What is Boxbox Known for? His Age, Height, Dating, Net Worth

Who is BoxBox?

BoxBox is an American YouTube star and Twitch streamer, best known for his League of Legends streams and insights.

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BoxBox Wiki: Age, Childhood, and Education

Albert ‘Sun’ Zheng was born on 17 June 1996, in Fairfax, Virginia, USA. His parents, of Chinese descent, hold Master’s degrees in computer sciences. BoxBox completed high school in 2014 and is believed by some fans to have attended college, potentially earning a degree around 2018. During his childhood, he developed an early interest in video games, particularly League of Legends.

Career Beginnings

According to Biography Tribune, ‘BoxBox initially played using a Korean name which means “Mistake”, however, many people started to call him BoxBox due to how the Korean characters look like two boxes side by side.’ He kicked off his Twitch channel on 30 December 2012, drawing in a substantial following that now exceeds two million. His dedication has made him one of the most popular streamers, and he maintains an audience of around 5,000 viewers on average.

League of Legends has been his go-to game for over a decade. Venturing into the professional scene, BoxBox joined Velocity, an eSports team in April of 2013. Unfortunately, his professional career never popped up, as he mostly stayed as a backup player and didn’t jump into any big pro tournaments.

Rise to Stardom

BoxBox faced some tough times, but he didn’t give up. He put his focus on YouTube and Twitch, on which people liked how he played games, especially League of Legends. Notably, Riven has become his go-to champion, but in the early days, he kicked off his gaming journey with Poppy. Now, his YouTube channel which he started on 30 2011, has almost 1.4 million people following him, and his videos have been seen over 380 million times.

Some of his most popular videos include, “SEXIEST ARCADE RIVEN COSPLAY EVER“, in which he skillfully plays the game using a PS4 controller. In the seven years since its upload, this video has attracted an impressive 4.8 million views. He managed to blend his gaming prowess and interests in cosplay, engaging his audience through both gameplay and visual elements.

In the widely-viewed “45%CDR RIVEN“, uploaded eight years ago, BoxBox showcases his gaming skills with the champion Riven. This video, garnering 3.7 million views, highlights his mastery of in-game mechanics and strategy.

For a dose of humor and memorable moments, viewers turn to “Boxbox Best Moments #9 – Be my Valentine!“. The video uploaded eight years ago has accumulated 3.4 million views, and is a compilation of entertaining and noteworthy segments from his streams.

Adding a festive touch to his content, “BoxBox Christmas Riven Cosplay“, uploaded five years ago, gathered three million views. This holiday-themed video features BoxBox’s gaming escapades infused with Christmas spirit, showcasing his ability to create themed content that resonates with his audience.

He doesn’t just stick to League of Legends, as he also plays games such as “Teamfight Tactics,” “Rust”, “Slay the Spire”, and “Chess”. Moreover, he also does ‘Just Chatting’ streams in which he tries to connect with his fans and give insights into his plans and further interests.

Other Projects

BoxBox brings more to the table than just gaming. He is into cosplay, especially dressing up as female characters. Beyond the screen, he keeps himself fit with gym sessions and a healthy diet. His interests take him on travels to attend gaming and cosplay events, connecting with the community.


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Apart from the gaming world, BoxBox enjoys his downtime watching movies. His favorites include “Once Upon a Time in Hollywood”, “V for Vendetta”, and “Meet Joe Black”.

Talking about business, BoxBox is a brand promoter. Endorsements for such as Buffalo Wild Wings and HyperX, have also added to his popularity and net worth. This adds another layer to his online presence and showcases his impact beyond the gaming screen.

One notable achievement is his participation in the Champions of Fire Invitational, where he didn’t just compete but emerged victorious, clinching a notable $100,000 prize.

Currently, BoxBox is immersed in his YouTube channel, as he continues to provide his fans with insights into League of Legends and other popular games. At the time of this writing, some of his most recent videos include “How To Exploit The Worst Augment In The Game“, uploaded just 21 hours ago, BoxBox shares clever strategies to navigate what’s considered the game’s least favorable augment. The video has already attracted 54,000 views, showcasing the immediate interest of his audience.

Just a day ago, in late November 2023, BoxBox presented “Max KDA Trait Grants Godlike Stats“, an exploration into the impact of maximizing the KDA trait on in-game statistics. This video has garnered a notable 77,000 views.

Continuing his trend of in-depth analyses, “Headliner Bard 3 Scales Infinitely!” was posted two days ago. In this video, BoxBox explores the infinite scaling potential of a specific in-game character. The video has already accumulated 65,000 views.

Three days ago, BoxBox uploaded “Headliner Ziggs 3 Has Infinite Scaling Bombs!“. In this video, which has garnered 76,000 views, he dives into the limitless scaling possibilities of Headliner Ziggs 3, providing valuable insights into the character’s mechanics and strategies.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, BoxBox’s net worth is estimated at over $1 million, as of late 2023.

Personal Life, Dating, Girlfriend, Married

When it comes to his personal life, BoxBox has been in a romantic relationship with Twitch streamer Annie since meeting2013, officially starting their relationship in November of the same year. According to reports, they broke up in 2017 for a brief time, but have been together since reuniting. Another rumor is that the two married in secret, but neither BoxBox and Annie have provided further details on this.

Appearance and Body Measurements

BoxBox has dark brown hair and brown eyes. He stands at 5ft 6ins (1.67m), while he weighs approximately 135lbs (62kgs). His vital statistics are unknown, but he has a slim figure.

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