What Does Mikaela Testa Do For a Living? What Age is She Now?

Mikaela Testa is a 23-year-old Australian model and social media personality, best known for her TikTok account, @mikaelatesta, on which she has amassed over 2.4 million followers and over 110.5 million likes. She used viral statements, such as that billionaire rapper Kanye West messaged her via social media after divorcing model and social media personality Kim Kardashian, to attract a following to her @mikaelatesta account on the OnlyFans subscription platform. She charges $15 monthly and has sometimes earned over $160,000 per month from OnlyFans alone, making it her primary income source.

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Early life

Mikaela “Mikki” Testa, also known as Mikaela Rossow, was born on 16 March 2000 in Australia. Local media websites, such as News.com.au, referred to her as ‘a woman from Mackay, Queensland and a Gold Coast woman’ interchangeably. Gold Coast is a region and city in Queensland, Australia, but she moved there later in life. If the @mikkimouse404 Facebook profile belongs to her, Mikaela considers Melbourne, Victoria, her hometown.

In October 2023, Mikaela shared screenshots of her conversation with fans, in which she explained her username on some social media platforms, according to Daily Mail UK. She said that Mik or Mikki is her nickname and that she loves the Disney character Mickey Mouse, so friends in school called her that. She added that 404 is an error signaling a broken Uniform Resource Locator (URL) or address of a resource on the Web, usually associated with the Error 404: Not Found status code of an unavailable Internet link. Mikaela chose 404 because ‘her mother was an escort who accidentally fell pregnant to a customer, and that she was the product of a one-night stand mistake.’

Although she confirmed that her mother was an escort to one fan, she gave a conflicting public statement, saying that her parents disowned her and haven’t spoken to her since they discovered that she films adult content for OnlyFans.

Early education

Online sources claim that Mikaela attended a private school in Mackay, then earned a bachelor’s degree from Melbourne City College Australia (MCCA). However, Mikaela hasn’t made a dedicated public statement about her education.


Mikaela Testa launched her online career in late 2015, when she posted her first photo to her Instagram account with a now-unknown handle. That’s because her current one, mikaelatesta, on which she has amassed over 785,000 followers, was her eighth account in six months, created in February 2022. The platform has deactivated her previous accounts for alleged Terms of Service violations.

Mikaela primarily posted modeling shots and flaunted her voluptuous physique. She also showed pictures from her travels to Japan, Italy, Switzerland, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Mikaela seemingly enjoyed visiting three locations the most: New York City, Bali in Indonesia, and Ibiza in Spain. Moreover, she’s collaborated with fellow social media personalities such as Keaton Belle, Lydia “Diaki Meko” Kim, and Baileigh Tahlulah.

Moreover, Mikaela shared her expensive taste, particularly for Cartier and Van Cleef & Arpels bracelets. She also admitted that she visits the casino alone every weekend for fun, not to make money, and enjoys anime, which are animated Japanese series and movies.


Mikaela Testa’s most popular social media account is @mikaelatesta on TikTok, but it’s uncertain when she joined the platform. That’s because TikTok deactivated her account for a breach of multiple Community Guidelines in 2020. She argued that she hadn’t done anything wrong and that TikTok’s automatic scanner saw some of her posts as inappropriate but ultimately had to start over. Consequently, Mikaela reduced the number of suggestive posts and focused on filming her time with friends, fun challenges, travel vlogs, and beauty and wellness tips and tricks.


Mikaela Testa created her account on the OnlyFans platform in 2019, and has posted about 150 pictures and a few videos in which she is fully or partially nude. Unsurprisingly, like many online content creators, some criticized her for refusing to get a real job, which prompted Mikaela’s response in February 2021, that ‘she pays hundreds of thousands in tax and that not doing manual labor such as laying bricks or building houses doesn’t mean that she isn’t doing any work.’ She noted that being an influencer has difficulties, and that only some enjoy or have to do physically draining work.

First viral reactions

Mikaela was featured in hundreds of news posts in November 2019, her first taste of fame. The reason was that Instagram CEO Adam Mosseri announced that the platform would start hiding the number of likes under posts to improve its users’ mental and emotional health. He clarified that the users can still see the ‘like’ counter on their profile, but that it won’t be public. Mikaela posted her reaction to the news, a video in which she cried hysterically, protesting the decision – most people saw this as proof that Adam made the correct judgment. Others ridiculed her petulant behavior, as she threatened to quit social media and confessed that she views ‘Instagram like a mental problem,’ according to NDTV.com.

