What is Garrett Watts known for? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Born under the sign of Gemini on 15 June 1989, in Memphis, Tennessee USA, Garrett Watts is a 34-year-old Caucasian YouTuber and TikTok creator. He’s easiest to recognize thanks to having a YouTube channel with more than three million subscribers, while his friendship and frequent collaborations with some of the biggest LGBT creators on the platform has done more than its part to boost his growth. He’s had a good number of successes over the course of his sometimes lucrative YouTube career since 2012.

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Early life & education: Freedom and support

Garrett was brought up in his home town alongside a younger brother named Andrew, by his mother and father of unknown names and professions. Due to the star himself never mentioning otherwise, his fans assume that he was never judged for being gay by his parents, which afforded young Watts the support to mature into the no-holds-barred larger-than-life persona he seems to genuinely be on his YouTube channel. By all existing accounts, and until proven otherwise, his childhood was a fairly enjoyable experience regardless of how different he was.

Watts’ family moved to Mesa, Arizona near the end of his elementary education, where he spent the rest of his upbringing, enrolling in a local high school and matriculating in 2007. Some of his early childhood interests grew into a full-on passion by that time, such as his desire to create entertaining footage, brought on by all the films and series he enjoyed watching on TV. It was also a time without possibilities for a lone wolf to succeed in the entertainment industry, especially if he were to make videos, requiring an entire production house to back their project.

This naturally had him drift towards pursuing education in filmmaking, so he studied exactly that at the University of Los Angeles, California. It remains unclear whether he ever obtained a degree there, though it’s undoubted that the knowledge he garnered there is now coming in rather handy, considering what he does.

Career: A channel for the people

Garrett’s idea for content creation was formed through observing various YouTube stars who kept popping up in the early days of the platform, having witnessed the fact that most of them turned to profits instead of human interaction, treating their audience as cash cows instead of humans looking to connect with someone. He decided that whoever watched his videos should feel welcome and appreciated as well as be seen and heard, since the YouTuber is committed to answering almost every question that comes from the crowd, and filming what they want to see.

His channel description relays the creator’s desire to share with the world whatever he finds fascinating about it, since he derives immense joy from various aspects of life, and aims to share that excitement with whomever ends up on his channel. He also underscores that his personal priorities lie beyond blatant fame, numbers on a screen, or self-importance, emphasizing that it’s his viewers’ contentment that really matters, and everything else that may come with a successful career of this type is secondary.

His YouTube channel was created on 30 May 2012, although it wasn’t until 25 October that he graced the platform with his debut video. Garrett’s content in the early days didn’t center around him – his attention was instead directed to a character named Coco Peru. It wasn’t until the release of “Worst Girlfriend: Gaming” on 26 March 2014 that he began to attract viewers, for the first time finding a modest taste of success.

Even so, Garrett surprisingly took an hiatus from the platform, leaving his newfound audience in puzzled anticipation. He made a triumphant return in June 2016, announcing his comeback to the YouTube scene with a commitment to upload a video each week. By then he had already formed a friendship with Shane Dawson, a fellow YouTuber boasting around eight million subscribers, though also haunted by a great deal of controversy. This association played a pivotal role in swiftly garnering Garrett a greater audience, and cultivating a small but devoted following across his channel and social media platforms.

Rising to the top

Navigating an unpredictable upload schedule, Garrett, when active, frequently collaborates in his videos with his friends Andrew and Caleb. Not confined to YouTube, he’s also ventured into the realm of TikTok, showcasing his creativity on yet another social media platform. He continued to build his audience through persistence and creativity, particularly after making appearances in Shane Dawson’s videos, eventually reaching the milestone of two million subscribers.

By that time, Watts had created a brand all his own, revolving around his favorite thing to make content on – haunted houses and creepy events in general. It’s unknown whether he actually believes in the supernatural, or simply uses it to generate content from, but whatever the case may be, his audience can’t get enough of the channel’s signature dedication to the occult and inexplicable.

In late 2023, Garrett heavily relies on TikTok to attract more audience to his channel, mostly by promoting his long-meter YouTube videos through short-form snippets or interesting stories about the target content. The star takes TikTok promotion so seriously that he funds professional cinematic trailers that tease his upcoming YouTube releases, which is in some ways expected, considering the average age of his audience and that of TikTok users is about the same.

He also owns the website thingsbygarrett.com, which sells several items themed after his content, mostly featuring clothing with his name and picture, with neon green letters spelling out his name. There are also a few occult trinkets for sale, such as the haunted apartment doorknob and key. This site, along with his YouTube and TikTok, provides the vast majority of the star’s income in late 2023.

Does Garrett fake his videos?

