What does Michael Sanchez do now? His Age, Height, Spouse, Bio

Talent shows are one of the best ways for artists to make themselves known, and so take a big step forward to stardom. Despite not winning his season of “The Voice”, Michael Sanchez is one good example of how a singer can deeply touch his audience’s hearts, and become unforgettable.

Enough time has passed since Michael took the stage of “The Voice” in 2016, but he’s still following his love for music. In recent years he’s been dedicated to Christian music and often performs at community churches in his native San Diego, gaining relative success thanks to it.

So what else is Michael doing these days? Has he released any music since his “The Voice” appearances? Keep reading to find out!

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Michael Sanchez was born on 19 May 1991 in San Diego, California USA. He started taking piano lessons at around six years old and later began singing, often inspired by his parents’ music collection.

According to an interview with Hollywood Junket, Michael had a speech impediment growing up, making it hard for him to communicate, and speak and spell certain sounds. Just as Michael described it, ‘it wasn’t a good situation’ as he felt ‘awkward’ and had to attend classes to improve his spelling and shuttering. Nonetheless, music became the best way to communicate his feelings once he began playing and singing for other people, gaining confidence through it.

Not much is known about Michael’s early education, except that he was part of a band in high school. Adulthood saw him becoming a soloist by playing music at bars in San Diego, a job he describes as ‘great’ given how he was paid to perform any type of music. He’s a music graduate from San Diego State University.

Michael defines himself as an ‘old soul’ due to his love for jazz, though his Christian faith has also guided his steps in playing music. By the time he auditioned for “The Voice”, Michael had been working for several years in local San Diego bars, and was also a dedicated worship leader.

How Did He Get Into “The Voice”?

Debuting on the stage of “The Voice” is a big dream for many singers who wish to make themselves known to the whole world, but that wasn’t the case for Michael Sanchez. Just as he affirmed in an interview with the online show EducateForLife, the idea to audition for “The Voice” was brought up by a friend of his, who was waiting for an upcoming chance to appear in the show.

Michael wasn’t very convinced by the idea of singing on TV, and immediately turned down his friend’s offer; as he affirmed, his biggest passion wasn’t music but his family, so becoming a mainstream artist wasn’t something he was interested in.

Nonetheless, Michael’s wife was very excited at the idea of traveling to Los Angeles and enjoying that experience with him. That’s how Michael accepted that opportunity, though he had to go through several auditions before making it into the TV show.

Path In “The Voice”

Michael Sanchez’s first appearance in “The Voice” was in the seventh episode of the 11th season, in which he performed “Use Me” by Bill Withers. His blind audition gained him the approval of Alicia Keys, who became his coach for the rest of his journey in the show, just as he had wished before auditioning.

Michael’s second performance in “The Voice” was in the eighth episode, in which he performed “Valerie” alongside Dave Moisan. Though the original song was recorded by the band Zutons, the performance of Michael and Daniel referenced Amy Winehouse and Mark Ronson’s version of the song, turning the it into a singing battle as both of them took turns to play the piano.

That rendition of “Valerie” became a fan favorite, and gained Michael a spot in the next episode. His performance in The Knockouts round was Bill Withers’ “Just The Two of Us”,  which had him showing off his impressive vocal skills, and ability to play the piano as he sang. Nonetheless, that wasn’t enough to win against Sa’Rayah, who demonstrated her stage presence with a rendition of “Ain’t Nobody”.

Unfortunately, Michael didn’t make it to “The Voice” finale, but his impressive performances have been engraved in viewers’ minds for years.

Life After The Show

Following his appearances in “The Voice”, Michael Sanchez took part in The Voice: Neon Dreams alongside former “The Voice” contestants from different seasons such as Chris Mann and Mary Sarah, among others. This live concert project was meant to become a ‘music experience’, which would feature varied performances while switching between a wide variety of music genres.

The Voice: Neon Dreams was meant to launch in early 2018 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, but the project never came to fruition for reasons unknown.

Nevertheless, that didn’t stop Michael from focusing on his soloist career, releasing his first extended play (EP) entitled “Winter” in December 2016. The next year he released “Hymns”, a 10-song album with several covers of all-time Jazz classics. Later in 2020, Michael released the EP “Michael Sanchez: Live”.

The popularity gained by Michael through “The Voice” landed him a long-term job at the California-based Shadow Mountain Community Church. Some of his performances in this church were featured in the 2018 album “Overcomer Worship Experience”.

Michael has also found considerable success through his now-inactive YouTube channel, on which he shared lots of videos of his live performances at Shadow Mountain and in private studios. These days, Michael is more active on Instagram, on which he promotes his latest projects, including his latest EP “Sunday Specials” from 2023.


Besides his undeniable talent as a musician, Michael Sanchez is also a dedicated family man. As Michael affirmed in an interview with EducateForLife, he met his then-future wife Maria around 2008, when he was 18 years old.

The pair tied the knot in 2011, and a couple of years later welcomed their first son Noah, whom “The Voice” viewers caught glimpses of during his appearances in the show. Shortly after the end of the show’s 11th season, the couple welcomed their second son Levi.

Net Worth & Appearance

Although not much is known about Michael Sanchez’s childhood, his name hints that he’s of Hispanic descent. He has brown eyes and dark hair, but weight and height are unknown.

As seen in Michael’s appearances in “The Voice” and the pics and videos he shares on social media, he seems to be a fan of suits and classic-looking clothes, which undeniably match well with his music style. His classy and old-fashioned style and choice of glasses became one of his distinctive traits during his time in “The Voice”, as reported by the media.

Michael Sanchez has an estimated net worth of $200,000, resulting from his career as a musician, including his released EPs and live performances. Nonetheless, his fortune will surely increase as his career moves forward, post-2923.

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