What is Jayda Cheaves famous for? Her Age, Siblings, Net Worth

In the dynamic digital era in which influence is quantified by likes and followers, Jayda Cheaves, popularly known as Jayda Wayda and often hailed as “The Young Boss,” emerges as a versatile social media powerhouse, the driving force behind the popular brand called “Waydamin.” Beyond her role as an online influencer, this young entrepreneur wears several hats, including those of an actor, author, and motivational speaker. Her narrative unfolds as a compelling testament to resilience and success, serving as a beacon of inspiration for aspiring businesswomen.

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Early Years and Family

Jayda Ayanna Cheaves, born on 25 September 1997, in the charming city of Savannah, Georgia, carries a narrative rich in resilience and familial bonds. Her early life was marked by the separation of her parents when she was a mere toddler, however, destiny had a unique plan for Jayda, as by the tender age of three, she’d encountered her stepfather, who not only embraced her but also chose to formally adopt her and her older sister Jazmine Ameerah, now a nail salon owner. In her heart, he became “Dad,” a title adorned with love and shared experiences. The family further expanded with the addition of two younger twin brothers, one of them named Len, creating a tight-knit unit woven together by the threads of blended love and mutual growth.

While the details of her biological father remain somewhat elusive, a shadow cast by a history of legal issues prompted Jayda’s mother Tricia to make the difficult decision to part ways. Throughout the twists and turns of her early years, Jayda found unwavering support and inspiration in her maternal Mexican grandmother, an influential figure whose presence shaped the foundations of Jayda’s character.

Those close to Jayda recall a spirited entrepreneur blossoming even in her formative years. During her grade school days, she displayed a hint of her business acumen, setting up a small venture to sell her grandmother’s delectable baked treats. This early endeavor not only hinted at her future path, but also illuminated a keen awareness that her destiny was intricately tied to a career in sales or marketing.


The journey through academia for this young entrepreneur unfolded within the walls of local schools, spanning from elementary to high school. Despite consistently securing straight-A grades, Jayda Cheaves harbored no aspirations for higher education; her aversion to traditional studying and reading steered her towards an unconventional path.

Jayda boldly orchestrated an early high school graduation. In Georgia’s educational landscape, the flexibility of the system allowed students like Jayda to graduate early, provided they fulfilled all graduation requirements from prior years, or participated in a dual/concurrent program.

Her parents and grandmother didn’t like her decision. Her grandmother, a steadfast advocate for the traditional school experience, urged Jayda to savor her senior year surrounded by classmates within the familiar school setting. However, Jayda’s determination prevailed, and with time, her grandmother came to comprehend the wisdom behind Jayda’s choice. It became apparent that Jayda was forging her unique path, one that aligned with her immediate goals and ambitions.

Mastering the Entrepreneurial Game on Social Media

In the landscape of social media, where platforms cease to be mere communication tools and transform into bustling marketplaces of ideas and products, Jayda Cheaves carved her extraordinary path to success using her online name, Jayda Wayda.


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The popular OOTD girl in school

Breaking away from the typical narrative of young influencers who rose to prominence by showing their curvaceous body, dancing to the latest dance craze, lip-syncing to a trending song, viral challenges or pranks, Jayda took a different route—she had the foresight to build a brand. Standing out amidst the digital noise, she became the go-to girl for curating a distinct identity and style.

Picture this: a teenage trendsetter, adorned in meticulously planned Outfits of the Day or OOTD, navigating the halls of her school despite the uniform dress code. At just 15, Jayda had already amassed a staggering 300,000 followers, all captivated by her authentic self-expression and style choices. Each day before heading to school, she transformed the mundane act of getting dressed into a creative endeavor, adding unique accessories to set herself apart.

While others sought attention and popularity, Jayda’s focus was on creating a personal brand that resonated with her growing audience. It was during these years that she not only discovered her flair for fashion, but also unlocked the potential to turn her popularity into a lucrative venture. Jayda Cheaves wasn’t just the girl with the OOTD; she was on the brink of transforming her social media presence into a thriving entrepreneurial empire.

Jayda’s high school side hustle

Jayda Cheaves’ journey to success took an exciting turn during her high school years, as she ventured into the world of online sales through the Poshmark app. This idea started with the flood of comments on her Instagram page in which followers couldn’t help but wonder where she got her impeccable style. Seizing the moment, at the ripe age of 16, Jayda decided that it was time to turn heads, not just with her outfits but with a successful business.

