What happened with Bestdressed, and what she is doing today?

Who is Bestdressed?

Ashley Rous, better known by her online alias Bestdressed, was born on 4 May 1998 under the zodiac sign of Taurus, in Columbia, Maryland USA. She’s a 25-year-old fashion, lifestyle vlogger, and social media sensation, probably best recognized for being considered one of the most popular fashion influencers on YouTube. Additionally, she’s gained fame on other social media platforms, including Instagram and TikTok.


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How rich is she, as of now? Bestdressed’s Net Worth

As of the latter part of 2023, Bestdressed’s net worth is estimated at over $2 million, acquired through her thriving social media-based career. She’s made her fortune thanks to various sponsorships, advertisements, video monetization, and collaborations with fellow social media personalities. She also increases her fortune through the sales of second-hand clothes and her own jewelry line.

Early Life, Parents, Siblings, Nationality, Ethnicity, Religion

Ashley spent her early years in her hometown of Columbia until she relocated with her family to Ellicott City, Maryland. She is the child of immigrants, so holds American nationality and belongs to a mixed ethnic group, since her father hails from London, England and her mother comes from Burma/Myanmar and belongs to Chinese ethnicity; however, their names aren’t disclosed. The two met while they were attending graduate school, and became engaged only six months later. One of Ashley’s parents earned a Ph.D. in Physics, while the other has a Ph.D. in Chemistry – both work as University professors. Speaking about her siblings, Ashley has an elder sister, whose name is also unknown. In one of her videos, she revealed that her sister has a severe eating disorder.

Educational Background

Regarding her educational background, Ashley excelled in high school. During this period, she developed an interest in screenwriting and directing, so she enrolled in the University of California, Los Angeles, from which she graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Film, TV, and digital media, with a concentration in screenwriting. Impressively, she graduated summa cum laude one and a half years earlier than scheduled in order to minimize the cost of her tuition. Her YouTube videos clearly show the influence of her film background.

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Career Beginnings

Prior to becoming a successful YouTuber, Ashley worked various retail jobs, including a job at American Eagle, a PR agency, and an ice cream shop. At the same time, she started thrifting, which eventually led her to create a channel dedicated to that and other fashion content. Before establishing the current ‘Bestdressed’ channel, Ashley had a channel named ‘PipeCleanerStudios’ around the age of eight or nine, which was dedicated to stop-motion animation. She launched her current channel initially under the username ‘modelcitizen’ in 2015 when she was 15 years old. Her debut video was posted in the same year, while she later changed the name of her channel to ‘Bestdressed’, after earning the title of “best dressed” in high school. Throughout her high school and college years, she remained highly engaged with the channel, consistently uploading videos on a variety of fashion-related themes, such as outfits, thrift hauls, and shopping.

Rise to Fame on YouTube – Bestdressed

During the time she was building her fan base on the platform, Ashley worked as a video editor for the popular channel ‘The Sorry Girls’. Impressed by her editing skills, the girls invited her to appear with them in one of their videos, entitled “Ugly Thrift Store Challenge ft. bestdressed”, and this collaboration significantly boosted her follower count, as it attracted a lot of people to subscribe to her channel.

Following her graduation from UCLA, Ashley focused on her YouTube career full-time, starting to add more content to her channel, including vlogging, advice, storytimes, lifestyle videos, room tours, makeovers, makeup and hair tutorials, and occasional videos that offer glimpses into her personal life. Additionally, she has uploaded several short films. Besides that, she made an appearance on the channel Harper’s BAZAAR and teamed up with other popular YouTubers, such as Ryan Trahan and Haley Pham, which contributed further to the growth of her channel.

Ashley has amassed nearly 3.7 million subscribers, while her videos have been viewed more than 308 million times in total. Some of her most popular videos include “50 OUTFITS for when you have nothing to wear”, “THE ULTIMATE BEDROOM MAKEOVER + room tour”, “THE ULTIMATE APARTMENT MAKEOVER + apartment tour!”, and “the ultimate guide to closet essentials”, to name a few. Thanks to her hard work and amazing success, Ashley received a Streamy Award nomination in the category of Fashion & Style in 2020.

Second YouTube Channel – Bestmess

In addition to running her main channel, Ashley created another channel under the username ‘Bestmess’ in 2019. On this platform, she shares bloopers and outtakes from her primary channel, offering her viewers interesting moments behind-the-screens.  She also shares vlogs and other videos that she doesn’t want to include on ‘Bestdressed’ channel. With only 14 videos there, she’s accumulated over 500,000 subscribers on the channel, and more than 10 million views in total. Her most viewed videos include “trying on all of my clothes (closet cleanout)”, “a tame and non-impulsive hair transformation”, and “how i finally started journaling *and actually enjoying it*”, among others.

Other Social Media Platforms and

Beyond YouTube, Ashley actively engages with other popular digital platforms, which she uses to expand her influence and further promote her videos and other projects. She’s active on Instagram, on which she mostly shares photos in various outfits. Her official account can be found under the username ‘best.dressed’ and boasts more than 1.5 million followers.

She also found success on the hit TikTok application, with her official account ‘bestdressed’. Despite posting only three short-form videos on the platform, she has garnered an impressive following of over 1.2 million and accumulated 19 million likes.

Additionally, she had an account on the X platform, formerly known as Twitter, under the same username ‘@bestdressed’; however, the account is currently suspended.

Thrift Store and Jewelry Line

Thanks to her popularity on YouTube and other platforms, Ashley has garnered numerous opportunities, including venturing into reselling second-hand items and designing jewelry. She established her own online store, bestdressedstore.com; however, the store isn’t active at the moment. Regarding jewelry design, she partnered with the online jewelry store En Route to design her own line of jewelry, which is available for purchase through their website.

Appearance and Vital Statistics

Bestdressed has long dark brown hair and dark brown eyes. She stands at a height of 5ft 5ins (1.65m), weighs around 123lbs (56kgs), with vital statistics of 34-28-40, bra size 34C, and shoe size 7.5 (US). Details about her dress size haven’t been revealed yet.

Personal Life and Trivia

Ashley is quite open when it comes to speak about her personal life, as she discusses her dating experience with guys who have featured in her YouTube videos. In 2019, she was in a relationship with a guy named David, but they eventually broke up. She also disclosed that she dated her childhood friend, whose name is unknown, but the two ended their romance in 2021. Furthermore, she also shared with her fans that she once made out with a girl at a party and enjoyed the experience; despite this, she still hasn’t officially come out as a bisexual, but describes herself as a feminist.

Her current residence is in New York City.

During her leisure time, Ashley enjoys painting. Her other hobbies include watching movies with her family and friends, and taking photos.

Her favorite YouTubers are Jenn Im and Natalie Tran.

She’s an avid fan of video games and her favorite is “Animal Crossing”.

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