What is Jeremy Hutchins Famous for? His Age, Height, Net Worth

Jeremy Hutchins

The YouTuber and social media influencer Jeremy Hutchins, was born on 19th April 2003 and has been making videos from a young age. With his distinctive blue eyes and tousled hair, the internet star has a legion of fans, and is known for his outlandish challenge videos – “LOCKED IN LEGO PRISON FOR 24 HOURS!!”, “200 PRANKS IN 200 DAYS!!”, and “HIDE AND SEEK AGAINST CLOWNS AT 3AM!!” to name a few.

Although the authenticity of Jeremy’s content has been questioned on many occasions, the general consensus is that viewers don’t think too deeply about the behind-the-scenes aspect of his videos. His uploads are clearly aimed towards a younger audience, as Jeremy edits the thumbnails to make them as eye-catching as possible, and promotes products which are typically used by children and tweens.


Jeremy hails from Cleveland, Ohio, and is reportedly American with a small percentage of Asian heritage. His parents, Steve and Elza Hutchins, rarely appear in his videos, as Jeremy prefers to film with his friends and love interests. Apparently, the YouTuber’s online career stems from his love of dancing and acting.

In 2018, Jeremy uploaded his first YouTube video, entitled “Try Not To Laugh Challenge”. Less than a year later, he was active on TikTok, and began diversifying his content to include the occasional vlog and lifestyle video while still focusing on pranks and challenges. After reaching a certain level of popularity, the Ohio native began collaborating with fellow YouTubers Ben Azelart and Brent Rivera.

After matriculating from Shasta High School, Jeremy was said to be furthering his studies at a private university in his home state. As there are over fifty such in Ohio, there’s no way of corroborating this information, but it’s important to note that Jeremy possibly dropped out of college to focus on his burgeoning online career.

In October 2021, Jeremy celebrated being verified on Instagram, currently having over two million followers. By this time, his dedicated fanbase had nicknamed itself the #HutchGang. Although Jeremy’s Instagram posts are nowhere near as eccentric as his YouTube videos, he’s previously uploaded photos with tiger cubs, travelling in exotic locations, and even wearing a fairy costume.

Personal Life

Jeremy’s YouTube content is entertaining but pretty superficial; for example, the social media star never opens up with his fans to explain what’s going on behind the cameras. Over the years, he’s been romantically linked to a number of young women, most of whom are his close friends, but other sources speculate that he’s gay.

In early 2023, he was rumored to be dating his long-time collaborator and fellow TikTok sensation Alexa Rivera, who was born in June 2001 and also specializes in challenge videos. Some of her most-seen are “I GOT PLASTIC SURGERY TO SEE HOW MY FRIENDS REACT?! (PRANK)”, “SCANDALOUS OUTFIT PRANK ON OVERPROTECTIVE BROTHERS!!”, and “EX COUPLES TRAPPED IN A BOX (LAST TO LEAVE)!!”.

That’s not to say that Alexa – who has a combined 23 million followers on YouTube and Instagram – maintains her less serious persona all her time. In 2020, she uploaded “We Broke Up” alongside Ben Azelart (coincidentally, the same Ben who Jeremy has collaborated with in the past). The break-up video was certainly a bittersweet one, as Alexa and Ben reminisced on the good times they shared as a couple, while recognizing that it would be best for them to go their separate ways.

Even if Alexa and Ben remain on good terms, their fans are still heartbroken about the split, and a few netizens even hold out hope of it being an elaborate, drawn-out prank. Due to the close bond between Ben and Jeremy, it seems highly unlikely that Jeremy would embark on a relationship with Alexa, but in August 2023, the Ohio native released his first music video, “I Like You”, in which he supposedly confessed his feelings for the lifestyle influencer.

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More recently, Alexa, Ben and Jeremy have appeared in a number of videos together – complicated love triangle, or genius marketing scheme which guarantees them millions of views? The jury is still out. For those of you who hadn’t made the connection, Alexa and Brent Rivera are siblings who also collaborate on YouTube, meaning that Jeremy is best friends with his possible love interest’s ex and brother – talk about awkward.

Moving on to a more positive subject, Jeremy also enjoys doing good deeds and anything to make his fans happy. In May 2022, he joined forces with the Make-A-Wish foundation for Kayden, a young boy with an unspecified disability. The YouTuber uploaded photos of his meeting with Kayden, captioning the post: ‘the coolest dude i’ve met, thank you for coming over and showing us a fun time kayden’ [sic].

Jeremy is 5ft 5in (165cm) tall, and is reputedly worth a cool $1 million, thanks to his prank videos.


Even if Jeremy himself has achieved the miraculous feat of not being cancelled or dragged under in the last few years, his collaborators haven’t been so lucky. In December 2020, Alexa was heavily criticized for pretending to go missing for over 24 hours – all for the sake of content. The prank video didn’t go down well with fans, as they felt that the YouTuber was mocking real missing persons cases.

Although Alexa apologized for the incident, she found herself in an awkward situation: after all, if she were to admit that a great number of her pranks are staged and scripted, she’d lose thousands of subscribers.

Her brother, Brent, has also faced backlash for supposedly sexualizing Alexa. In August 2022, an aspiring YouTuber uploaded a seven-minute video in which they did a deep dive on Brent and Alexa’s previous videos. ‘Brent Rivera has made the act of sexualizing family members for views a normal thing to do,’ the YouTuber stated. ‘[He] also aims that content towards his exclusively child audience.’

The YouTuber who uploaded the video, came prepared with plenty of evidence, as they discussed Brent spying on his sister while she was on a date with Ben, pranking Ben by getting Alexa to pretend that she was cheating on him, and getting one of his friends to flirt with a visibly uncomfortable Alexa. Luckily for Brent, the allegations failed to go viral.

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