What did Emery Bingham do? Her Age, Height, Surgery, Dating

Who is Emery Bingham?

American YouTuber and social media personality Emery Bingham was born under the zodiac sign Taurus on 14 May 2007, in the USA. She’s widely known for her social media accounts, including her self-titled YouTube channel, which she launched on 14 March 2014 and which is today subscribed to by more than 360,000 people. Emery’s shared 317 videos, all of which together have amassed over 60 million views; most of these feature Emery during her everyday life, whether she’s meeting her role models, doing her make-up at home or spending time with her family. Some of Emery’s videos feature her singing her original songs.

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Education and early life

Emery’s being raised in the US alongside her younger sister Monroe Shirley, born on 1 November 2011, by their parents who want be left out of media, and Emery thus rarely speaks about them; while Emery was still too young to be managing her social media accounts all by herself, her mother and grandmother helped her, as well as monitored who was messaging her and why. Her sister Monroe’s today also active on YouTube and her channel’s subscribed to by more than 5,300 people.

It’s widely believed that Emery’s growing up in California, although this remains unconfirmed; she’s been attending a local high school since 2021 and is today passionate about multiple activities as she’s taking dance lessons, enjoys appearing in school plays and often plays various sports with her peers, excelling in soccer.

Emery should be matriculating in 2025, and despite her success on the internet, most of her fans believe that she’ll be attending college and simultaneously keep her social media accounts updated.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Emery’s today mostly popular on YouTube for the videos which feature her singing both her own and other people’s songs, while some of her fans also like her for being open about her everyday life, for her personality and for teaching them to do make-up. We’ll cover Emery’s three most popular videos as these have contributed to her popularity.

Her #1 video “”God is a Woman” cover Emery Bingham (Oh My Word)” has been watched nearly four million times since 31 July 2018, and features her covering the song “God is a Woman” by Ariana Grande, who’s also Emery’s favorite singer.

Her second most popular video “Emery Bingham Meets Ariana Grande Sweetener – Thank You, Next Tour VIP” has been viewed more than 3.3 million times since 2 May 2019, and features her meeting Ariana Grande after her concert.

Emery’s third most viewed video “”No Truth” Official Movie Emery Bingham” has been watched over 3.3 million times since 2 February 2019, and features Emery and her sister starring in a five-minute film which Emery had envisioned; it was the girls’ mother and grandmother who helped them film it.

Presence on the internet

Emery’s active on various social media networks and more than 280,000 people are following her on Instagram today, while she’s shared 258 pictures and videos; most of her content shows her during her everyday life, whether she’s shooting her YouTube videos, attending various events or spending time with her sister.

Emery’s only recently created her TikTok account; she’s shared three videos, which have all together amassed nearly 25,000 likes, but she’s today followed by only 348 people. She’s revealed on YouTube that she’s going to be using TikTok mostly to upload videos which feature her singing her original songs, although she’ll also be doing covers.

Emery’s tweeted 422 times since the creation of her Twitter account in April 2019, and more than 1,300 people are following her on this network; she hasn’t been active since 10 September 2023, when she tweeted ‘girl shut up’. Emery had previously used the network mostly to share her thoughts with her fans.

She’s also active on Facebook, but seems to be using her profile only to keep in touch with the people whom she knows in real life; several fans have claimed that Emery doesn’t allow them to interact with her on this social media network.


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Love life and relationships

Emery prefers not to talk about her love life in public but it’s widely believed that she dated American social media personality Kaydin Fritcher in 2019; they’re the same age, as Kaydin was born on 9 April 2007, and they featured each other in a lot of their internet content while they were still together. Kaydin’s today quite popular on the internet as more than 80,000 people are following his TikTok account, while over 60,000 people are following him on Instagram.

Some of Emery’s fans believe that she’s today in a relationship with a boy whom she met at school in February 2023, as they’ve allegedly been seen spending time together, but this is yet to be addressed by Emery.

She seems to be unattached as of February 2024.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Emery loves to spend time with her younger sister, and the two are inseparable; they are today taking dance lessons together, and often help each other shoot their YouTube videos.

Emery’s a huge fan of theatre and has watched numerous plays together with her parents; she was only six when her mother and father started taking her to a community theatre, which eventually led Emery to join her school’s drama club.

She likes to go on long walks, sun tan at the beach, and listen to music in her spare time.

Emery’s a huge lover of animals and dogs are her favorites, however, it’s widely believed that her mother doesn’t allow pets at home.

A couple of Emery’s favorite actresses are Jennifer Aniston, Scarlett Johansson and Zendaya, and her favorite films include “Ghost in the Shell”, “The Greatest Showman” and “The Good Girl”.

Net worth, height and age

Emery’s age is 16. Her eyes and hair are brown, she’s 4ft 6ins (1.37m) tall and weighs around 80lbs (36kgs).

Emery’s net worth’s been estimated at already over $100,000, as of February 2024.

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