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What is the American Restoration All About?

American Restoration is a History Channel reality TV series, produced by Leftfield Pictures with its first six seasons shot in Las Vegas, Nevada. The show premiered on 25 October 2010 and revolves around the daily goings of Rick’s Restorations, which is an antique restoration store run by Rick Dale, the owner, his workers and also his teenage son. The team restores a variety of pieces to their former condition.

How the Show Came to Be, and Its First Six Seasons

The idea for this show started through Rick making appearances in another series named “Pawn Stars”. In this show, the cast was performing activities at their pawn store, however, from time to time, Rick Dale, an expert in vintage pieces, would be consulted for his expertise. He was their go-to individual whenever they needed to restore vintage items, and this was how Rick came up with the concept of “American Restorations”. The difference was that this show focused on his day-to-day activities of Rick Restorations, his own business, with the participants including Tyler Dale, his son Ron Dale, Rick’s brother Knowboy, also known as Kevin Lowery, Kelly Dale, Rick’s wife, Ted Hague, Brettly Otterman, Rick’s stepson Kyle Astorga, Niko, Dave and Chris among others.

Some “Pawn Stars” cast members have also appeared as guests in “American Restoration”, as well as other cast members from popular reality shows including “American Pickers” and “Counting Cars”. Some celebrities who have made appearances in the series include Lance Burton, Jason Mraz, Billy Joel and David Copperfield. Rick’s Restorations store is based in Las Vegas, and the owner has a metal artist and restoration experience that goes beyond 30 years. His team received vintage items from customers, and managed to restore many antique items such as vending machines, jukeboxes, barber’s chairs, gas pumps and motorcycles. As the show progressed, another segment known as Rick’s Tips was introduced, acting to answer what might be described as trivia questions, that related to restoration.

At any given time Rick’s Restorations undertook 12 projects, most brought into the store by customers. The team would then get to work on them, and sometimes reach out to freelance workers for assistance in some of the tasks, and to merchants for the required parts. Rick also purchases items from pickers, so that he can restore them for himself.

The team has a limit to what they can easily restore, as there are certain considerations such as their financial restrictions. The show depicted everyone doing a great job, although they sometimes also encountered some difficulties while working as a team; the most affected people were Dale and his brother Ron.

Rick Dale Restoration Journey

When Rick was only nine years old, his father brought him an old bicycle to restore; his dad valued the pride that a person gets from doing a good job, and wanted his son to understand the same. After restoring the bike together, Dale loved riding it around his neighborhood. Later, Rick and his father built a soapbox, and from there he graduated to restoring motorcycles, a variety of vehicles, hot rods and finally gas pumps and Coke machines – these last items led him to start his own Rick’s Restorations business in Las Vegas.

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The most challenging project that Rick had to work on was a motorized surfboard, which took him six months as the project had so many issues. Originally, customers would bring items that didn’t require extensive restoration, however, that has changed. Rick thinks that all the good things are long gone, and people now bring items that really test him, ranging from those that are rusted beyond repair, to components that require complete reassembly – Rick’s job has never been easy. Although having been at the business for three decades, Rick says that he still learns something new each day, but always loves what he does.

American Restoration Cast Fired, Was the Show Cancelled?

It came as a shock to the entire cast when the History Channel decided to alter the show’s format – Rick was fired along with his cast after the sixth season. There were rumors that the change was due to low ratings, and that Rick was not getting along with his clients, but it then took two years for History Channel to renew the show for the seventh season, and when the show resumed, the plot was still about restoring items, however, there were a number of stores where the action was taking place as opposed to just one shop. Whatever the case, Dale was not happy about everything, and went ahead to post a video of himself thanking his fans for their support and for watching the show; he literally had to hold back tears. His message also carried a hint of revenge – Dale asked his fans to go to the “American Restoration’s” website and air their grievances at the cast being fired. In the seventh season, Rick’s Restorations was replaced by five other businesses with each having a specific speciality. A new cast was brought in too. There is no news of the series’ eighth season yet. Although some people claim that the show was a fake, this might not be the case as Dale even had the pleasure of restoring items belonging to celebrities such as Jason Mraz and Billy Joel.