Lifestyle controversy

In late 2020, Mikaela mentioned on her social media accounts that she spent $1.4 million within the last year, and $281,000 that November. Many people saw this as boastful and somewhat insulting, as most struggled during the COVID-19 pandemic. She disregarded the criticism, and defended her spending and lifestyle several times in early 2021.

Moreover, around that time, Mikaela revealed that she had schizophrenia because she took illicit substances, including edibles with marijuana, cocaine, and ecstasy, from 16 to 19, according to Daily Mail UK. Hence, most people who knew about her problem saw her actions as insensitive. However, Mikaela undoubtedly noticed the effect on her following, even when the publicity was negative.

She confirmed this to a degree in March 2021, when she claimed that Sydney was the capital of Australia, prompting countless corrections from fans, confused that a native didn’t know that it’s Canberra. In September 2022, Mikaela caused another controversy by driving through the Skid Row homeless area of Los Angeles, California, USA, in a rented Tesla, which costs from $48,000, depending on the model and specifications. She shared several photos via Instagram, allegedly cried at the state of things, and refused to leave the car in the poverty-stricken area, which many saw as a sign of mockery or moral superiority.

7news.com.au reported that Mikaela and a friend initially wanted to rent a Lamborghini for the ride, but the company only gave it to people over 30. Mikaela claimed that their goal was to see the abandoned and reportedly haunted Cecil Hotel, not stare at people living in rows of tents on the sidewalks. Her fans in Los Angeles praised her decision, thanking her for showing the real side of Los Angeles, and accusing the government of making the area too expensive.

Surgical operations

In February 2023, Mikaela again attracted attention when the Instagram page for the Contour Clinics beauty clinic in Australia posted a photo of her. The goal was clearly to promote the business, as they pointed out that the influencer had anti-wrinkle and skin rejuvenation treatments with Dr. Jing Wang. However, according to 7news.com.au, most people couldn’t recognize her, and wrote that it was proof that anyone could make it on social media.

Mikaela eventually confirmed that it was her in the promotional post, noting that ‘she looked different because she had her entire face filled with filler and Botox, making it swollen and bruised.’ That brought attention to her previous claims that she never used Photoshop photo editing software for her Instagram posts. Additionally, it reminded people that she’d had liposuction and Brazilian butt lift (BBL) surgical operations, which she’d publicly denied for a year, according to News.com.au.


Only two months later, Mikaela posted on TikTok to share her experience flying 20 hours from Perth, Western Australia, to Los Angeles. She was stopped at the security checkpoint upon arrival, Mikaela saying that the US Customs detained her for 30 hours, and described the cell as ‘looking like a war movie set.’ After strip-searching her and taking her passport and mobile phone away, the airport authorities investigated who Mikaela planned to meet and what she posted online.

She was eventually deported to Australia, and allegedly had her visa revoked, according to NYPost. Mikaela made it more difficult for fans to sympathize with her because she ended her story with a confession that ‘she was mainly scared of never being with American boys again.’ Outkick reported that the customs agents at the same airport questioned Mikaela and her friend Trinity in October 2022, and nearly deported them. The agents felt that Mikaela and her friend Trinity were escorts, as it was Trinity’s first time in Los Angeles, and she dressed provocatively.

Kanye West name-drop

During the White Fox After Hours podcast, Mikaela said that Kanye Kanye West sent her a direct message via Instagram in August 2022, shortly before he started dating another Australian model and fashion designer, Bianca Censori. She said that the rapper wrote ‘Hi.’ as the opener and that they used the WhatsApp application to chat afterwards. However, nothing came of it, as Kanye also messaged Mikaela’s Australian friend, and was reportedly talking to several Australian models.

Sexual assault

Mikaela’s career reached a worrying point in late 2023, according to News.com.au and other media companies, which reported her cry for help. Mikaela said that she attended the Listen Out festival in Brisbane, Queensland, on 23 September 2023, and that three followers or fans began to pursue her at one point. As she tried to move away, one of the three, a young woman, slapped her buttocks with all her strength, which left a handprint mark that turned into a bruise within two days.

Mikaela tried to act cool and told the woman never to touch her or anyone again, and was shocked that no one in attendance defended her. The woman was insulted, and said that the slapping was a compliment to her BBL surgical operation that enhanced the protrusion and shape of her buttocks. Although Mikaela’s friends quickly separated her from the three followers, the trio continued to film her, and one even quipped that ‘at least it wasn’t a guy who slapped her.’ Mikaela concluded that her niceness leads to people, particularly men, sexually assaulting her and that she needs it to stop.