Imagine this teenage trendsetter rocking her carefully curated ensembles at school during the weekdays, only to turn around and make them available to her Instagram audience on weekends through Poshmark. The app, a digital marketplace for both brand-new and pre-loved items spanning clothing, home decor, beauty, wellness, and electronics, became Jayda’s virtual storefront. With a tap and a post, her items consistently flew off the virtual shelves within seconds, marking the swift success of her burgeoning enterprise. She took time to explore the different social media apps as tools to market her wares, and it worked for her. Looking back, she still couldn’t believe that her virtual shop was always sold out.

Tried working for someone else

While still navigating the trials and tribulations of a Grade nine student, Jayda’s entrepreneurial spirit clashed with her grandmother’s more traditional views. Unfamiliar with the intricacies of social media and online selling, her grandmother urged her to explore other avenues to earn money, by getting a more conventional job. Jayda heeded this suggestion, and briefly took on the role of a waitress in a local restaurant. However, her rebellious streak soon surfaced when her boss demanded an overnight hair color change, because at that time she dyed her hair blue. It was at that moment that Jayda realized she was destined for a different path – one where she could be her own boss and call the shots. That incident immediately ended the idea of Jayda working for someone else in the future.

Creating a Brand: The Amour Jayda Adventure

The mastermind behind the flourishing brand Amour Jayda, embarked on her entrepreneurial journey with a twist of fate and a dash of linguistic creativity. Her initial Instagram account, Official Jayda, fell victim to a hacker – a setback that forced Jayda to embrace the challenge with a smile and a sense of humor.

In her quest for a new moniker, Jayda experimented with corny and lame names, exploring the quirky side of creativity. Love Jayda emerged, but it was the influence of her wise Mexican grandmother that led to the birth of something truly unique. Curious about the Spanish word for love, Jayda stumbled upon “Amour,” and just like that, Amour Jayda became not just a name, but a brand that would soon captivate the digital realm.

Armed with the insights gained from her reselling escapades, Jayda dove headfirst into the world of small business, refining her branding and marketing skills along the way. The evolution didn’t stop there—soon, a T-shirt line emerged, marking the introduction of a brand that would resonate far beyond her expectations. As the shirts hit the virtual shelves, her online followers multiplied, sparking a wave of fandom that manifested in fan pages bearing the name “Amour,” followed by the names of her loyal supporters. What started as a brand quickly transformed into a movement, a digital revolution echoing across social media platforms.

Her T-shirt venture started with a conservative order from her manufacturer, but it didn’t take long for the business to grow, and it came to a point in which she had to schedule to restock her virtual shop with thousands of shirts to address the growing demand for her product. Since she was still a student, Jayda, enlisted the help of her mother, grandmother and sister to help her achieve her goals.

Switching Gears: The Amour Hair Collection Saga

As the queen of reinvention, Jayda Cheaves found herself at a crossroads when the thrill of selling T-shirts began to wane. Money-making was the game, and Jayda was ready to roll the dice, venturing into a whole new realm—wigs, extensions, and other tantalizing hair products became the stars of her virtual shop. For a young entrepreneur like Jayda, the challenge was real, but so was her ambition.

Despite being a minor and navigating the complexities of launching a new business, Jayda knew that thorough research was key. However, being a one-woman show had its limitations, and she couldn’t do it all on her own. Enter her adoptive father, a believer in her dreams, who jetted off to China to secure the right vendors for the budding Amour Hair Collection. Owning a business himself, he effortlessly provided Jayda with the essential basics needed to kickstart her venture.

Much like the T-shirt business, Amour Hair Collection proved to be another feather in Jayda’s cap. Her family rallied behind her, turning her mother’s house into the bustling hub and warehouse of her growing empire. However, as success flowed in, challenges also emerged in the form of customer complaints. The lack of foresight in hiring a dedicated staff and securing a separate space for her products became apparent. The quality of the Chinese products dipped, and the overwhelming workload meant that they couldn’t meticulously inspect each bundle before sending them off.

Soon enough, Jayda’s products found themselves in the crosshairs of negative feedback on various social media platforms. Undeterred, Jayda, ever the resilient entrepreneur, made a tough call – deciding to halt sales. Instead, she redirected her focus towards regaining her once-pristine reputation. Refunds became her tool for redemption, ensuring that every dissatisfied customer got their money back.

Marketing Mondays

Jayda hit a pause on her hair product business, but didn’t let setbacks define her. Instead, she saw it as an opportunity to pivot and explore new horizons, determined not to be confined by past mistakes. As fate would have it, this period of introspection coincided with her pregnancy, prompting Jayda to find innovative ways to thrive in the business world.

