Where is Johnny Carson’s ex-wife, Alexis Maas after husband’s death? Wiki: Net Worth, Bio, Dating, Age

• Alexis Maas is an American heiress and socialite who was the fourth wife of popular talk show host, Johnny Carson.
• She has a reported net worth of $300 million and shared almost half of that money with her husband's foundation.
• She and Carson married in 1987 and enjoyed 18 years of marriage until his death in 2005.
• They had a lavish lifestyle, including multiple grandiose properties and travelling the world.
• Carson was a heavy smoker and passed away from respiratory failure due to emphysema with Maas at his side.

Who is Alexis Maas?

Alexis Maas, born in 1952, is an American heiress and socialite who became known as the wife of popular talk show host, Johnny Carson. She was the fourth wife of Carson – before he passed away in 2005, the two enjoyed 18 years of marriage together.

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Alexis Maas’ Early Life and Career

Maas was originally from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Unfortunately, not much is known about her personal life, early education, and family. She preferred to keep things private before meeting Johnny Carson.

In terms of her career, Maas was reportedly a former stock brokerage employee, which was her main source of income before meeting her husband. Unfortunately, she is also a very private person in terms of her career and what she did.

Alexis Maas’ Net Worth

As of late 2018, and based on authoritative sources, Maas’ net worth is reported to be $300 million. She was able to acquire such wealth after she became the heiress of her husband, Johnny Carson. She didn’t keep everything to herself but shared almost half of the money, amounting to around $156 million, to her husband’s foundation, the Johnny Carson Foundation.

Alexis Maas’ Personal Life

In terms of her personal life, Maas was married to well-known television host Johnny Carson until his death in 2005 due to emphysema.

The two met in the ‘80s and dated for a couple of years. Despite people’s negative reception of their relationship due to their large age gap—Maas being 35 and Carson being 61—their relationship grew stronger that led to marriage.

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Maas and Carson tied the knot on 20 June 1987, in Malibu, California, officiated by Superior Court Judge William P. and attended by a few of their friends and family. Their honeymoon, on the other hand, also made headlines as they were reported to have spent over $6.5 million dollars during their vacation in the Mediterranean.

Maas and Carson didn’t have any children together, but enjoyed 18 years of an apparently wonderful marriage together. She has not remarried after the passing of her husband, and seems to now enjoy life as a single woman.

Alexis Maas and Johnny Carson’s Lavish Lifestyle

While being married, Maas and Carson enjoyed a very lavish and luxurious lifestyle. The two had several grandiose properties, including a 16-bedroom mansion on four acres on the  oceanfront in Malibu, and another, 14,000-square foot mansion in Beverly Hills.

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The once unknown Maas also became featured in various publications thanks to her very popular husband. They were photographed hundreds of times while together, travelling the world and at various high-profile events. They were seen attending the opening of “Les Miserables”, cruising on their yacht, dining at Spago in West Hollywood, attending the American Cinemateque Awards, and joining the Television Academy Hall of Fame special.

After Carson’s death, it was believed that Maas sold most of their properties. After gaining millions from her husband’s death, she also gave half of it to his foundation.

Alexis Maas’s Husband

Born John William Carson on 23 October 1925, Carson was a well-known television host, producer, writer, and comedian who gained most popularity through his late night “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson.” The show ran from 1962 to 1992, receiving multiple awards including six Emmy Awards, Television Academy’s Governor’s Award in 1980, and a Peabody Award in 1985. He was also inducted into the Television Hall of Fame in 1987.

Carson’s casual approach and extensive interaction with his guests made him a well-loved and iconic host of his time. He went on full retirement in 1992, after which he spent most of his time travelling the world with his wife, Alexis Maas.

In terms of his personal life, Carson was married four times during his life time. His first wife was Jody Wolcott whom he married in 1948. Despite having three children together, the two divorced in 1963.

Carson’s second wife was Joanne Copeland, who he married in 1963, but their marriage also ended in divorce in 1972. That same year, Carson surprised everyone when he announced that he married former model Joanna Holland, but after 10 years of marriage, Holland filed for divorce in 1983, finalized in 1985.

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In 1987 Carson met his fourth wife, Alexis Maas. They enjoyed 18 years of marriage until his death in 2005. Carson was a known heavy smoker and even smoked during his years hosting “The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson”, including while on air. His addiction to smoking eventually led to his passing, after being diagnosed with respiratory failure from emphysema. He died on 23 January 2005 at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. His wife, Maas was at his side during his last hours.

