What happened to Alyx Weiss? Her Age, Career, Height, Family

Renowned by her online moniker “Ayydubs,” Alyx Weiss is a prominent social media personality. She has achieved significant acclaim through her well-received series, ‘Filming with My Tinder Date.’ This series serves as a captivating chronicle of Ayydubs’ experiences with individuals she meets through the ‘Tinder’ dating app.

In the course of the series, she delves into discussions about relationships, online dating platforms, and various other relevant topics. Ayydubs is known for her strong opinions on debatable subjects, adding a distinctive and engaging element to her online presence.

So, what happened to Alyx and why did her fans think she was missing and joined a cult? Let’s find out!

Early Personal Life

Born Alyx Weiss on 17 November 1995, in Providence, Rhode Island, ‘Ayydubs’ is one of four siblings, including sisters named Jamie, Sam, and Zoe. Her mother, an oncologist and haematologist originally from New Jersey, adds a distinguished professional touch to the family background. Currently, Ayydubs resides in West Los Angeles, California, shaping her life in the vibrant city.


Ayydubs ventured into the realm of social media out of a sense of boredom with life. Inspired by her enjoyment of ‘YouTube’ videos, she decided to carve her own space in the digital landscape. Initially drawn to fashion and beauty, she launched the ‘Ayydubs‘ channel, featuring her first haul of clothing in 2012.

However, for the first three years, Ayydubs grappled with the type of content to create before discovering her passion for comedy. With a newfound interest, she began crafting content in the genre, expanding her repertoire to include videos with advice, skits, sketches, and vlogs on her channel. Alyx’s enthusiasm for singing and entertaining others has been a consistent theme throughout her journey.

Ayydubs has grown to be a prominent figure in the online community, amassing over 1.7 million subscribers and accumulating more than 204 million views on her YouTube channel.

Beyond YouTube, she boasts a substantial following on various social media platforms, including over 167,000 followers on Instagram.

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The series ‘Filming with My Tinder Date’ catapulted Ayydubs to even greater fame, offering a candid chronicle of how her ‘Tinder’ dates went. Through the series, she engages in discussions about relationships, dating sites, and other thought-provoking topics, showcasing her highly opinionated stance on  a variety of prominent issues.

While her ‘YouTube’ channel initially focused on fashion and beauty vlogging, it has evolved into a hub for comedy vlogs, pranks, challenges, story time videos, advice content, and other entertaining genres. Ayydubs has cultivated a significant fan base, particularly for addressing bold, real-life issues. Although she had a second ‘YouTube’ channel, she recently deleted all its content.

In a pivotal video entitled ‘I’m Probably Gay,’ Ayydubs courageously discussed her sexual orientation and preferences, attracting a lot of views, paving the way for more videos on the topic. Subsequently, she launched the ‘Future By Me’ series,’ addressing questions sourced from ‘Tumblr’ related to image concerns, relationships, dating, and other matters pertinent to the teen-adult demographic.

Ayydubs has served as an inspirational figure, notably when she openly shared her identity as a gay individual.

Interesting Facts

Ayydubs holds New Hampshire as her favourite destination, particularly for her uncle’s lake house, where she fondly visited twice a year during her childhood.

Among her preferred TV shows is ‘I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman,’ and she admires Sarah’s wit and humour, ensuring not to miss any episodes of the show.


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In a quirky revelation, Ayydubs confessed to a peculiar fascination with socks, boasting an extensive collection. While she harbours dreams of directing and producing TV shows in the future, she also envisions residing in a new and different country for a period.

The mystery surrounding Ayydubs’ sudden disappearance from social media platforms sparked concern and speculation among her fans. A TikTok video expressing worry about her whereabouts garnered 1.6 million views, fueling further speculation.

After four and a half months of social media silence, Ayydubs returned on April 30 with a 40-minute video discussing the reasons for her hiatus, in which she candidly reveals that the relentless pace of uploading videos over 14 years led to burnout. Learning about the cancellation of her podcast, she realized her December episode would be the last.

Ayydubs emphasized that she didn’t intend to cause concern about her well-being, but the rumours spiralled out of control.

Addressing a controversial joke about a cult, Ayydubs acknowledged that it may have upset genuinely concerned fans. She clarified that there was no actual meeting with a cult. Instead, she spent several weeks in Peru, participating in a “master plant diet” involving mental, physical, and spiritual transformation through ayahuasca ingestion.

It also involves almost two weeks of isolation, and abstaining from various substances, including alcohol, sex, spicy food, caffeine, drugs, and dairy.

Later Personal Life

She has opted to maintain her privacy by not disclosing her current romantic interests or relationship status. In one of her videos, she opened up about staying in a relationship for a longer duration than she intended. Additionally, she revealed parting ways with her undisclosed ex-boyfriend as she currently feels unprepared for dating.

Physical Characteristics

Ayydubs is quite short at 5ft 2ins (157cms) tall, and weighs roughly 121lbs (55kgs). Her vital statistics are 34-26-34 and she has brown eyes and hair.

Net Worth

Thanks to her hard work and dedication to her career, Ayydubs has an estimated net worth of close to $500, 000, as of late 2023.

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