What does Kimberly Flores do for a living? Who is her Husband?

Kimberly Flores is a renowned Instagram star from Guatemala. She has made a name for herself in the world of fitness modeling and dance, regularly captivating her audience with gym selfies, fashion shoots, and various modeling content on her Instagram account. Aside from that, Kimberly also runs a YouTube account under the name “Kim Flores”.

Early life and career

Kimberly Flores was born on 15 April 1987 in Guatemala City, and had a unique upbringing as she was raised in a military family, meaning that she had frequent relocations during her childhood. Her early passion for dance emerged when she was just three years old, and as a teenager she took that passion to the next level by competing in dance championships across the country.

Her journey towards fitness began as an athlete during her college years. After sustaining an ankle injury, she turned to Pilates and weightlifting as a form of rehabilitation, which not only aided her recovery but also ignited a deep love for weightlifting and physical fitness. Her workouts became progressively more intense, and she found herself eating six times a day to maintain her energy levels.

In November 2017, she expanded her online presence by posting fitness videos to her YouTube channel. As her career evolved, her content shifted to feature podcasts and vlogs of her daily life, which allowed her to reach a wider audience, and her channel has nearly 400,000 followers today.

In addition to her work as a fitness model and content creator, Kimberly had an interesting venture into the world of music, starring in the music video for the song “Apretadito” by the band Contrapunticos, further highlighting her versatility and willingness to explore various creative opportunities. Following this debut, she has appeared multiple times in the music videos of La Trakosa de Monterrey.

Kimberly is also a CEO of Keig Beauty Salon, which has been a very successful establishment specializing in make-up and nail art services. Her leadership has contributed to the salon’s success, making it a go-to destination for individuals seeking expert beauty and grooming treatments.

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Kimberly is married to Edwin Luna, a popular Mexican singer and musician; the two began dating in 2016, and tied the knot in 2019. They have two children together, a son and a daughter.

The two have been very vocal about their love for each other, frequently posting photos and videos together on social media. Kimberly has also appeared in several concerts of Edwin’s band, showcasing her singing abilities.

Edwin Luna, born in 1987, embarked on his professional music career at the young age of eight, initially introduced to the stage by his father. Despite early reluctance and a period of disliking music, his father’s influence brought him back to the stage.

At the age of 15, Edwin Luna began his musical journey, working with various bands and artists, including Don Arsenio Jimenez, Banda Sinaloa, Virgilio Canales y Liberacion, and the Piricuaco Band. Luna’s passion and talent for music became increasingly evident.

In 2010, he formed his first musical group, Banda la Escandalosa, following an invitation from former members of La Real Banda Chilera. Subsequently, in October of the same year, he signed with Remex Music, marking a significant step in his career. However, this initial formation faced several challenges, with some members leaving the band in March of 2011. Edwin wasn’t discouraged by this, and brought new members to the band and renamed it “Banda la Trakalosa de Monterrey”, what it’s still called today.

As the lead vocalist and frontman of the musical group, he’s made a significant impact in the regional Mexican music scene, specializing in genres such as banda and norteño. With his charismatic stage presence and impressive vocal talents, he’s played a crucial role in the group’s enduring success.

The band’s official studio debut, entitled “De Monterrey a Sinaloa,” marked an exciting milestone in their musical journey. This debut album was introduced to the world with the release of the pre-release hit single “Un Par de Cerdos.” Over the years, the band has released several albums and singles, adding to their extensive discography. Some of their most popular song hits include “San Lunes,” “Broche de Oro,” “Supiste Hacerme Mal,” and “Adicto a la Tristeza”, which have resonated with fans and contributed to the group’s success.

Edwin Luna’s success in the music industry has resulted in a substantial net worth, which has been estimated at around $2 million in late-2023.

Appearance and clothing style

Standing at 5ft 7ins (170cms) tall, and weighing about 120lbs (55kgs), Kimberly has an elegant and well-proportioned physique.

One of her most notable features is her mesmerizing grey-colored eyes that add depth and allure to her look. Complementing her striking gaze is her long, dark brown, curly hairstyle, which exudes an air of sophistication and enhances her overall appeal.

In the realm of fashion, Kimberly has a penchant for attire that accentuates her enviable hourglass figure. Her clothing style often includes dresses and outfits that flatter her curves, showcasing her keen sense of style and fashion-forward choices. Whether she’s gracing a red-carpet event or sharing her daily looks on social media, Kimberly’s fashion choices reflect her confidence and a keen eye for elegance.

Hobbies and interests

Kimberly is an avid traveler who finds joy and inspiration in exploring new places and experiencing different cultures. Her wanderlust has taken her to various destinations around the world, allowing her to immerse herself in diverse landscapes, cuisines, and lifestyles. Her Instagram features photos from places such as San Francisco, Mexico, and Argentina.

Music is another integral part of Kimberly’s life. Her connection to the world of music, as well as her relationship with her husband, Edwin Luna, has likely deepened her appreciation for this art form. Whether it’s attending live concerts, dancing to the rhythms of different genres, or simply enjoying the power of melodies in her everyday life, music enriches her experiences

Net Worth

As of 2023, Kimberly Flores has amassed an estimated net worth of $5 million. This substantial wealth is a reflection of her successful career as a fitness model, social media influencer, and her role as the CEO of Keig Beauty Salon. Additionally, her high-profile marriage to Edwin Luna, a prominent figure in the regional Mexican music scene, may have also contributed to her popularity and so financial success.

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