What Is Katarina Deme Famous For? What Age Is She Now?

Katarina Deme, an American social media influencer, model, and aspiring actress, catapulted into the digital limelight through her TikTok and Instagram pages, amassing over a million followers. Her popularity surged, particularly after gaining recognition as Kid Laroi’s significant other, and interest in her persisted even after the couple called it quits. The young teen has adeptly navigated social media, a skill that has substantially contributed to the growth of her financial assets.

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Early Years, Family, and Education

Katarina Demetriades was born on 19 February 2004, in Los Angeles, California USA, where she spent most of her upbringing. Raised in a comfortable home, her father, Jim Demetriades, a successful entrepreneur, and her mother, Nancy Demetriades, a fashion designer, nurtured Katarina and her siblings—Theo, Alexa, and Anastasia.

The social media star didn’t experience a traditional schooling environment growing up. In a 2022 interview, she shared, ‘I’ve been homeschooled my entire life, and I’m now entering my final year of school.’ Eventually, she completed her high school education in July 2023.

After exploring the Big Apple in May, some fans speculated that she was considering universities in the area. Many of them guessed that she might end up at New York University, following in the footsteps of one of her sisters.


Katarina harbored dreams of becoming a successful actress although she has yet to land a breakthrough role – her acting journey can be summarized in just three projects. Her inaugural venture into the entertainment industry was a walk-on role in the movie “Saturn Returns,” released in 2017. Subsequently, she participated in the popular TV comedy show “Will and Grace,” featuring in one episode entitled “Sweatshop Annie & The Annoying Baby Shower” during the ninth season, in which she played the character named Brianna. Her most recent stint was in the 2020 movie “Then Came You,” starring Kathie Lee Gifford and Craig Ferguson.

However, the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic altered the trajectory of Katarina’s career – like countless others worldwide, she found herself staying at home. Despite her eagerness to pursue her Hollywood dreams, her acting aspirations took a backseat during this challenging period.

Her Rise in Social Media

In this digital age, Katarina, like many others, especially teenagers, explored various social media platforms. However, she found the perfect fit for her needs on two of those apps: Instagram and TikTok. Here are her metrics:

Instagram Impact

Katarina signed up on Instagram in 2014, but it took her about two years to start posting and uploading photos. It was in 2019 that her page began to attract the attention of online enthusiasts, however, it was during and after the COVID-19 pandemic that she amassed a huge following, and by December 2023, she had a little over a million followers. This achievement wasn’t surprising, considering her visually appealing features and curves in the right places; she wasn’t shy of flaunting her sexy body wearing mostly skimpy clothes, and her Instagram content is well-curated with high-quality photos. However, the number of her posts has noticeably decreased, as she reportedly deleted photos or reels associated with her former boyfriend.

It was also on this social media platform that her followers witnessed her transition to adulthood, since she’d begun posting in 2016, at the age of 12.

TikTok Popularity

The unique short-video format that allows content creators to upload brief, raw videos on TikTok made the platform the ideal social media app for Katarina. She has consistently uploaded content on this platform, and it played a significant role in the thriving of her page. Katarina garnered more than one million followers on this platform, slightly surpassing the total number of followers she has on Instagram. In addition to sharing her travels and adventures with friends, she also participated in various online trending games and challenges.

She’s received a total of 15 million likes from the 65 videos she’s uploaded onto her page, a testament to how some of her followers are captivated by her appearance and content. Most of her highly-liked videos feature her engaging in activities such as lip-synching, showcasing her Outfit of the Day (OOTDs), or displaying her make-up skills.

As a model

Despite not having the height typically associated with catwalk models, Katarina has carved a niche for herself by modeling various brands and endorsing products through print media, including billboards and magazines. Her social media pages have become a platform for showcasing these modeling gigs, in which she effortlessly flaunts outfits from different brands. Her inaugural magazine cover feature was with InStyle Australia, published in July 2022. In November 2023, a prominent billboard featuring Katarina for the clothing brand Guess USA was unveiled, a moment she proudly shared on her Instagram.

Personal Life

Katarina made waves among social media enthusiasts when she entered a relationship with an Australian named Kid Laroi.

Who is Kid Laroi?

Kid Laroi, actually Charlton Kenneth Jeffrey Howard, is an Australian rapper who gained widespread recognition with his debut mixtape, the “F*ck Love Project,” released in 2020. This project swiftly climbed the Australian charts and eventually secured the No.1 spot on the Billboard 200 chart. His mainstream success skyrocketed when Justin Bieber collaborated with him on the single “Stay” in 2021. Kid Laroi aspires to follow in the footsteps of artists such as Drake, who placed Canada on the map. He aimed to elevate Australia’s presence in the global music scene.

