Who is “Shark Tank” Lori Greiner’s Husband Dan Greiner? Wiki, Age, Net Worth, Married, Children, Parents, Job

• Dan Greiner is married to Lori Greiner, an American entrepreneur, inventor and television personality.
• Dan is in his 50's and he is a bit older than Lori.
• Dan is the Chief Financial Officer and vice president of For Your Ease Only, a company owned by his wife.
• Dan and Lori have not disclosed any information about their personal life.
• Dan's net worth is estimated to be over $10 million.

Who is Dan Greiner?

Dan Greiner became a famous person after marrying Lori Greiner, an American entrepreneur, inventor and television personality, the star of the ABC show “Shark Tank”. Dan is the Chief Financial Officer and vice president of For Your Ease Only, a company owned by his wife, Lori, resigning from his previous job at Bell & Howell Company, to join his wife’s company.

Dan Greiner Age

Dan is said to be in his 50’s; he is a bit older than Lori although his exact date of birth is unknown to the public. He hasn’t disclosed his place of birth, parents, siblings, or childhood and educational background.

Dan Greiner Career

Back in 1987, Dan worked at the Name Grant Thornton Firm as a supervisor where he worked for three years before leaving to join Bell & Howell. As mentioned, Dan worked as a controller for the Bell & Howell Company before he quit in 1996 and started working for his wife’s organization. He has been there for Lori offering her moral support and inspiration from the beginning. The couple met in Chicago at the Lincoln Park Kincaid’s, when Lori was just an aspiring inventor with big dreams of success. While she works at the same organization in the marketing, sales, and legal departments, Dan deals with accounting, packaging, shipping, marketing and inventory.  Although Dan is not an inventor like his wife, he is a superb manager who is also a trained accountant, so able to handle all the company’s inventory functions.

Dan’s story fits the saying that ‘behind each successful man is a woman’. When his wife started her career, he quit his in order to help her in her fledgling organization. Dan offered his wife support and the needed inputs when she invented an intricate plastic box meant to help organize earrings back in 1996. This was her first successful invention which she later patented, and made a deal with J.C. Penney; the invention made her rich in a period of two years.

When QVC network came calling in 1998, Dan was a big part of Lori’s expanding empire. She started her job hosting the “Clever and Unique Creations” show broadcast on the shopping channel which earned her the nickname ‘The Queen of QVC’, the success of which caught the attention of the producers of the US television series “The Shark Tank” which led to her becoming part of the show as an investor in 2012. Dan has appeared alongside his wife in the “Beyond the Tank” spin-off series.

For more than two decades, Dan has remained a respected person in his community. He has a passion for vintage automobiles and intends to improve the reputation, sales, and enhance the Auto Archeology marketing sector.


Dan Greiner Married Life to Lori Greiner

Dan is a married man. He and Lori shared their wedding vow eight years ago in 2010 after dating for a number of years and they are an example of those couples who will stand by each other at all times offering support and guidance to each other. Although Lori is very active on social media, it is hard to see the couple together. It might be due to working together that this couple has managed to stay very close and compatible, and although Lori is a big television personality, their marital life has remained very private. Apart from the couple meeting in Chicago at Lincoln Park, there is not much known about their personal life. One thing is clear though, this man is not intimidated by his wife being in the spotlight.

Up to now, this couple is yet to have a child although Lori is very fond of children and has always revealed her love for children. In a statement she gave to heavy.com, Lori said “I always tell my friends that they can leave their children on my doorstep and I would be happy to take them in. I love kids!” There are no rumors of Dan been involved in extramarital affairs.

Dan Greiner

Dan Greiner Net Worth

Apart from working as the VP at his wife’s company, Dan also founded Lori Greiner Companies, in 2012, an investment holding organization that also deals with entertainment producing, media, representation, and sales and marketing consultation. He is also the COO and CFO of this company.

He has managed to earn a handsome amount of money working in his wife’s organization for more than 20 years, He and his wife own two homes, one is in Philadelphia  close to the QVC studio, while the other one is in Chicago. His wife’s net worth is estimated to be $50 million, in which Dan no doubt shares, however, his individual net worth is authoritatively estimated at over $10 million – no doubt they will both become richer, given the continued success of their businesses.

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