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  1. You mentioned that Carson and his wife Alexis had enjoyed 18 years of marriage together 3 times. As a writer I find this extremely ignorant.
    How did you ever get published?

  2. You left out one of the best parts of their story, which is how they met. She set out to catch him! She knew he walked on the beach in front of his home in Malibu each day. She decided she’d walk that same stretch wearing a little bikini! Her plan worked and they struck up a conversation. This is a documented story and I am a big manifester so I always loved how she met Johnny.

    1. Ms. Freeman:
      What if any, is your relationship with Richard Freeman, the writer of this article

      Thank you, Chip

    2. I dated Johnny over a 10 year period..but his personality changed always when he drank so forbme he was not husband material despite his money and his use of hookers alas.that kept me from having sex with him
      Except on my birthday when he plowed me with champagne and voila at the Beverly Hills Hotel the inevitable happened and wow we both appreciated the wait lol. AFTER he left the bungalo to go to work I peeked into a drawer and saw about a dozen pair of women’s panties
      .8 left him a note bot so nice and that was the END of what may have been a great romance..He wanted me because I was being romancedvby some very famous men at that time..
      Yes true Alex .stalked Johnny on the beach just as Meghan Markle stalked and won Prince Harry…suckers like them fall for BS from 9verly plastic surgery patients such as those two
      .BUT according to his ex friend and attorney they were not Happy. He fell for a real gold finger.. poor Johnny never learned a lesson..
      Pity nice guy when sober..
      .I KNOW she like Meghan Markle

      1. Hey Debbie, Not sure I believe your story. Regarding Meghan Markle, wasn’t she fixed up with Prince Harry? I don’t care for her but stalking him? I don’t believe that’s TRUE! Meghan Markle HARDLY had any plastic surgery to her face. We have all seen pictures of her younger days. Johnny’s wife was on 35 years old. She also didn’t have plastic surgery to her face. By the way, why didn’t Johnny’s wife ever remarry if she was such a gold digger. You would think she would have moved on. Your story smells really bad.

        1. Yes there are photos of Meghan in front of the castle where the royals live and she said she had never been there. She wanted to be Lady DI. Worst mistake Harry made.

  3. Loved Johnny Carson I’m from Canada & I would settle into bed , the kids tucked in my hubby in a logging camp, I would actually fall to sleep watching the Late night show! Enjoyed every show I actually bought Time Life DVD ‘S of all his shows!

  4. I spent many nights watching Mr Carson on the Late Show, I am sad that he couldn’t stop smoking. My Mom had that same issue too. I tried to tell her if she could stop smoking? She would add 6 years for every year that she quit. I guess I didn’t say it loud enough or maybe not too many times? Mom passed away in Oct 2001 at least we had a decent relationship with each other. I still miss her.

  5. Cigarettes/nicotine do that to everyone who smokes. It’s addictive. I was addicted to it also. Smoked as a teen til age 37. Managed to finally quit. It was very hard. Now at 76, I’m so grateful. Lungs are good. So glad to get rid of that horrible smell invading my life, clothes, hair, and constant need to suck on those addictive pieces of crap. Try to warn people. I hated smoking, but loved it. That’s how it was. So grateful now and am now trying to tell current smokers the damage smoking does. Mine is heart disease. Cardio-vascular. Had triple by-pass in 2013, and that was 37 years after I quit! If anyone is taking drugs, that will have an effect on your health also. All of it kills. Please stop while you can no matter the age. PS: My mom also died at 55 from heart disease. She smoked too.

  6. Alcohol abuse is a monster to the alcoholic and rips families apart. Apparently, Carson had his personal demons but was also in a class by himself in so many ways.
    May he Rest in Peace. 🙏🏼
    Goodnight, Johnny. Thanks for the best of the best in late night. 👏👏👏👏

  7. Four packs a day. The “Greatest Generation” were the smokingnest bunch in American history. Half of these showbiz types born in the 20’s probably would’ve lived to 120 if they didn’t smoke. Brilliant comedian, empeccable timing.. One of the greatest ever..

  8. Please correct your headline which begins “Where is Johnny Carson’s ex-wife”. It should say, “Where is Johnny Carson’s Widow” etc. etc. An ex-wife is a woman to whom someone was formerly married, from whom they are now divorced. Johnny Carson was never divorced from his WIDOW Alex Maas Carson. Any writer worth his salt would know and use the correct term, unless you are going for clickbait, and it doesn’t matter to you.

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