What happened to Nouveau Cheap? Wiki Bio, disappeared, family, dating

• Nouveau Cheap is an American blogger and make-up enthusiast who offers beauty advice and budget-friendly make-up ideas.
• She disappeared in mid-2017 explaining it was due to her mother's health, and has yet to return.
• She graduated from San Diego State University with a bachelor's degree in the English language and started her blogging career in 2009.
• Her blog has been featured in The New York Times and has around a million blog views a month, earning her an estimated net worth of over $1 million.
• She is in a relationship with her boyfriend, Mr. G, and is currently still residing in San Diego.

Who is Nouveau Cheap?

Nouveau Cheap is a popular American blogger and make-up enthusiast, known under her nickname G for her love of fashion, beauty and literature. She offers beauty advice and budget-friendly make-up ideas via her personal blog called nouveaucheap.blogspot.com, that has helped many of her followers when it comes to fashion selections.

So, do you want to find out more about the life and work of Nouveau Cheap, from her early childhood to date, including her personal life? If yes, then stay with us for the length of the article as we bring you closer to the popular fashion blogger.

What Happened to Nouveau Cheap, Nouveau Cheap Disappearance

At the peak of her popularity, Nouveau Cheap simply disappeared from the face of Earth in mid-2017, caused thousands of her fans to speculate about the blogger’s life. However, prior to her disappearance, Nouveau posted a special message to her followers telling them that she would take a break for a while, and her last post would be in early June 2017. Cheap explained that her break was caused due to her mother’s concerning health, and that she needed to spend time with her. The thankful fans wished her all the best and offered plenty of wellness wishes, but after a year and a half, Cheap still hasn’t returned, despite her promise. That hasn’t gone down well with the fans, who were patiently waiting for the popular fashionista to return to her well-accepted blogging but to this date, she is still absent.

Nouveau Cheap Wiki: Early Life, and Education

Nouveau Cheap was born on the 13th December 1970, in San Diego, California USA, to American parents, and so has American nationality with white ethnical background, but hasn’t revealed her parents names, nor her own birth name. Since she was a young girl, Nouveau was one of those cuties who was impressed with models and their glossy make-up, and as she grew up discovered ways to look beautiful without spending top dollar. Cheap has a bachelor’s degree in the English language from the San Diego State University, but despite her love for literature, she decided to pursue a career as a fashionista and make-up blogger.

Career and Blog Name

Nouveau started her blogging career in 2009 and she selected the Nouveau Cheap name after the “nouveau riche” term, which symbolizes people whose wealth wasn’t acquired by familial inheritance but rather within their own generation. Her name basically means that even if you don’t have plenty of money and a big budget to spend on makeup and fashion products, your beauty shouldn’t be suffer.

The whole idea of her nouveaucheap.blogspot.com blog is to help readers to find the best possible solutions, buying safe but cheaper cosmetics that the average person can afford, while the products’ quality is similar to the branded ones that could be found for much higher prices, and are exclusively sold in department stores. Her love of literature, and the fact that she has a bachelor’s degree in English language were the biggest reasons why Nouveau Cheap opted to offer her opinions and fashion tips on her blog rather than on a YouTube channel, as herself explained that she finds it easier to connect with readers as she is better expressing in writing.

Blog Success and Feedback from the Followers

Helping readers to look pretty within a budget made her blog well-known among fashion and make-up enthusiasts, and received positive feedback from followers who are rather excited to have a fashion blogger who is so down to earth. Nouveau Cheap would often compare two cosmetic products, and her idea is to show the world that the expensively branded cosmetics are no better than the ones she writes about on her blog, but that the latter are equally effective.

Cheap is also active when it comes to answering questions from her readers, and helping them select the proper product with precision, while she also has a line of her own products that saw daylight in renowned magazines such as Woman’s Day and SmartShop. Nouveau’s blog has appeared in The New York Times, and since 2015, Cheap has around a million blog views per month, and somewhere in region of 12 million per year, proving her popularity with followers.

Nouveau Cheap Net Worth

Although no details about Nouveau Cheap’s earnings and net worth are known to the public, she surely accumulated plenty of money through her blogging and personal business related to makeup. She makes between $225 and $375 per post on her Instagram profile, according to the Influencer Marketing Hub, and she has over 75k followers on this social network, so her net worth is estimated by sources at well over $1 million, which would seem very likely to rise, assuming that she resumes her career.

Nouveau Cheap Personal Life and Relationships

A big number of the Nouveau Cheap’s fans are rather curious to know about her boyfriend, or does she have one? At the moment, she is not married but Cheap stated that she is in a beautiful relationship with her boyfriend, referring him as Mr. G. However, there are no pictures of her with the guy on social media, as Nouveau focuses more on her products and reviews rather than on her personal life. Nouveau loves reading, watching movies, and listening to music. She currently still resides in her hometown of San Diego.

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