What does Sadie Crowell do for a Living? Her Age, Body Measurements

Sadie Crowell was born on 21 August 2003, in Cumming, Georgia, USA; she’s a social media personality, probably best known for rising to fame through her self-titled YouTube channel. She has close to a million subscribers on her channel, on which she regularly posts vlogs and comedy videos. Her fame on YouTube has also extended to other websites such as Instagram and TikTok.

She also hosts a podcast called “Was that TMI?”, which started airing in 2021 through Apple, and uploads new episodes several times a month. Some aggregation websites estimate her earnings from YouTube to be over $100,000 annually, based on advertising revenue alone, and doesn’t include her merchandise sales, sponsorships, partnerships and promotions.

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Rise to Online Fame

Sadie grew up in a family that lived close to nature. She admitted that she was a cowgirl growing up, embracing that kind of lifestyle. Her family supported her in whatever endeavor she found herself busy in, which eventually led to her interest in YouTube, creating her channel in 2018; at that point, the website has been responsible for the creation of many popular vloggers and content creators. The following year, she uploaded her first video called “I CAN’T BELIEVE SHE DID THIS.”

Unlike other YouTubers, her first video quickly caught on and attracted a lot of views which boosted her popularity. She then started uploading regularly, focusing on content that revolved around her life, producing comedy videos, vlogs, skits, Q&As, among others. Her most popular video series is called “Drive With Us,” in which she invites family and friends on drives. It’s popular because she often gets candid during these videos, asking uncomfortable questions or talking about things teenagers are usually afraid to ask their parents.

Her next most popular series is her vlogs, the most popular is her experience while in Coachella. She also had a beach trip series that often featured her showing off bikinis and hanging out with friends.

Social Media Expansion

Following her success on YouTube, Sadie quickly capitalized on all opportunities available by establishing accounts on other social media websites. One of her first was Instagram; to date, she has over 500,000 followers on the platform. Her profile shows curated pics of her experiences as an internet celebrity and vlogger. She often refers to herself as dumb, a style she often employs in her entertaining online videos.

She also quickly gained fame on TikTok. She has over 1.5 million followers on the platform, posting even more frequently than her YouTube channel, and using it to post comedy shorts, promote YouTube content, and giving short updates to her followers. Her most popular TikToks are often comedy skits featuring family and friends.

Another social media account she manages is Snapchat, which has over 700,000 subscribers. She previously had a Twitter account, but eventually deleted it.

Sadie also has a personal website, which she mainly uses to sell merchandise. She often uses the term DILFS, which is a double entendre. According to her, it means “Dang, I Love Football Szn (Season).” She sells hoodies, shirts, and iPhone cases. Other iconic lines that come from her YouTube content include the middle finger icon, and “What’s up F*ckers” statement shirts. She has numerous pictures on the website modeling her merchandise.


In 2021, Crowell continued her expansion in the online space by starting a podcast called “Was that TMI?” standing for Too Much Information, which is the podcast theme. She gets brutally honest in her episodes, talking about her life and experiences since she became famous at 19 years old. The podcast has very high reviews, with people loving her honesty, as she advises people based on her past experiences, and jokes a lot.

She has more than 50 episodes on the podcast, discussing topics like depression, overthinking, moving on, and being in a relationship. Each episode is at least 30 minutes long, averaging 40 minutes.

Life Outside of YouTube and Social Media

Sadie Crowell talks a lot about her life and personal experiences online, but she’s very careful about it. She often curates what she says and posts to ensure she doesn’t invade the privacy of others. Fans also note that she’s very careful when revealing information about herself, only openly talking about her relationships on her podcast.

According to some of her statements, she loves dogs and reading, often spending time reading adventure novels. Apart from that, she considers herself a foodie; some of her YouTube videos even reveal her visiting numerous restaurants and snack shops to try their food.

Her videos on YouTube also show that she’s very close with her family, to the point that she can talk about almost anything with them. Some comments are about her interested in the arts, particularly painting.


Being an online celebrity also comes with its share of criticisms, some viewers suggesting that fame has gone to her head, while others have called her content attention-seeking. There was also a post on Reddit that stated that she was from a place in the US that is well-known for racism, and filled with affluent families who often have rich daughters who act like her.

She has also been called a hypocrite several times. She’s been vocal about being Christian and conservative, but rarely displays any of the values that typify those statements. Despite all these criticisms, most of the opinion towards her is positive. Those who view her content love her for who she is.

Recent Endeavors

According to her podcast, Sadie Crowell is currently in her healing phase. She’s been suffering from depression in the last few months, and has been discussing her struggles. Aside from her current content online, there have been no plans to expand or engage in a bigger project. For now, she’s consistently uploading to her channels, despite the challenges of depression she’s facing.

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