If one were to ask most people who believe in the supernatural, they would hear that Watts is just another ghost hunter, deriving joy from adrenaline-fueled explorations of haunted places, while expecting the blood in his veins to freeze at the turn of every corner. Some of the supernatural believers, though, would say that Garrett shames the profession of ghost hunting by falsifying his content, thereby contributing to the proliferation of skeptics. Lastly, it makes sense that those with absolutely no mind for the supernatural don’t consider his videos particularly entertaining.

People generally expect to see videos of real situations regardless of their belief, and that’s where most ghost hunter YouTubers tend to fall short, as inconsistencies with reality and facts are found all over their content. Watts himself was caught manipulating the truth in his uploads as well, but this had no apparent impact on his career.

A Reddit user by the name of UnknownWeeb333 posted clear evidence of the claim that Watts was using crew members to falsely display paranormal activity, whereby one of his friends was in fact the one who suddenly shut a door on the crew. The post never gained traction, though, while news outlets apparently don’t consider the YouTuber important enough to run the story.

On the inside of content

Watts shared insights into his YouTube journey during a conversation with Insider, detailing the successes and challenges of his creative endeavors. He made sure to relay the importance of pursuing one’s passions, steering clear of external judgments, and staying true to individual perspectives. Amidst the casual banter, Watts recounted a Zoom call mishap, whereby a psychedelic background unintentionally persisted. Speaking from a diminutive LA residence with the iconic Benjamin doll and a wildlife-friendly garden, he shared anecdotes of his diverse pre-YouTube experiences, including stints as a wedding DJ, production set worker, and pizzeria-slash-art gallery manager. His all-arounder background, lack of envy, and appreciation for life’s diverse facets allow him to remain distinguishable from the wave of young influencers.

While reflecting on his foray into YouTube, Watts acknowledged the influence of Shane Dawson– a crucial figure who encouraged him to embrace the creative freedom that the platform offered. Steering clear of conventional upload schedules, Watts maintains a refreshing perspective on fame, asserting that his channel is merely one facet of his diversified life. Watts addressed concerns from fans as the conversation delved into his intermittent video uploads, attributing his unique approach to a reluctance to conform to the constant demand for hyper-visibility. He challenged societal norms that glorify perfection on social media, preferring a more nuanced portrayal of life’s realities that applies much more genuinely to the viewer.

During the interview, he expressed a desire to explore diverse content avenues, including game streaming and podcasts, providing a more in-depth look into his varied interests. Unfazed by external expectations, he emphasized the importance of staying true to oneself and fostering genuine connections, both online and offline. His everyday YouTube self shone through in the conversation, radiating the somewhat reckless, whimsical energy that dominates his videos and glues viewers to the screen.

Love life: Does he have a boyfriend?

While it’s public knowledge that Garrett is gay, additional details about his romantic involvements are scarce, with no information about the current state of affairs in this aspect of his life. As for his exes, fans would argue that he could’ve made better choices, considering the fact that he dated the notorious YouTuber Shane Dawson in late 2015 and early 2016. They met through Tinder, when Dawson took note of Garrett after receiving a super-like from him. It’s beyond doubt that Watts’ association with Shane opened him up to a much wider audience, but the reputation that comes with being in Dawson’s company is not one most would feel comfortable with. Aside from that, he’s known to have dated a certain Alex for a while as well.

What’s so bad about his ex-?

Explaining everything Shane Dawson has done wrong would require an entirely separate article, so suffice to say that he hasn’t come across as a wholesome individual throughout his career. Most media outlets have run various unflattering articles about the things he’s done, and such as Ranker took the trouble to list most of his transgressions. Some of the objectively worst things Dawson has done or said involve the endorsement, glorification and apologetic stance towards pedophilia, which at one point he simply referred to as a fetish.

He’s also known to have applied blackface to a number of his earlier videos, and at one point even mentioned performing unthinkable acts on his cat. Shane has unequivocally supported other notorious YouTubers during their fall from grace, such as when he attempted to excuse Jake Paul’s racist comments as lighthearted jokes. The list goes on and on, and Shane eventually caved to the outrage and uploaded the video entitled “Taking Accountability,” which is famously referred to as one of the worst apologies of all time.

What is his net worth?

The most reputable media outlets estimate Garret Watts’ total accumulated wealth at close to $1 million, provided that he makes approximately $3,500 per month from his YouTube channel alone, and has been doing so for some time. He’s created new sources of revenue over the last few years, through TikTok and a dedicated merchandise website.

Body measurements: What is his height?

Garrett is 6ft 4ins (193cms) tall, weighs about 190lbs (85kgs), and has a bald head and beard, with a generally pale complexion and deep blue eyes.

Social media presence: How many fans does he have?

Watts’ YouTube channel is steadily pushing towards 3.3 million subscribers, with over two million on Instagram, 1.8 million on TikTok, 1.3 million on Twitter, and 100,000 on Threads.

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