What does Steve Jobs daughter, Erin Siena do? Wiki, Net Worth, Family, Siblings Reed and Eve Jobs, College

• Erin Siena Jobs is the eldest daughter of Steve Jobs and Laurene Powell
• She shares in the family’s estimated wealth of over $20 billion
• She has an older brother, a younger sister, and a half-sister
• Her father founded Apple Inc., and her mother is the founder of the Emerson Collective
• She is believed to be pursuing a degree in architecture and design, and has no online presence to maintain her privacy

Who is Erin Siena Jobs?

Erin Siena Jobs was born on 19 August 1995, in California, USA, and is probably best known as the eldest daughter of business magnate Steve Jobs and his wife Laurene Powell. Her father is known worldwide for being the co-founder of Apple Inc. and one of the most prominent figures in the technology sector prior to his passing.

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The Wealth of Erin Siena Jobs

How rich is Erin Siena Jobs? As of late-2018, sources inform us that her specific net worth is unknown, but that she shares in the wealth of her family estimated at over $20 billion, of which over $11 billion is in a trust fund set-up by her father. However,  as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth won’t remain static.

Early Life

Erin Siena is Steve and Lauren’s first daughter together, and their second child. She grew up with an older brother and a younger sister in a business oriented family, with both her parents having significant track records in industry. Her mother was the founder of the Emerson Collective and the president of the Board of College Track which helps underprivileged high school students get to college. She also has a half-sister from her father’s on-off relationship with Chrisann Brennan during the 1970s. Her father denied that he was the father of the half-sister Lisa for many years, with things reaching boiling point as a legal case was filed to determine if he was indeed the father, which a paternity DNA test confirmed.

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Father – Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs grew up in California as well, and while he enrolled at Reed College, soon dropped out to seek enlightenment in India, studying Zen Buddhism, meantime using several drugs including LSD and marijuana. Eventually, he along with partner Steve Wozniak started developing the idea for a personal computer which would later be named Apple I, and co-founded the company Apple in 1976 in hopes of selling the computer. However, it wasn’t until the release of Apple II that fame and wealth started to come their way, as it was one of the most successful mass-produced personal computers of their time.

Afterwards, they found inspiration of a mouse-driven computer, which had a graphical user interface which eventually led to the Macintosh in 1984. The computer introduced the technology of desktop publishing, and soon they would produce the first laser printer to feature vector graphics. However, in 1985, he was forced out of Apple following a struggle with then CEO John Scully, and created a new company called NeXT which would fund the computer graphics division of Lucasfilm and led to the creation of Pixar. In 1997, Apple merged with NeXT and helped revive the former company which was close to bankruptcy, which led to the creation of a new line of products, including the iPod, iMac, iTunes, iPhone, and iPad.

The Death of Steve Jobs

Jobs had several health issues, and in 2003 he was diagnosed with cancer. He later announced to his employees that he had a cancerous tumor in his pancreas and afterwards, resisted any recommendation for medical intervention, preferring to try and find ways of alternative medicine, which many doctors criticized. He tried acupuncture, a vegan diet, herbal remedies, and other alternative approaches, before agreeing to have surgery a year later.

Over the next few years, the public and media became increasingly concerned about his public appearances, with him not displaying his usual flair for speech-making, while he also had an almost gaunt look about him. That and him delegating some speech tasks to others caused a lot of concern. He was granted medical leave of absence in 2011, and then resigned so that he could focus on his health. He passed away later in the year due to complications from the relapse of the previously treated tumor. Both Apple and Pixar issued statements after the announcement of his death, and innumerable tributes were made in honor of his legacy.


Despite all of the attention that her father received during his life and passing, Erin Siena remained out of the spotlight and was noted as one of the more private persons in the Jobs family. According to reports, she had a difficult time in trying to connect with her father, who was described as emotionally distant with his children – it was as if they didn’t know how to connect to one another. Nevertheless, it was reported that she started studying architecture and design in college, the same course that her father took up when he was younger.

Many believe that she will later try her hand in business, and follow the footsteps of her parents’ work. In the meantime, her mother inherited most of the work and wealth of Steve Jobs, which essentially made her the richest woman in the technology industry. Erin continues to stay out of the spotlight, though has been seen in public with her family a few times. One of the main ways she has been able to successfully maintain her privacy is the lack of any online presence. She does not have any accounts on the major social media websites, preferring to stay away from anyone who wants to pry into her personal endeavors.

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