It also brought attention to an incident in early 2023, when someone Mikaela assumed was a pizza delivery guy turned out to be a crazed fan who tried to choke her before escaping. Mikaela admitted that she developed severe anxiety about leaving her home, because she feared being sexually attacked and moved to the Gold Coast from Perth. Sadly, her previous attack didn’t receive attention, because Mikaela criticized popular European destinations, particularly Italy and Spain, calling them dull, dirty, and not as advertised online. She also complained that she ‘burned 3,000 calories a day from walking, and that she was dying to go home to her bed and cats,’ according to Business Insider.


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Rumored boyfriend Emmanouel

In October 2023, Mikaela introduced her new boyfriend via the Instagram Story feature, allowing creators to post temporary images or videos. According to Daily Mail UK, she wrote that she was celebrating National Boyfriend Day, and that she loves him. Mikaela purposefully shrunk the picture to prevent fans from recognizing him, however, an activewear compression shirt was observable, and connected to the rumors that she was dating an 18-year-old bodybuilder and OnlyFans creator named Emmanouel.

Mikaela mentioned him on Instagram in August by posting a screenshot of a conversation in which his chest was visible, accompanied by a suggestive conversation. She wrote, ‘my BF at home ♥’ via photo editing software, confirming their relationship. However, in her Q&A video from September, she mentioned that she ‘was posting about a guy and calling him her boyfriend, but that he isn’t.’ She also added that she’s been with more women than men, implying that she was bisexual, and confessed to having a threesome.

Ex-boyfriend Atis Paul

Mikaela Testa started dating social media personality and alleged cryptocurrency millionaire Atis Paul, on New Year’s Eve 2020. The couple then vacationed in Bali, attracting more attention because she received requests to cover up in a conservative Muslim country. Atis was born in Germany, but has lived in Australia since childhood. Moreover, his sister, Anna Paul, was a leading Australian content creator, as was Mikaela, consequently, Mikaela and Atis moved in with Anna and her boyfriend Glen Thompson into a Gold Coast home with a ten-car garage, elevator, an $A100,000 rock wall, and a private cinema.

Unfortunately, in May 2022 the couple went their separate ways without an in-depth explanation. Atis confirmed the split in June by clarifying that ‘they love each other so much but decided to be friends now, and that it was a mutual decision and that everything was perfect between them.’ According to Daily Mail UK, Mikaela responded that ‘Atis and her are fine and that the answer to heartbreak was love and care.’ Shortly after, the White Fox After Hours podcast interviewed Mikaela, who said that ‘it felt like hell because she has never been through anything as bad before.’

She added that they would always love each other, and that the break-up hurt more because she became close to Atis’ family. Moreover, she admitted that Atis left her, which shocked her because she was trying to leave him every month for two years. Furthermore, she stated that ‘a boyfriend made her insecure about her body, because he constantly liked Instagram posts of girls who have had surgical operations, including BBLs, so she got one.’ Mikaela added that the doctor told her that she lacks fat for the liposuction, forcing her to overeat to gain weight. Her story fits the time she dated Atis.

Alleged ex-boyfriend The Kid LAROI

Mikaela reportedly dated Australian rapper and singer The Kid LAROI before Atis. She allegedly told her TikTok followers that ‘her ex-boyfriend’s name was Charlton Howard, and that Atis wasn’t her first love’; that corresponded with The Kid LAROI’s real name, Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard. Additionally, fans discovered old pictures of the two, and alleged that some of his old songs were about her. Moreover, Daily Mail UK showcased a video of Mikaela in tears during the rapper’s concert in Manchester, England, in July 2022, signifying that their relationship was more than a brief romance.

Physical characteristics

Mikaela Testa has dark brown hair and dark brown eyes, is 5ft 4ins (1.63m) tall, and weighs about 115lbs (53kgs) with a curvy figure, according to her profile on StarNow.com, a website for actors and performers looking for work. Mikaela Testa disclosed having a BBL and liposuction in 2022, so the listed vital statistics of 35-20-29 (US) or 89-52-74 (EU) might be slightly off. Her dress size is 8 (US) or 12 (EU, UK).

Net worth

Mikaela Testa has an estimated net worth of $3 million. according to DailyMail.co.uk. However, she only reaped some of the benefits of her OnlyFans career before mid-2022. Mikaela revealed to Dexerto that a former boyfriend exploited her, and took about 50 percent of her income under the guise of managing her, which matches the time she was with Atis Paul. Mikaela collaborated with White Fox Boutique, I AM GIA, and Sahara Ray Swim, and has earned extra income through brand promotions.

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