Enter Marketing Mondays, a brilliant concept that showcased Jayda’s entrepreneurial spirit. Utilizing her wealth of insights, strategies, and experiences in the product launch arena, Jayda produced a series of webinars under the catchy title “Marketing Mondays.” Transforming the inquiries flooding her social media into a profitable venture, she turned her business advice into a sought-after commodity. The webinars weren’t just a casual affair; recognizing the value she brought to the table, Jayda limited the number of participants for each session, charging a fee for each coveted slot. Unsurprisingly, this venture turned out to be another successful endeavor, proving that even in the face of challenges, Jayda could create a space in which wisdom became a commodity.

Marketing Mondays became a virtual classroom through which she shared the secrets of her success, helping others navigate the intricacies of product launches. However, true to her authentic self, Jayda now knew when to bow out. She decided to halt the webinars not because of a lack of demand, but simply because she felt she’d shared all she could with her eager audience.

Authored a book

In a move inspired by the trailblazers who paved the entrepreneurial path before her, Jayda Cheaves added a new chapter to her ever-evolving narrative by writing a book. Aptly entitled “The Young Boss Blueprint: 15 Steps to Becoming a Young Boss,” this literary venture showcased Jayda’s insights into the world of business.

Much like the resonance her webinars found, the book struck a chord upon its 2018 release, and soared to success, seeing the publication of not just one but three editions. In its pages, Jayda shared the invaluable steps, strategies, and lessons she’d gathered throughout her journey, offering a roadmap for aspiring young entrepreneurs eager to carve their niche in the business world.

Launched the “Waydamin” brand

After an hiatus from public selling, Jayda Cheaves made a successful comeback in 2021, unleashing a wave of demand for her products that caught even her by surprise. This time around, armed with lessons from the past, Jayda was determined to do things differently, and most importantly, do them right. Confidence pulsated through her veins but so did a meticulous approach to avoid the pitfalls of previous ventures. While family support remained constant, Jayda upped the ante by assembling a professional team, and securing a warehouse for a seamless operation.

Initially diving into the realm of official brand merchandise, Jayda’s creations flew off the shelves, but she sensed a limit to the diversity of goods she could offer. Ever the agile entrepreneur, she swiftly pivoted, unveiling a fully-fledged clothing and accessories line under the “Waydamin” brand. Learning from past experiences, she steered clear of reliance on foreign vendors by establishing her own manufacturing setup, ensuring that all designs were brought to life under her watchful eye. To amplify her creative endeavors, Jayda enlisted a dedicated team to churn out designs that resonated with her vision.

Became an actress and a reality television star in 2022

The “Young Boss” joined the world of entertainment, and didn’t just dip her toes in; she cannonballed into acting with a minor role in the 2022 movie, “Bid for Love.” Initially, she went to an acting workshop but quickly realized that the traditional route wasn’t her thing. Jayda, being Jayda, taught herself the ropes of acting, then with praises from her co-stars, she declared her newfound love for acting, eagerly awaiting every casting agent’s call.

Armed with a legion of followers and a dazzling personality, in 2022, Jayda leaped into the world of reality TV with “Impact Atlanta”, featuring Atlanta’s top influencers colliding in a spectacle of drama and camaraderie. While Jayda appreciated the business side of creating TV-worthy drama, she wasn’t exactly overjoyed by it. The show was a hit, destined for a second season, but Jayda decided to leave the show due to artistic differences. Translation: she wanted more control over how she was portrayed. Despite the “evil editing” narrative that sometimes makes her the villain, Jayda’s product sales soared to new heights as a result of her participation in the show.

Personal Life

Jayda was in a relationship with rapper Lil Baby in 2016 who she met when she relocated to Atlanta. By 2019, they’d had a boy they named Loyal Armani. Despite the joy of parenthood, Jayda and Lil Baby found themselves caught in the whirlwind of an on-and-off relationship, ultimately hitting a crossroads with a break-up in 2021, but embraced co-parenting, putting aside their differences for the sake of their son.

In a twist that sent fans into a frenzy, Jayda and Lil Baby reconciled in 2023, with rumors swirling about a potential new addition to the family. However, the reconciliation was short-lived, and the rumored pregnancy turned out to be just that – a rumor.


Jayda Wayda has black hair and dark brown eyes, weighs around 128lbs (58kgs) with a curvaceous body and a height of 5ft 1in (154cms).

Net Worth

As of December 2023, Jayda Cheaves’ net worth is estimated at close to $7 million, quite impressive for about a decade’s work!

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