What is Jack Wright famous for? His Age, Height, Career, Twins

Jack Wright

Thanks to the rise of social media, there are thousands of popular content creators these days, but few have been able to branch out into other lanes as successfully as Jack Wright. Born on 29th March 2003, in Riverside County, California, USA, Jack’s online career began in 2020 with dance videos, comedy sketches, and ‘a day in my life’ content that has since earned him over 13 million followers.

These days, Jack advertises himself as an actor, athlete, dancer, and mental health advocate. During his high school days, he was on the track and field team and qualified for the Junior Olympics, and although he eventually chose another career, he still plays a number of sports, making sure to stay active.

As high-profile events began inviting influencers in an attempt to entice Gen Z audiences, Jack found himself seated in the front row of Fendi, Givenchy, and Emporio Armani fashion shows, and other places which would have previously seemed unimaginable. Apart from fashion and entertainment, he’s also one of many public figures who raises awareness for mental health – back in 2021, he joined forces with apparel brand Hollister for World Teen Mental Wellness Days, and has been more than vocal about his own mental health journey and its ups and downs.

Hype House

Jack was a member of Hype House until 2022, when he decided to take his career in a different direction. For those who are wondering what a Hype House is, it’s the name of a collective of teen TikTokers who live and create content in California, as well as the name of the mansion where they reside.

The collective was formed in December 2019 by Chase Hudson, Addison Rae, Dixie, D’Amelio, and about fifteen other TikTokers. The first signs of trouble in paradise came in March 2020, when founding member Daisy Keech departed due to internal disputes with other members. As the Hype House became more of a business, the D’Amelio sisters left two months later – which, coincidentally, is when they began working on their own brands more seriously.

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Many internet personalities such as Renata Ri, Paige Taylor, and Jacob Day came and went, and in April 2023, the Hype House era appeared to come to an end when its leader, Thomas Petrou, announced that they would be moving out of the mansion, but that the collective would still continue in some form. Nevertheless, its popularity fizzled out sometime in 2021, and streaming platform Netflix was openly ridiculed when it aired its “Hype House” documentary in January 2022.

Naturally, the Hype House has seen plenty of controversy since it was founded. In July 2020, trans influencer Nikita Dragun held a surprise birthday party for one of the Hype House members at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, with James Charles and other scandalous online personalities amongst the 67 guests in attendance. Despite local health laws, many guests were photographed or recorded without face masks. Although Nikita and others involved later apologized for the incident, and tested negative for the illness, many branded them selfish and self-absorbed.

Luckily for Jack, he escaped the Hype House relatively unscathed. In January 2023, almost a year after he left, the landlord of the mansion claimed that the group had caused over $300,000 in damages to his property by destroying the jacuzzi, throwing a ladder into the pool, breaking expensive tiles, and more.

Although members of the collective agreed to pay $10,000 a month over a 40-month period to cover the cost of damages, the landlord only received a fourth of the payment – which was made by Thomas and his girlfriend –  the rest of the members claiming that they didn’t have any money. A former Hype House member alleged that Thomas was the only one actually making any money off the content they created, so it’s more than possible that the other TikTokers were struggling to make ends meet, and keeping up with the lavish lifestyle many of them portrayed online.


Jack took the internet by storm in January 2022, when he uploaded a 17-minute video onto YouTube, entitled “what sienna mae did to me.”, in which the Californian addressed the alleged inappropriate encounters that took place between himself and fellow TikTok sensation Sienna Mae Gomez. In a May 2021 social media post, one of Jack’s friends also accused Sienna of sexually assaulting Jack, and telling him to kill himself.

Sienna denied the allegations made by Jack’s friend in two separate YouTube videos that were uploaded in June 2021, and the incident was more or less forgotten about until Jack gave his version of events. He accused Sienna of constantly coming to his house, remembering the codes on his doors so that she could enter without his permission, and even entering his room when he was asleep. If this wasn’t disturbing enough, he also claimed that Sienna had groped him several times without permission.

In a statement to NBC News, Sienna’s representative claimed that Jack’s video was a ‘campaign to slander Sienna Mae Gomez with further false accusations’, also describing it as a ‘calculated action to hinder, hurt and harm not only Sienna’s reputation and livelihood but her as an individual human being’.

Jack and Sienna were rumored to be dating back in late 2020, when they began posting YouTube and TikTok videos together. In January 2022, Sienna described their past dealings as a relationship of ‘closeness and familiarity’ but didn’t confirm if they had ever actually been in a relationship. Since then, Jack and Sienna have failed to discuss the topic any further.

James Wright

Jack’s twin brother, James Wright, also has a strong online followership, and creates similar content to his superstar brother. The twins joined the Hype House around the same time, and would often upload amusing content together; even so, Jack has always been the more popular of the two.

In June 2021, James took to YouTube to discuss toxic masculinity, dating, and coming out. Rumors of his homosexuality had been swirling for months, but it took the TikToker a while to feel confident enough to come out of the closet in late 2020, when he began dating fellow online personality Lachlan Viney. Although James and Lachlan have since broken up, the split appears to have been an amiable one.

Jack and James are both around 5ft 9in (175cm) tall, although some websites list Jack’s height as 5ft 7in or even 6ft.

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