What Happened to Bandman Kevo? His Age, Wife, Height, Net Worth

Who is Bandman Kevo?

Bandman Kevo is an American trap and drill known for his collaborations that include Chief Keef and Lil Durk, and particularly for hit singles such as “How We Do It” and “All Foreign”.

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What Happened to Bandman Kevo?

Kevo found himself in legal trouble recently during an altercation with Jamaican locals, captured in a video entitled “I got arrested in Jamaica smh”. The footage shows him driving when confronted by two locals on a motorbike accusing him of a hit-and-run. Kevo denies the accusation but accidentally scrapes another car while driving away. Despite his caption claiming a short incarceration, he was arrested from 2 pm to 7 pm and had to pay for damages.

He is still actively pursuing music, and recently shared his journey in a video entitled “Rags to Richest in Chicago”.

Bandman Kevo Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Bandman Kevo was born Kevin Ford on 28 December 1991, in Chicago, Illinois USA. There aren’t any details about his parents or siblings, furthermore, his educational background is a mystery. Growing up in Chicago for him was tough, as he was exposed to street gangs from an early age. However, he found solace in rap music, listening to rappers such as Gucci Mane, Lil Wayne, T.I., and Drake, among others.

Career Beginnings

Inspired by local Chicago rappers, Kevo began writing lyrics on his own and recording songs. It took him a while until he got it all ready for launch. In 2012 he released his first mixtape which garnered rave reviews. The song “All Foreign” became a hit, launching him to early stardom. Encouraged by the early success, Kevo continued to make new music, and in 2014 released the song “Baller in Me”, followed by “Who Is Dat” later the same year.

Rise to Stardom

As his career improved, Kevo began working with many other rappers, including Soulja Boy, Chief Keef, and Lil Durk. In 2016, Kevo released his second mixtape “Finesse God”, which became a critical success.

Three years later, Kevo continued with singles, such as “TOR Browser”, “Nameless”, “Uber”, and “Entitled”, among others. All of these songs contributed to his increasing popularity. After a short jail stint, he returned to music and 2020 saw the releases of such songs as “Strangers”, “Methods”, and “Corona Scam”.

Nothing changed for him with the start of the new decade as Kevo continued to release new songs and improve his career. Some of the latest songs include “Stop Playing With Me”, which is a duet with WillGotTheJuice, then “So Much Smoke”, “Hacking”, “Alone”, and most recently “2 Mill”, which is a collaboration with Rich The Kid.

To speak further of his accomplishments, Kevo has signed with Universal Records, and was nominated for a BET Award and an MTV VMA award.

YouTube Popularity

Kevo has become a YouTube sensation since launching his channel in 2012. He hasn’t just posted his music, but also events from his daily life. His candidness has garnered him a fan base of more than 560,000 subscribers, while his videos have been viewed more than 80 million times. Some of his most popular are music videos for such songs as “2 Mill”, which was uploaded just six months ago and has already garnered 3.1 million views. Next in line is the music video for the song “IDK”, uploaded two years ago, which now has 2.1 million views, then “Uber”, which has two million views and saw the light of day four years ago.

One of his popular non-music videos is “How To Finesse The Credit Bureau Out Of An 800+ Credit Score” in which she talks about securing a positive credit score with financial institutions. The video was uploaded three years ago, and has been viewed more than 1.5 million times.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Bandman Kevo’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million, as of late 2023.


Kevo has demanded $5 million from Gunna, claiming the Atlanta rapper shelved their collaboration. Kevo initially paid $250,000 for a feature, but legal troubles delayed the project, and Kevo demanded a refund, threatening legal action if not repaid. Now, he seeks $5 million for the abandoned feature, citing time wasted and potential earnings. Kevo accused Gunna’s team of negligence, highlighting clearance delays. Kevo had accused Gunna of being a snitch, referencing an Alford plea deal, but later clarified the distinction between plea agreements and snitching. Gunna was released after pleading guilty to racketeering conspiracy.

Kevo recently opened up about his decision to undergo plastic surgery, specifically liposuction, in a candid interview on the Off The Record podcast with DJ Akademiks. Kevo revealed that his motivation for the procedure was rooted in personal experiences of infidelity, as he discovered women cheating on him with individuals having more athletic bodies. Despite societal expectations, Kevo emphasized that the decision was made for himself, sharingd insights into his body transformation, addressing the stigma around male plastic surgery. He’d previously posted before and after photos, sparking discussions about honesty and authenticity in the hip-hop industry.

Bandman Kevo made headlines after revealing on Cheese TV that he kicked his wife, Dyme Kevo, and their son out of their house, citing reasons such as his wife not cooking or cleaning. Kevo explained that, when his lease expired, he decided to secure separate homes for each of them. He claimed to have provided financial support and expensive gifts, but expressed dissatisfaction with Dyme’s reliance on Uber Eats. Additionally, Kevo admitted to cheating on Dyme with Kayla Nicole, aiming to boost Dyme’s social media presence, but accused Kayla of attempting to disrupt their marriage, leading to a reported suicide attempt. In a separate interview, Kevo disclosed a contract with Dyme, ensuring he receives half of her income in case of a breakup, emphasizing the business aspect of their relationship.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Son

According to reports, Bandman Kevo has six children with four women. His most notable relationship was with Dyme Kevo, dating for a few years and living together. They have a son, but didn’t marry and ultimately broke up.

Appearance and Body Measurements

Bandman Kevo has black hair and brown eyes. He stands at a height of 5ft 8ins (1.73m), while he weighs approximately 165lbs (75kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has an athletic figure.

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