American Restorations Net Worth

Dale began his business Rick’s Restorations before History Television picked it up for a TV series. He was able to earn a fortune from this business and also from the “American Restorations” show. Reputable sources estimate the American Restorations net worth to be around $2.5 million, as of late 2018.

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  1. One of the Best shows on the History Channel.
    Rick truly is a man With Many talents. I do miss the show not being on anymore.
    It would be nice if Discovery or another Channel would pick up American Restoration. Loyal fans and A Great show.
    Rick we will truly miss not seeing you work your magic to bring things from the past to like new again.

        1. Yes, this is the channel I watch the show on. It’s so sad how they take good positive show off the air and replace them with junkie shows filled with stuff that don’t mount up to anything but junk. It’s just sad

  2. It was a great show m with some thing new every week, you could learn how to restore, see things that are long gone,get history on items , The history channel made a big mistake when they canceled this show and should bring it back.

  3. American Restoration is easily one of my favorite show of all time. I grieved when the history channel dropped the show and fired the cast. It embodied many things that I love – history, craftsmanship and American ingenuity.
    I wish another network would pick up the show (like Fox picking up Last Man Standing)
    History Channel seems to be sinking from one level of mediocrity to the next.

  4. Whilst I enjoyed seeing something restored to new and watched all the shows. There were a few things that concerned me. As the programs progressed, there was more about the staff and personal activities then showing the work done on the items. Sometimes all that was seen was the item brought in and then being returned.
    The work was done to such an extent that barley any of the original item remained. In one episode, a gambling wheel was taken in, the entire thing was stripped to bare wood and then restored. Effectively all that was returned to the customer was the original wood, everything else was brand new.
    At no time were there any none Caucasian on the show, only white Americans on both the staff and customers.
    He also only used male staff, other than family.

  5. Rick’s American Restoration was “must see” TV for me and many people I know. It’s unbelievable that the “History Channel” could drop this show, especially when you consider all the crap that they air which has nothing what-so-ever to do with history. Go figure.

  6. I watch American Restoration on the Quest channel Monday through Friday. Today’s date is 04/22/2020. This mornings episode has Sammy Hagar on it and that’s a blast. Yeah the red rocker!! Having heard that the show is being cancelled really hurts. Fire the producers not the cast and show. My opinion

  7. Your show was very informative, i learned a lot of useful information. I loved your show and watched it everytime it was on. We loved the show had a laugh as it had its sad moments to.
    We will be very sad to see u gone. We come from tasmania. I blame the directors they should of kept the show on track.

  8. History channel get off your high horse…people looking bed the projects it taught the public about history ,and how emotional it plays in memories feelings and life’s journey.
    Great show watch it on quest

  9. Like other replies on here, loved the show too. Matter of fact I’m streaming it right now. It’s too bad the show was cancelled – hope Rick and his extended family are doing well.

  10. I really like the show, I hope it comes back on the air. I like watching the restoration of old things being brought back to life.I like the cast it was just a good show to watch.

  11. My husband and I love Rick’s American Restoration show.. and the cast… and all the excellent work they do on all of their projects. I can not believe the show was cancelled (or that
    they were fired!!!) Unbelievable!! We watch every day now on Antenna TV, thankfully. Even though it is the-runs… we still love it! Impressed with Rick Dales’ knowledge, work ethics and his restoration skills!!! And all of his workers’ skills, gifts and talents as well… along with his brother’s and sons!! Excellent and impressive!!!! Needs to be brought back on regular tv!!!

  12. Yes, this is the channel I watch the show on. It’s so sad how they take good positive show off the air and replace them with junkie shows filled with stuff that don’t mount up to anything but junk. It’s just sad

  13. Kowboy Kevin lowery is a child molester. He molested my daughter. And american restoration cast knew he was a creep and did nothing to report it.

  14. the show is great rick dale is gr,eat most shows on tv are crap but not the the count,rick h and rick d and there shows
    hollywoody tends to screw up good shows i think there running out of ideas. leave great shows alone.

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