What is Amir O’Neil Famous for? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Amir O’Neil

Actor Amir O’Neil was born on 20th September 2006, in Jacksonville, Florida, USA, and began acting when he was just eight years old with a role in the 2015 movie “White Water”. The aspiring rapper and breakdancer moved with his parents and eight siblings to Southern California, and was apparently ‘determined’ to be on TV.

Amir became a small-screen regular after signing to one of the best-known youth talent agencies in Hollywood, The Savage Agency, His first recurring role lasted from 2015 to 2017, and saw him play Darren Mann in the sitcom “Mann and Wife”. In 2016, he and his twin brother Amari – who is also an actor – performed an original anti-bullying rap at the All It Takes fundraiser, which was attended by the likes of Stevie Wonder. In the same year, both boys featured in a national elementary school campaign.

When “Mann and Wife” wrapped up, Amir next had a minor role in the short “Hats” and was cast as Zack Wayne, Marlon Wayne’s on-screen son, in the family sitcom “Marlon”. The show received glowing reviews and led to more work for Amir, such as guest-starring spots in “Grey’s Anatomy”, “The Neighborhood” and “Station 19”.

Work was slow for Amir over the next couple of years, although he had minor roles in “Raven’s Home”, “Goliath”, and “Sherman’s Showcase”. In 2020, the actor was cast as Marty in “Madagascar: A Little Wild”, and proved to be a talented voiceover artist as well as on-screen performer. After a guest-starring appearance in a 2022 episode of “The Wonder Years”, the Floridian began filming for his role as Jordan Bell in “The Crossover”, which premiered in 2023 and has proven to be moderately popular.

“The Crossover” is a coming-of-age production and sports drama in one, with basketball being an integral part of its storyline. Jalyn Hall, who plays Amir’s on-screen brother, shared in a promotional interview that they practiced the sport every week in the run-up to filming, which took place in New Orleans. ‘After a while, it just became secondhand. We were doing it for fun… It was something we wanted to do,’ Jalyn stated.

Amir and Amari are managed by their mother, who also runs their joint Instagram account (both boys also have their own profiles on the social media platform). Although the majority of Amir’s posts are work-related, he posts the odd selfie or photo dump, and recently shared with followers that he was learning how to do backflips and other skateboarding stunts.

At just seventeen years old, Amir is reportedly worth close to $1 million, thanks to his steady stream of work. His height now listed at close to 5ft 9in (175cm).

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Amari O’Neil

According to Amari’s online biography, he and Amir first expressed their desire to be TV stars when they were just three years old. When the dynamic duo celebrated their seventh birthday, their parents decided to help them out by signing them to a talent agency, and getting them their own agent. Just two weeks later, both boys were cast in “White Water” despite having no professional training – their mother did, however, coach them for the role.

When filming for “White Water” wrapped, Amir and Amari were cast in national commercials and other exciting projects. In 2017, Amari played Sean in an episode of “Training Day” and a minor character in “I’m Dying Up Here”. He also featured in “Hats”, “The Mayor”, and “S.W.A.T”. Unlike his twin brother, who had already had a number of recurring roles, it took longer for Amari to come into his own as an actor; in fact, until 2021, almost all of his projects were one-off TV appearances, although he did have a role in the successful 2019 short “Gummi Bear”.

That all changed when Amari was cast as Cory Long in “The Wonder Years”, a coming-of-age comedy series inspired by the 1988 show of the same name. Created by Saladin K. Patterson, “The Wonder Years” ran for two seasons, and was set in the late 1960s, with the main characters being a black middle-class family residing in Montgomery, Alabama.

Fred Savage, the star of the original series, was a part of the project as an executive producer and director. However, he was fired from the show in May 2022 following allegations of inappropriate conduct, including ‘verbal outbursts and inappropriate behavior’. Fred’s abrupt departure from the show wasn’t a problem, however, as the series was renewed for a second season just one week later.

In September 2023, it was revealed that ABC would not be going ahead with a third season of “The Wonder Years”. The short-lived reboot received mostly positive reviews, and had a decent viewership, so the exact reasons behind its cancellation remain unknown.

Amari was clearly disappointed by the news, as he shared an Instagram post thanking his co-stars and the behind-the-scenes crew, also saying: ‘I had such a beautiful experience on this set. The past two years working on the show has [sic] taught me so much. Not just as an actor but as a human being.’

Jadah Marie Johnson

Jadah Marie Johnson, Amir and Amari’s sister, is the baby of the family as the youngest of nine siblings; she has a different surname to her famous siblings, so is believed to have been born from her mother’s second marriage.

Jadah’s online biography states that her passion for acting and entertainment was apparent since she was just four years old, which is when she began competing in cheerleading and gymnastics competitions, and even winning national titles in the first sport. Stand-up comedy, singing and dancing are some of Jadah’s other passions, but she is also committed to giving back to those who are less fortunate, and has donated to charities who help children in group and foster homes.

There is some confusion regarding Jadah’s birthday and other basic details, as sh’is listed as being born in June 2005 (which means that she isn’t the youngest sibling in the O’Neil-Johnson family, as Amir and Amari were born in 2006). Likewise, her parents’ names are said to be Chiresse Ferguson and Christian Redd (which lends itself to the question of where the O’Neil and Johnson surnames come from).

Christian was reportedly involved in the making of an old Kanye West music video, and has worked with other musicians such as Snoop Dogg. Regarding Jadah’s career, she began acting in 2016 with a guest-starring appearance in an episode of “Blue Bloods”, and was subsequently cast as Natasha Mann in “Mann and Wife”. Since then, she’s had recurring roles in “Julie and the Phantoms”, “Home Invasion”, and “Family Reunion” and appeared in the TV movie “Descendants 3”.

Paradoxically, Jadah is by far the most successful sibling, despite not having as many acting credits as her twin brothers. With almost 900,000 Instagram followers, an Emmy nomination, and a side gig as a Fashion Nova brand ambassador, the actress and influencer is definitely one to watch.

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