What Happened To A Former Disney Worker Bella Golden, After She Commented On Iskra Lawrence Instagram?

• Iskra Lawrence is a body positivity advocate
• Bella Golden was a former Disney employee and commented on Iskra's Instagram
• Wilhelmia, a modelling agency, spotted her comment and offered her a modelling contract
• Iskra Lawrence has millions of followers on social media and refuses to use photoshop and touch ups
• Iskra Lawrence has appeared in a number of commercials and has a net worth of US$400,000

What’s the influence of Iskra Lawrence?

The influence of Iskra Lawrence plus the dynamism of Instagram can do so much for an ordinary former Disney worker. So, what’s the story behind the recent buzz of an ex-Disney employee after she left a comment on Iskra Lawrence’s Instagram post? Read to find out more on what everyone has been talking about recently.

The Story Behind

Former Disney employee Bella Golden recently revealed how leaving a comment on the celebrity Iskra Lawrence changed her life. Was it for a better? Golden worked as one of those dressed fully in an animal suit in Disneyland,  California. She never had any modelling career in her life and never became a Disney princess performer at the themed park. Bella Golden claimes that she’s been following Iskra Lawrence on Instagram for a while now, because of her being a body positivity advocate. This month, the UK size 16 ex-Disney worker commented on one of Lawrence’s IG posts with “you look great girl”.

Wilhelmia, a modelling agency, spotted her on her Instagram comment on Iskra’s post, and sent a direct message the next day, asking her if she wanted to be a model; she first thought it was just a scam. Being bullied in middle school because of her tall height, Golden admitted she’s never really comfortable in her own body, as the bullying affected her self-confidence – that’s why she believes in Iskra Lawrence’s body positivity promotion. Now, the size 16 former Disney worker has signed an international contract as a model with two of her dream modelling agents. So her one comment on Iskra Lawrence Instagram post launched Bella Golden into a plus-sized modelling career.

Iskra Lawrence Bio: How Did Iskra Lawrence Become Famous?

The blonde beauty takes the social media by storm, with her outlook on body positivity, and actively criticising body-shaming. We may not know Iskra Lawrence’s ab workout, but this bombshell takes her modelling career very seriously as opposed to the use of Photoshop, which has influenced the modelling industry. Lawrence’s advocate on body positivity supports the intention of revealing the body images without retouching. This size 14 model also refuses to be on the list of plus-size models, and criticises body shamers. Iskra Lawrence stands on photo-editing, refusing to retouch any of her Instagram photos, and so attracted her Twitter and other social media accounts to more than millions of followers. This is how this social media influencer used her prominent career to promote body positivity. She posts her photos on her social media accounts without any touch ups or filters.

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At the age of 27 is an old pro in the modelling business, having  started in this business when she was 12 years old. Though her name Iskra is a Bulgarian word which means “spark”, her mother is Irish and her father English. Nicknamed as Sparky, this Virgo model keeps her details private that there are even no details for Iskra Lawrence sister or any of her siblings. Born on 11th of September 1990, in Wolverhampton England, the blonde model moved and grew up to Kidderminster, Worcestershire from the age of six weeks. This British actress and model went to study at Malvern St James, and then transferred to Bromsgrove School. The UK National Youth Theatre accepted her when she was only 15 years old. At the same time, she was also a competitive national swimmer. When she left school at an early age, she then began her modelling career.

Her Career

The famous model was rejected by the first agency when she was only 15 yrs old because her hips were “too big”, but concurrently she was also told by the plus-size agencies that they were “too small”.Iskra Lawrence’s IMDb reveals that this courageous model auditioned and was accepted for training at the ITV/BBC Television Workshop in Birmingham. This multi-talented personality is also the Brand Ambassador for National Eating Disorder Association (NEDA). Also, with a business brain, this 5’9 model, who is becoming one of the biggest names in the industry, is the managing editor of a Dan Abrams premier fashion site, Runway Riot. The fashion site boosts women of all sizes, in particular celebrating and promoting curvy females. She’s also a contributor to Self magazine. Now, one of the biggest agencies worldwide, JAG, signed the beautiful Brit model; it’s the first modelling agency to acknowledge and hire models who are above size six. The voluptuous Lawrence’s most significant signing was with Aerie, an American Eagle Outfitters lingerie label. More, she also modelled for “Adore Me”, another lingerie brand, and signed with the Models1 agency in Europe.

Iskra Lawrence TED talk “Ending the pursuit of perfection” in February 2017 was highly praised at the TEDx University of Nevada. In the same year, this glamour beauty was in the Straight Curve documentary. The documentary is about how the modelling leaders are challenging what the society’s standards of beauty and body image are that’s becoming unrealistic.2017 was probably the best year to kick-off Iskra Lawrence career. Before 2018, American Eagle Outfitters chose her together with five other millennials for “The New American Jean” Fall 2017 jean campaign. The campaign uses unretouched images.

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More on, Lawrence fulfilled her catwalk debut at New York Fashion Week for Chromat after 13 years of modelling. She also trotted in October 2017 for the L’Oreal’s first fashion show at Paris Fashion Week. She was also on the list of the “multi-hyphenates category” of the 2017 Maxim HOT 100. In 2016, she’s also among those chosen for World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts Great Girl Leaders. She was also one of the BBC’s World’s 100 Women this year. Healthy Celeb claimed that Iskra Lawrence body measurement is 38-29-44 in or 96.5-74-112 cm. Iskra Lawrence dress size is 14 (US) or 46 (EU).

How Rich Is Iskra Lawrence?

Although there’s not much information on Iskra, reports say she has a steady boyfriend. Furthermore, Celebritywoods claims that Iskra Lawrence net worth is around US$400,000 dollars in early 2018. She hasn’t appeared in any films yet, but in 2011 Lawrence guest-performed as a cheerleader in the comedy-drama show “Misfits” in episode #3.7. Her net worth is set to rise this year as she’s becoming more popular, with her curvy figure landed her modelling contracts for several fashion brands, and so in a lot of commercials.

Iskra Lawrence’s bubbly but glamorous personality has not only landed her more followers on Instagram and Twitter, but also more opportunities even outside modelling. The British bombshell is all set to extend her influence to body positivity in its truest sense. And Bella Golden is just one of those who have benefited from it.

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