When Katarina met Kid Laroi

They weren’t hesitant to publicly display their affection for each other. At the time of their meeting through mutual friends, Katarina was 16 years old and Kid Laroi 17. This encounter took place when Kid Laroi relocated to Los Angeles to advance his burgeoning music career. Katarina vividly recalls, ‘When we first started talking, I literally had no clue who he was.’ This was understandable since, at that time, the rapper had only released one song.

Survived the Challenging Times of COVID-19

In an interview with Vogue Magazine, the Billboard 200 chart-topper revealed that he never expected to find love at a young age, especially since it wasn’t his priority upon relocating to LA. He also mentioned the irony of recently releasing an album entitled “F*ck Love Project,” suggesting that he wasn’t in a love-oriented mindset at the time. Despite their initial meeting being followed by a period in which they couldn’t meet face to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic, destiny played its part. They persevered through the challenges, maintaining communication through FaceTime for several months. After the pandemic restrictions lifted, they were always together.

Being inseparable even during his world tour

It was evident that Katarina was deeply in love with the rapper, as she willingly accompanied him during his world tour. Recounting the experience, she shared that her parents had a straightforward message for her, saying, ‘If you want to live on a [tour] bus for a month, that’s on you.’ Notably, whenever she traveled to another state in the US or even back to Kid Laroi’s home country, Australia, to be with her boyfriend, one of her parents or a guardian accompanied her, given that she was still a minor at the time. However, upon turning 18 years old, her parents granted her the freedom to travel to Europe by herself.

During the concerts, her rapper-boyfriend would regularly call her onstage, proudly introducing her to his fans. Despite indulging him in these moments, she would reportedly leave the stage swiftly, due to her struggles with stage fright.

Rumored to be engaged

The couple displayed a remarkable devotion to each other, seldom appearing in public without the other. Their connection appeared unbreakable, as if they were always joined at the hip. Kid Laroi expressed that he considers himself one of the luckiest men out there. Even when faced with uncertainty, he discovered that things somehow aligned in his favor. One of his proofs of this good fortune is having Katarina as his girlfriend. After three years of dating, reports surfaced that the couple was actively exploring engagement rings at Tiffany & Co., a renowned jewelry store. In an interview, when questioned about the prospect of marriage, both partners responded affirmatively that they both want to marry each other someday but they are taking life one day at a time. It was a testament to their young love, and fans couldn’t help but draw parallels between their relationship and the situation of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Too much attention

People adore witnessing love triumph, and fans continue to express their delight over the couple’s sweetness, whether through their social media platforms or in public. The public eagerly seeks updates on the couple, wanting to stay informed about their relationship. However, not everyone is pleased, as some question the authenticity of their feelings for each other, speculating whether the relationship is merely a means to gain more popularity or to remain relevant in the ever-changing social media landscape.

Despite the scrutiny, Katarina remained grounded, stating, ‘It’s one of those things that is bound to happen in any relationship, but for us, it’s on a bigger scale.’ She further emphasized that they genuinely love each other and are unconcerned about others’ opinions.

Called it quits

Seemingly, all good things come to an end, and for some reason, Katarina and Kid Laroi parted ways. Initially, it started as a rumor when neither of them acknowledged their anniversary. Their social media feeds became notably quiet, a departure from the vibrant activity seen in previous years. Subsequently, the breakup speculation intensified with the deletion of photos and videos, along with Kid Laroi unfollowing everyone, including Katarina’s account.

In August 2023, Kid Laroi finally broke his silence by sharing a photo of himself atop a cliff, captioned with, ‘I’m sorry I’ve been a bit silent. Been going through a lot recently.’ He reassured his followers that he was okay, but needed space to process his emotions. On the other hand, Katarina remained silent, refraining from making any cryptic posts regarding their breakup.

Moving on

As per her Instagram and TikTok page, it seemed that Katarina had already moved on from the breakup, and didn’t find the need to unfollow him. Some fans wondered why she was still following Kid Laroi’s social media accounts, small details which led to speculations that it was Katarina who broke it off with him. When the Australian rapper was asked if there were breakup songs included on his new album, he said there were a couple that made it to the final cut. With that, some fans couldn’t help but throw shade at Katarina through her social media pages and leave comments such as ‘Thanks for the AOTY’ pertaining to Kid Laroi’s newest album winning Album of the Year.

Katarina is reportedly not dating anyone right now.


The stunning beauty stands at an impressive height of 5ft 7ins (170cms), and maintains a well-balanced weight of 119lbs (54kgs). She completes her look with dark brown hair that perfectly matches her light brown eyes. Despite speculations about undergoing plastic surgery to enhance certain aspects of her body given the ample size of her breasts and some rumored corrections on her face, no confirmation has been provided.

Net Worth

According to authoritative sources, Katarina has an estimated net worth of close to $4 million as of December 2023. Most of her earnings came from her social media pages, as well as brand endorsements and modeling gigs.

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