What is FitMC Famous for? His Age, Height, Net Worth, Dating

Born Peter Michael Larsen under the sign of Aquarius on 1 February 1990, in New York USA, FitMC, also known as ‘Fit,’ and previously as ‘silentpedro,’ is a 33-year-old Caucasian YouTuber, Twitch streamer, and dedicated Minecraft gamer. He’s easiest to recognize through his YouTube channel that boasts almost 2.5 million subscribers in late 2023, containing over 11 years-worth of content revolving around the goings-on of a select few Minecraft servers, most notably the notorious 2b2t. He’s enjoyed enviable success over the course of his more-than-a-decade-long entertainment career since 2012.

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Early life & education: A man of science

It can be said that FitMC has always been interested in accumulating knowledge, as well as using it to challenge his mind whenever he got the chance. Videogames were thus the most apparent amalgamation of everything he found pleasure in, especially as a child. Fit was raised apparently an only child right where he was born, by parents of still unknown names and professions.

He is yet to divulge details about his years of education, but has proved over and over that he excels at academic efforts. He attended a local high school in his birthplace, matriculating from there in 2008. The future YouTube star then moved onto college to pursue a degree in teaching, graduating from an as-of-yet-unspecified institution in 2012.

Career: Educator-turned-eradicator

In what is perhaps one of the most unique careers any celebrity could have, FitMC was initially an elementary school teacher, imparting his knowledge of science, social studies and history to children for seven years following his graduation. However, he was also leading an entirely different life online, namely that of a rogue warrior aiming to make an already-bad place even worse for anyone who dared to log in. He started making YouTube videos almost on the same day when he set foot into that elementary school, and nobody knew throughout the majority of that time.

It was at an unspecified date that one of the students realized who his teacher was online, noticing his significant social media following and no-nonsense approach to gaming. With just how popular Minecraft is among the youth, it was no surprise at all that FitMC became a legend overnight at his place of work once everyone was informed of his cyberspace exploits, although his adult colleagues didn’t necessarily share the enthusiasm. The principal and other employees also caught wind of his out-of-work activities, but he was allowed to continue regardless, since the content he made didn’t rely heavily on profanities or adult topics, thereby keeping the school’s good name relatively clean. As a result, Fit kept at that job all the way until he found it no longer feasible to balance with his fully developed content creator career, leaving the institution with nothing but praise and a sense of accomplishment.

What is 2b2t?

Although his initial content revolved around Team Fortress 2, a game completely unrelated to Minecraft, Fit would eventually find his way to perhaps the most unforgiving place a Minecraft player could ever find himself in – 2b2t, which short for 2builders2tools, is a Minecraft server originating from December 2010. It was set up to operate as a distinctive world of its own known for a rule-free environment, allowing players to indulge in an anarchic gaming experience. Unlike conventional servers, 2b2t imposes no restrictions on player behavior, except for actions that adversely affect server performance. This unregulated approach classifies it as an ‘anarchy server’ within the Minecraft community.

Players commonly partake in disruptive activities within 2b2t’s realm, which is behavior often referred to as ‘griefing,’ involving intentional harassment and sabotage, all of which results in an instant and permanent ban on most other Minecraft servers. Furthermore, some players resort to using modified software, commonly known as cheating, to gain an advantage over others. This unrestricted environment fosters an unregulated gaming atmosphere in which chaos and unpredictability reign supreme.

Having been around for 13 years, 2b2t proudly holds the title of the oldest anarchy server in the Minecraft universe. It’s maintained its existence over numerous grueling periods, making it one of the few servers still operational from the early days of Minecraft. The server operates in a perpetually hard difficult setting, heightening the challenges for players, and features an environment in which player versus player (PvP) combat is actively encouraged, as opposed to most others, where the focus is on player versus environment (PvE) combat.

Over its lifespan, 2b2t has accommodated a staggering number of players, now close to 800,000, who’ve explored its procedurally generated map. This extensive buildup of terrain has contributed to a colossal file size, surpassing 20 terabytes. Despite its longevity and unique status, 2b2t has garnered a reputation as by-far the worst Minecraft server, often attributed to its perceived ‘toxic’ player-base and distinctive culture. These characteristics have been highlighted across various media outlets, contributing to the server’s notoriety within the gaming community.

The rise of FitMC

Fit came into 2b2t’s picture in mid-2013, but posted his first video about it over a year and a half after making his entrance. Most viewers wouldn’t even consider it actual content, as it was only an 11-second video showing him on a mount somewhere in the world of the server, with Sabaton’s “Panzer Elite” blaring in the background. However, those who have seen the rest of the story would argue that this was the perfect intro for what was to come.

FitMC initially ventured thousands of blocks, relying on unconventional sustenance like zombie flesh and spider eyes before establishing a farm to secure a more stable existence. His inaugural base found its place in a winter biome near spawn, and he further contributed to the server by establishing the Hudson Inn – a sanctuary for fellow players.

