What Happened to Brooklinn Khoury? Her Age, Height, Career

Who is Brooklinn Khoury?

Brooklinn is an American model and social media personality known for her inspiring story and presence in the fashion industry. She gained significant attention after surviving a dog attack in 2020, which led to severe injuries to her face. Despite this challenge, Brooklinn has been an advocate for self-love and resilience, and has made a comeback to modeling.

Early Life and Education

Brooklinn was born on 20 April 1999, in Southern California, USA, the daughter of Melissa Demenagos and Ephrem Khoury, and has Lebanese roots; she has two brothers, Sam and George, with whom she shares a close bond. Brooklinn spent her early years in Rancho San Margarita, California, and completed her education at Tesoro High School. Following her matriculation, Brooklinn pursued her passion for skateboarding, dedicating herself to honing her skills and striving for excellence in the sport​​​.

Modeling Career

Brooklinn’s modeling career also began in 2017, gaining visibility and recognition through her skateboarding skills and social media presence, which made her a perfect candidate for lifestyle and sports-related modeling assignments.

As her following grew, brands and agencies approached her for collaborations, recognizing her potential to influence and connect with a younger audience. She’s currently signed with Homemade Projects agency, based in New York City, with focuses on urban and street style.

Through the past five years, Brooklinn has modeled for a number of brands including DC Shoes, Brooklyn Projects, and Thread Wallets. In March 2023, Brooklinn was featured in “Vogue Arabia” magazine, which marked a major milestone in her modeling career, and opened many doors for future modeling work.

Surviving a Dog Attack

Brooklinn survived a severe pitbull attack in November 2020, which resulted in her losing her upper lip and caused considerable damage to her face, necessitating medical attention including surgery.

Despite the physical and emotional trauma of the attack, Brooklinn has openly shared her recovery journey on social media.

Over the course of the past two years, she has had more than ten reconstructive surgeries, which allowed her to regain her upper lip and the part of the nose she lost in the attack. Her upper lip was reconstructed from a part of skin which was taken from her arm, which was later tattooed over to achieve more natural look.

Aside from documenting her recovery journey on social media, Brooklynn also revealed more details about the accident, saying that she was attacked by her cousin’s dog, who was supposedly trained and socialized. However, she also clarified that she had no ill will towards her cousin or her dog. Although Brooklinn didn’t want the dog to be euthanized, it ultimately had to be put down due to the state law.

In her recent appearance on the “Dr. Phil Show”, Brooklinn shared her story with an even wider audience. She also said that she felt the need to talk about her journey, because she wanted to reach people who might be going through the same thing.

Presence on Social Media

Brooklinn is the most active on TikTok, on which her account number over one million followers, while her videos have amassed more than 80 million likes. In addition to posting videos, she often interacts with the audience and answers their questions.

Brooklinn’s Instagram account, ‘@brookhoury’ numbers more than 520,000 followers. This platform allows Brooklinn to showcase her passion for skateboarding, along with her modeling work and glimpses of her personal life. Brooklinn often uses Instagram to spread positive messaging to her fans, and remind them to keep a positive outlook on life.

She is also popular on YouTube, with her self-titled channel numbering more than 100,000 subscribers. YouTube in particular has been a great platform for Brooklinn to talk about her recovery, and also share moments from her everyday life through her vlogs.

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Passion for Skateboarding

Brooklinn’s passion for skateboarding is a significant aspect of her life and career. Her dedication to the sport began before the life-changing dog attack, and has since become an even more integral part of her journey.

Just months before the dog attack in 2020, Brooklinn’s skateboarding career was on the rise, showcasing her talent and earning her major sponsorships and opportunities. This included a high-profile feature, illustrating her growing prominence in the skateboarding community.

Following the attack, Brooklinn faced the challenge of stepping away from modeling for a while and directed her focus more intensely on skateboarding. She found in it a source of happiness and a means of coping with her recovery process.

Love Life and Girlfriend

Brooklinn identifies as lesbian, and is in a relationship with Chloe Lukasiak, an American actress and dancer; it has been public, and they’ve shared aspects of their relationship on social media, confirming their commitment to each other.

Chloe is best known for her participation in the reality television series “Dance Moms.” Born on 25 May 2001, in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, Chloe became a prominent figure in the dance world at a young age thanks to the show, which featured her along with her mother, Christi, and followed her journey as a young dancer at the Abby Lee Dance Company.

Chloe’s talents and performances on “Dance Moms” earned her widespread recognition and a dedicated fan base. After leaving the show in 2014, she pursued a career in acting and continued her dance education, showcasing her versatility as a performer.

In addition, Chloe has also been involved in modeling and has authored a book. She’s known for using her platform to advocate for positive causes, and frequently engages with her fans on social media. Her involvement in various artistic and social initiatives reflects her commitment to leveraging her celebrity status for positive impact.

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Brooklinn’s net worth is estimated at more than $200,000., accumulated from a combination of her modeling assignments, collaborations with brands, and her presence as a social media influencer.

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