What Happened to Goodtimeswithscar? His Age, Disease, Career


The self-described ‘YouTuber, streamer, and professional wheelchair pusher’ GoodTimesWithScar, who also goes by Scar, has accumulated millions of followers across Twitch, Instagram, and other social media platforms, and is popular thanks to his light-hearted, optimistic personality.

Scar – real name Ryan – was born on 19th August 1982 in the USA and is a talented builder and terraformer on Minecraft. Apart from participating in six seasons of the Hermitcraft building event, he’s also uploaded helpful tutorials for fellow Minecraft players, and created many detailed builds in his years playing the game.


As it happens, Scar is one of the most popular Hermits -vthe name given to members of the Hermitcraft building collective, which is made up of almost two dozen well-known Minecraft content creators – and was invited to join the community thanks to his influence. In 2022, he organized a Hermitcraft charity event which raised over $430,000 for Gamer’s Outreach, a for-purpose organization that aims to empower hospitalized children through videogames. Other Hermits also took part by building games in preparation for the streamed event which was viewed by thousands.

Although Minecraft is obviously Scar’s favorite game, he’s also a huge Star Wars fan who likes to discuss the franchise during his Twitch streams, and owns official movie merchandise such as a lightsaber. His other favorite games are Red Dead Redemption, The Elder’s Scrolls V: Skyrim, and Call of Duty to name just three. Fans of Scar can see him play these games and more on Twitch, and he’s part of the GIGS group which is made up of fellow content creators Skizzleman, GeminiTay, Grian, and ImpulseSV.

Scar’s talent for Minecraft builds stems from his love of art. Some of his favorite media are acrylic and oil paintings and photography, and he often consults his art books while discussing potential builds with other Hermits. According to online sources, his favorite architectural style is Craftsman, although he often experiments with different styles.

Although Scar has made a successful career for himself in the online gaming community, his dream job is working as an imagineer for Disney theme parks. Walt Disney Imagineering is described as the creative force that oversees important aspects of Disney merchandise product development, games, and the designing and building of all Disney resorts, theme parks, and attractions around the world.

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Personal Life

Scar was diagnosed with a rare neuromuscular disease in 2001, which changed his life in unimaginable ways. At the time, the gamer led an active lifestyle, and was actually one of the top swimmers in his state; however, his disease weakened his muscular system to the point that Scar was confined to a wheelchair, and needed external oxygen to assist his breathing.

Other consequences of Scar’s disease include his need to use a feeding tube, and regular hospital visits. However, the YouTuber is always in good spirits and can depend on his family – his strongest support system who travel with him to events to help with his medical care. In 2021, the YouTuber JerryRigEverything sent Scar an electric off-road wheelchair which has been enormously helpful in getting the Twitch streamer out and about.

Scar sparked health concerns in late October 2023 after uploading a selfie of himself in a hospital bed. The post, captioned ‘Had an emergency on the plane. Getting checked out’, received almost 50,000 likes in a matter of hours. However, the gamer made a speedy recovery and was able to take part in the semi-annual gaming convention TwitchCon, where he played alongside his fellow Hermits and met hundreds of fans.

In his free time, Scar loves to cook and often regales his followers with photos of his latest mouth-watering concoctions, such as authentic Italian pizza or a delicious Easter cake.


Despite having millions of followers, Scar is by no means the most famous member of the Hermits collective. That would be Grian (birth name Charles Batchelor), who was born on 9th August 1993, and hails from London, England. After years of hard work in the gaming community, Grian amassed thousands of fans with his “5 Easy Steps To Improve Your Minecraft House”, and established himself as one of the most-respected Minecraft builders currently around.

Unlike Scar, Grian is rather more open about his private life and childhood. Aged seven, he and his family relocated to Japan, later moving to the US and studying at a local high school in Texas. Although the Hermit originally wanted to become an actor, he presumably put his showbiz aspirations on the backburner, and pursued a college degree instead.

Grian became engaged to his long-time girlfriend Bethany in August 2019, sharing the happy news with his followers with two Instagram snaps. Not much is known about her, but the couple tied the knot a year later in the company of their friends and loved ones.

Although Grian’s net worth is a mystery, he’s said to be a millionaire thanks to his YouTube revenue and other streams of income. Over the years, fans have witnessed him go on several lavish vacations, such as the time in 2016 when he and Bethany visited Slovenia, Venice, Montenegro, Croatia, Greece, and Turkey. Other places Grian has traveled to include Japan, Sweden, Iceland, and Norway.

The second most-popular Hermit is Mumbo Jumbo, real name Oliver Brotherhood, who has been part of Hermitcraft since its second season. Oli was born in December 1995 and currently resides in Waterlooville, Hampshire, has been active on YouTube since the early 2010s, but it took a while for him to develop his Minecraft talents.

Some of Oli’s first YouTube videos were of himself BMXing with his friends. During his adolescent years, he met a close friend named Tom who introduced him to gaming and inspired him to buy his first gaming console, the Xbox 360. Oli and Tom soon began uploading Call of Duty content, and when Oli saw a Minecraft video he decided to start playing and building.

Oli and Tom created the ThatMumboJumbo channel in March 2012, although Tom left when the channel had just 200 subscribers. The YouTuber then began uploading his “60 second Minecraft” series which helped him reach 1,000 subscribers. After hitting the 50,000 subs milestone thanks to his “Mumbo’s World” series, he was invited to join Hermitcraft.

Oli has been a member of many Survival Multiplayer Communities (SMPs) for over a decade, which have helped bring him closer to other prominent figures in the gaming world. His other interests are cars, surfing, filming, and photography: in 2017, he began uploading short films such as “UK Roadtrip” and “Snow in the Forest”, and he’s since branched out into filming Christmas commercials and music videos.

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