His first year on 2b2t saw him as a solitary player, until an invitation extended by James Rustles in 2014 ushered him into the group known as Kool Kids Klub, within which Fit played a pivotal role in constructing one of the server’s largest gold farms. The ambitious endeavor aimed at producing valuable golden apples, a sought-after commodity at the time; unfortunately, the base’s proximity to highways led to it being discovered by scores of greedy raiders in no time.

His early successes eventually helped him earn a nickname very few would carry with pride, although it is indeed a source of that on 2b2t. The term ‘oldf*g’ refers to a player who’s been active on the notorious server from 2010 to 2012, thereby embodying a distinct category within the community. However, it’s crucial to note that determining when a player transitions into oldf*g status lacks a universally agreed-upon timeframe, as opinions vary to a great extent, with some asserting that individuals who joined before 2015 merit the oldf*g designation, while others propose that those who started playing on 2b2t in 2013 fall into the midf*g category. Regardless, those known as oldf*gs are generally respected among the ultra-massive Minecraft player-base.

A veritable champion

Fit’s ingenuity shone through when he devised a Redstone contraption, enabling him to traverse spawn airspace on 21 February 2015, as documented in his own video on the matter. Another famous oldf*g, Sato, later approached Fit, extending an invitation to the legendary base called Asgard II. However, the place met a dramatic end as its co-ordinates were accidentally leaked by the player Pyrobyte. In a strategic move, Asgard II’s members initiated a controlled griefing raid to prevent other players from claiming the satisfaction of destroying the base. Another way of causing heavy disruption to the server was referred to as a ‘spawn incursion,’ whereby oldf*gs would spawn-kill new players so as to gain enough time to build a base. Fit also actively participated in this, specifically the third incursion at Wrath Outpost, which added further notoriety to his online persona.

However, Following this, Fit embarked on a solo journey, utilizing a flying machine to explore the far reaches of the area known as the End, which led him to discover perhaps the most iconic base on the server, also known as Space Valkyria. He subsequently established the DFC – an outpost designed to accommodate travelers and their airships. However, the venture was abandoned upon learning of the company that created Minecraft, Mojang Studios’ plan to extend the End. Fit’s journey continued as he relocated to Aureus City, engaging in gold farming and exploring ruins scattered across the server. Notably, he also participated in the griefing of Paradise Island , a spawn-base associated with players venerating Jared2013, who is one of the most famous oldf*gs, and had at the time recently raided a base built by the commonly beloved player collective Viking Group.

Eyes on the money

These events are only part of Fit’s almost indescribable journey through the ever-evolving history of Minecraft, a game that has had so much happen within its cyberspace that certain YouTubers can easily make a fortune from being its historians. This is exactly the case with FitMC as well, who has long since turned into an archivist of sorts, focusing his content on things that happened in the past within the game itself.

While no one would have even considered doing something like this to make a living less than a decade ago, the unfathomable success of the game has indeed changed many perceptions. Forbes informed the world on 16 October 2023 that Minecraft had achieved its 300-millionth sale worldwide. While it still remains firmly behind Tetris’ 520 million total sales, Minecraft is an unbeatable second in the race for the most popular videogame of all time. It also boasts a jaw-dropping 140 million active monthly players – far beyond what any other AAA title could hope to achieve. Naturally, everyone who knows a thing or two about the game could easily find himself raking in a profit on Twitch, while veritable legends such as FitMC are guaranteed to make way more.

Love life: Is he dating anyone?

In customary gamer fashion, FitMC has remained mum on the topic of romantic involvements, and has never been seen in the company of a potential significant other. He’s considered objectively attractive by almost anyone who’s seen him, being fit and muscular due to his obsession with calisthenics.

Even so, it appears that the streamer only cares about relaying the infinite tales of Minecraft’s servers to the audience, as he hasn’t expressed interest in any would-be suitor. The closest Fit got to telling the world about his relationship was a Twitter post from November 2020, in which he addressed an in-game item and said that his girlfriend is pretty much the same – looking very attractive but not a part of reality.

What is his net worth?

Some of the most reputable media outlets have estimated FitMC’s total accumulated wealth at just under $2 million. He’s amassed this sum much like in-game gold – over a lengthy period of repetitive effort, spanning more than a decade in the case of the former. The biggest contribution to his wallet comes from Twitch and his active audience, which never shies away from showering him in gifts and subscriptions to reward him for the invaluable content.

Body measurements: What is his height?

The YouTuber has never divulged the numbers, but is widely believed to be 6ft 3ins (190cms) tall, and weighing around 188lbs (85kgs). His hair is dark brown, although he generally maintains a shaved scalp, initially with a lengthy beard, though he began to be clean-shaven in February 2023. The streamer sports a build often described as buff, with light green eyes, and a somewhat pale complexion.

Social media presence

Fit’s by-far greatest audience rests on YouTube, with nearly 2.5 million subscribers. His Twitch channel sits at a comfortable 300,000 followers, his Twitter at almost 180,000, and his Instagram just under 150,000.

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