What does Katie Sigmond do for a living? Her Age, Height, Boy Friend

Katie Sigmond is a 21-year-old social media personality best known for her Instagram and TikTok accounts, katiesigmond and katie_sigmond, on which she has accrued three million and one million followers, respectively. She lives in Newport Beach, California, USA, and has briefly dated social media personality Jeremy Hutchins.

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Early life and education

Katie Sigmond was born on 2 August 2002 in the USA, and has a brother named Gavin and a younger sister, Hailey Sigmond, born on 10 February 2005 in Texas, USA. Hailey is also a TikTok personality who has attracted an audience of over 1.1 million followers to her account @hailey.sigmond. Hailey began her online career in 2017 on Instagram by posting content related to cheerleading, which evolved into lip-synching, dancing, and collaborating with her boyfriend, Zack Beilfuss. Katie might have attended a school in Costa Mesa, California, because she played soccer during those days. She said that she fell in love with cooking because she had a motherly role as an older sister, caring for her siblings.


Katie Sigmond started her career in January 2017 by posting her first Instagram picture from a homecoming celebration with four female friends. She promptly shared posts from her daily life from 2017 to 2018, including activities such as traveling, sunbathing, diving and snowboarding.

In the YouTube video entitled Exposing Our Secrets…, Katie admitted that her first influx of followers resulted from her sister’s video on TikTok. However, Katie hated how she looked in it, and attempted to convince her sister to delete it. After her sister refused, Katie repeatedly reported the video to TikTok, trying to take it down. When that failed, Katie recognized the potential, created her TikTok account, and used the green screen and the same video idea to make content that she felt would go viral. In early 2019, she began posting pictures of herself in modeling and gym outfits, and driving her red Volkswagen car.

Expanding content

She had her first professional modeling shoot, in September 2020, photographed by Casius Dean. Around that time, Katie began posting Instagram Reels, usually a copy or a minor modification of her TikTok posts, in which she usually danced or showed outfits with her sister Hailey.

Katie also tried some challenges and commented on the results of randomly generated answers to viral questions on TikTok regarding her time of death, pregnancy date, meeting the love of her life, and so on. She was unafraid to make jokes about her shortcomings, such as saying that she had a breast reduction surgical operation at birth because her breasts were undersized. Katie also collaborated with TikTokers such as Cynthia Parker, Madi Monroe, Lauren Kettering and Sabrina Quesada when she joined the all-girl content creator group Not a Content House. They were formed in August 2020, and moved into a house in the Beverly Hills neighborhood shortly after. Sadly, the group disbanded in 2021 over awful management and feud allegations. Katie then joined another social house, clubhouse, led by Abby Rao and Daisy Keech. It was founded in 2020, and has over 22 TikTok content creators as members.

Katie moved back to her hometown sometime in 2021, which affected her old friend group. In the YouTube video about exposing her secrets, she said that when she moved to Los Angeles, her old friends accused her of not wanting to spend time with them. However, when she returned, the same friends tried to use her for her wealth, expecting her to pay for everything.

Favorite activities

Katie has used her love for various activities to produce content for her social media profiles. Her Instagram bio notes that she loves to play golf, and has proved it with frequent posts for over two years; Katie’s a Pelican Hill Golf Club member in Newport Beach. She also played at the Trump National Golf Club, at least one Topgolf court, and Pebble Beach Golf Course. Moreover, Katie has revealed her love for motorbiking and driving trucks and racing cars, and demonstrated the ability to drift in circles.

While vacationing in Lake Havasu City, Arizona, and the Fiji Islands, Katie has tried surfing, cliff jumping, and jet skiing. Katie plans to expand to operating a podcast and posting at least two monthly vlogs on YouTube. She said that she appreciates how social media affected her growth because seeing her actions from other people’s perspectives helped her ponder her efforts.


Katie Sigmond has been open about being single since 2022. She’s commented on her situation on Twitter, saying that she will keep her options open until she senses that a man is giving his maximum to win her over. As a religious Christian, Katie is strictly against the hook-up culture, one-night stands, and guys who date without wanting marriage. Moreover, she prefers real-life contact over social media, and has ceased contact with guys who cannot communicate and wants to keep their conversations over the Internet. Katie revealed that she initially wanted to marry by 23, travel the world for two years, and have kids.

Ex-boyfriend Jeremy Hutchins

Katie dated a fellow social media personality Jeremy Hutchins for three months in 2021. Jeremy has over 7.8 million subscribers on his eponymous YouTube channel, and over 10.7 million followers on his TikTok account, jeremyhutchins. She appeared in his TikTok and YouTube videos, and he in hers, and their audience began to speculate whether they were romantically involved, particularly when they kissed during a blindfolded test challenge where she had to determine the best kisser in the friend group.

After the two stopped filming videos, fans bombarded both with questions, prompting Jeremy to upload a video entitled We got back together on 24 July 2021 to explain that they dated briefly. Consequently, they pranked their friends by pretending to rekindle their romance. Katie played around with the topic in August, posting an Instagram video in which she used a built-in feature to ask, ‘Where is your soulmate now?’ After the Instagram feature selected a random answer that her soulmate was currently looking at her Instagram Stories, she pointed the camera at Jeremy, looking at his phone screen as if caught in the act. Regardless of the flirting, they stayed friends.

Ex-boyfriend Caden

In 2019, Katie Sigmond had a boyfriend named Caden  but never mentioned him again after April of that year. She didn’t reveal much about his past or how they met, only that his birthday is on 14 March, that he’s from Newport Beach and around her age. They loved watching sunsets, going to the dog beach, camping, and taking morning hikes. Moreover, she enjoyed bowling, going to the Urth Caffé in Orange, California, having movie nights, and snowboarding.

Interesting facts

  • Katie rated the 2021 film “Spider-Man: No Way Home” 10 out of 10.
  • Her retirement plansinclude buying a house on the river and a boat for herself and her future children.
  • Katie is a big fan of the deceased rapper Juice Wrld,and singer Taylor Swift.
  • Pizza and wineare her winning food and drink combination.
  • Whenever Katie adds a TikTok effect that randomly provides the first letter of her soulmate’s name, she gets the letters Q, U, or H.
  • Katie started a carnivore dietin mid-August 2023, expecting it to affect her performance and physique positively.

Physical characteristics

Katie Sigmond has blonde hair and green eyes, is 5ft 5ins (1.65m) tall, weighs about 121lbs (55kgs), with an athletic physique and vital statistics of 32-26-35.

Net worth

Katie Sigmond has a net worth estimated at $1.5 million. Contrary to popular belief, Katie isn’t getting free trips to vacation spots. Steiny, a NELK online content creation group member, praised Katie in May 2023 for paying for his private jet ride, allowing him to create content for free. He was surprised because his group usually invites girls to join them on their trips free of charge, not vice versa.

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