What is Lovely Peaches doing for a Living? Has she lost her Child?

Lovely Peaches Wiki Bio

Brittany Johnson, known professionally as Lovely Peaches, was born on 4 January 2001, and is known as a social media personality and singer from the United States. She gained attention and popularity on platforms such as TikTok and Instagram for her content, which is often described as controversial, disturbing, or alarming. Besides her social media presence, Peaches has also pursued music, releasing songs such as “Accomplishment”, “iOS”, and “You Don’t Know Me”​.

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Early Life

Peaches reportedly had a very rough upbringing. It’s reported that her father was a serviceman and her mother was a homemaker. According to Peaches, after her mother’s death she ran away from home multiple times, first time at 13 years of age, presumably to escape domestic abuse. There are rumors about her having been sexually trafficked at some point in her youth.

Rise to Fame

Peaches began gaining prominence in 2019, when her song “Burning’ N’ Itchin’”, which was released back in 2017, gained traction on TikTok. The song was ultimately removed from Spotify due to its explicit nature, but marked the beginning of her music career and her fans started referring to themselves as ‘peachlings’.

Around the same time, clips from her Instagram livestreams started going viral, specifically those in which she answers the viewers’ questions in unexpected ways. For example, when one viewer asked her whether she was politically left or right, she said that she likes Buffalo wings the most. She also has an alter ego, which she often argues with during her livestreams.

As Peaches became more popular her online content also became more and more disturbing, as she was apparently seen eating faeces and period blood in some of her videos, which were subsequently removed. She also apparently flashed her genitals during a livestream with singer Malu Trevejo, resulting in her accounts on various social media platforms being removed multiple times for content policy violations, but Peaches would always come back.

Her strange behavior has sparked a lot of discussion online, with some people claiming that she’s just an elaborate troll, while others think that she clearly suffers from some type of mental disorder.

One of Peaches’ most viral moments came in 2021, when the video of her repeatedly yelling ‘Nicki Minaj is the queen of rap’ in public became a ‘meme’ on TikTok and Twitter.

More recently, Peaches has been showing her appreciation for the K-Pop singer Jisoo, with videos such as “Happy Jisoo Day” and “Happy Birthday to My Idol Kim Jisoo”. Her recent uploads are also notably less disturbing and controversial in nature, as Peaches is currently more focused on promoting her music.

Music Career

After “Burnin’ N’ Itchin’” went viral, Peaches continued to release new music, in 2019 two singles “iOS” and “Hate You Cuz They Ain’t You”, however, they both fell under the radar, and failed to match the popularity of her debut.

In the following year, she released “You Don’t Know Me”, “He’s Mine”, “He So Bad”, and “Choose”, and a music video for “Hate You Cuz They Ain’t You”, which resulted in the song gaining more traction; the video has since been watched more than 1.6 million times.

In 2021, Peaches released “Walk It Like a Boss” and “Love Is A Waste of Time”, the latter of which has amassed more than 2.5 million streams on Spotify, then performed at her first concert n the same year,.

Most recently, in August 2023, Peaches released her newest single “Lowkey”, which has been warmly received by her fans, despite not gaining wide recognition.


In 2021, Peaches had several troubling interactions with Charli D’Amelio, a popular TikTok star. The incidents escalated to a point where Peaches was banned from TikTok after uploading a video in which she claimed to have hired someone to assault Charli​​. In another instance, she apparently sent Charli a series of threatening messages on Instagram, which caused concern among fans.

Another public outcry happened when Peaches uploaded a series of disturbing photos and videos on social media, showcasing abuse towards her dog. In one instance, Peaches reportedly admitted to spraying perfume in her dog’s eyes, this abusive act, among others, was part of the evidence leading to the animal cruelty charges against her. In a now-deleted video, Peaches was confronted by police officers regarding threats she made about her dog on Instagram, and she apparently admitted to threatening to kill her dog ‘for followers’.

Following the spread of these posts, Peaches was arrested on a charge of animal cruelty. Police records confirm her arrest, and it was reported that her dog was still alive following the incident, and it appears that her dog was taken to an animal shelter.

What Happened to her Daughter?

Peaches gave birth to her daughter, Cora, at the age of 17; the identity of her father isn’t publicly known. At the time of welcoming Cora, Peaches was already an Internet celebrity, so her early motherhood was evidently well-documented online.

First signs of trouble began when Peaches started mentioning her daughter in negative context. In one of her Instagram lives, she said ‘If I have my camera out, I ain’t finna stop’, referring to the fact that she would rather film than tend to her daughter when she’s crying. She would also say that her baby was being antagonistic towards her, and trying to argue with her.

In the following months, Peaches began making social media post containing cryptic messages alluding to her daughter being hurt. She also began describing the ways in which she would murder her daughter in very explicit detail. In addition, Peaches repeatedly talked about selling Cora to a pimp.

People who were previously convinced that Peaches’ older videos were a joke started showing serious concern for Cora’s safety. The controversy led to many videos and articles further drawing attention to the issue, while ‘#savecora’ also made rounds on various social media platforms.

At some point Peaches claimed that she choked Cora to death, leading her viewers to contact the local authorities in an attempt to have Peaches arrested. Luckily, Cora is alive and well. As it turns out, Peaches never even had custody of her, and the baby has been living with her father and grandparents the whole time, five states away. Apparently, Peaches was only taking care of Cora for the first two weeks after the birth, which is when most photos of Cora that Peaches has uploaded onto Instagram were taken.


Peaches is a popular figure in the niche Internet community known as ‘FlopTok’, the name derived from the words ‘flop’ (failure) and ‘TikTok’. FlopTok creators generally don’t show their faces, and rely on making bizarre parody videos making fun of popular culture. The humor partially originated from so-called ‘Stan Twitter’, which is a Twitter community known for ironic celebrity worship.

The community emerged in late 2020, with ‘#floptok’ attracting attention in January the following year. Since then, the hashtag has been used many times on TikTok, while the videos under the hashtag have been watched more than 2.6 billion times. The memes have also spread to other parts of the Internet, such as Instagram, on which this kind of content is also known as ‘InstaFlop’.

FlopTok memes often rely on taking problematic public figures, particularly online creators, and pretending they’re A-list celebrities. In addition, rapper Cupkkake is one of the ‘icons’ of FlopTok, mostly due to her songs which have very explicit lyrics, and have been used to make funny remixes of popular songs.

Over time, FlopTok creators begun to incorporate new elements into their meme videos. In May 2021, they invented a new ‘celebrity’ known as Jiafei. The character is a Photoshopped combination of K-pop stars Wang Feifei and Meng Jia. Jiafei is also depicted to have a complex family and relational network, including siblings, an evil alter ego, and an adoptive daughter,​ while her ‘fans’ are known as ‘product consumers’.

In addition, FlopTok creators spontaneously invented an imaginary country named Floptropica, complete with detailed history, and even an ‘official’ government website. According to Floptropica lore, Peaches was born there and has a forest park named after her.

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