take the first step to settle down, something he had refused until then because he was ‘rebellious’ and didn’t want to follow the same traditional path that his family was requesting of him. It didn’t take long for Bill and Jennifer to fall in love and become engaged, tying the knot in 2002.

Their first son Justin was born in 2004, followed by their daughter Gabriella in 2008. Their third son Christian was born in 2012, and their youngest daughter Olivia in 2013.

Fixing The Marriage

Bill and Jennifer’s marriage reached its lowest point in the early 2010s, when Bill had an affair with a pharmaceutical representative with whom he worked at his former job. The only details known about the relationship are that it lasted for around two years, and that Jennifer found out about it when she was close to giving birth to their son Christian.

Bill left his previous job after ending his affair, and attended couple’s therapy upon his wife’s request. The couple eventually reconciled, and his infidelity was left forgotten for years, only to be brought up again by their co-star Margaret Josephs in 2012. As Jennifer told People, she hadn’t even told her family and friends about Bill’s affair, mistakenly assuming it had been left ‘in the vault’, until it was revealed on TV.

The Aydins have faced and solved many other issues thrown their way. In the 13th season of “Real Housewives of New Jersey”, Jennifer told Bill that she had been quite unhappy about his habit of staying overtime at their pool house, seemingly putting some distance between him and his family. However, Jennifer later revealed that she had come to understand Bill’s need to spend time at the pool house, given his stressful job and schedule.

As revealed in 2023, the couple isn’t interested in returning to couple therapy, and often spends quality time together in whichever way they can.


While his TV-related controversies are entertaining, to say the least, Bill Aydin has also faced serious issues related to his career. It happened in 2015, when a patient named Bachar Alzin went to Bill’s center to undergo cosmetic surgery to have several procedures done, including a release of his nasolabial folds and septoplasty, the latter which is surgery meant to correct defects of the nose.

Things didn’t turn out as well as Alzin wanted though. According to reports, the patient affirmed that as a result of the surgery done by Bill, he’d developed disabilities and disfigurations, on top of accusing Bill of negligence. The lawsuit for malpractice was officially filed in April 2017, taking over six years before the parties came to an ‘amicable’ agreement and the case was afterwards dismissed by a judge in New Jersey. Part of the delay in the case was due to the 2020 pandemic, and that Bill always maintained that Alzin’s condition didn’t have to do with the procedure he’d conducted.

Appearance & Net Worth

Bill Aydin is a 50-year-old man of Turkish ethnicity. He has dark brown eyes and black hair, and often sports a well-groomed beard. His weight is unknown and his height is estimated at 5ft 10ins (1.77m) – his wife Jennifer has described his height as one of his attractive points.

Bill Aydin has an estimated net worth of $11 million, which comes from his long career as a cosmetic and reconstructive surgeon, on top of his earnings from appearing on TV. It’s also worth considering that his fortune includes Jennifer’s earnings from her career as a reality TV personality and entrepreneur.

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