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• Anne Ramsay was born in Los Angeles, California, and has a net worth of $2 million
• She studied theater at UCLA and was a part of the acting group The Continuum
• She starred in the TV show "Mad About You" during the 1990s, which earned her a shared nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award
• She has appeared in numerous films and TV shows, including "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and "The Secret Life of the American Teenager"
• She is single and rumors suggest she may be homosexual, but she has no strong online presence

Who is Anne Ramsay?

Anne Ramsay was born on 11 September 1960, in Los Angeles, California USA, and is an actress, best known for her role in the show “Mad About You” during the 1990s, in which she played the character Lisa Stemple. Her performance in the show earned her a shared nomination for a Screen Actors Guild Award for Best Ensemble in a Comedy Series.

Anne Ramsay

The Riches of Anne Ramsay

How rich is Anne Ramsay? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is at $2 million, earned through a successful career in acting. She’s also appeared in other television projects and numerous films throughout her career, and as she continues her endeavors, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life, Education, and Career Beginnings

While Anne was born in Los Angeles, she was raised in nearby La Habra. There is almost no information regarding her childhood, her family, and her initial path to an acting career. After matriculating from high school, she enrolled at UCLA where she studied theatre, and after completing her bachelor’s degree, she then pursued a career in acting.

She was initially associated with an acting group called The Continuum, which consisted of alumni from her university. One of her projects with the group included a production entitled “Waiting”, which got the group acclaim and landed her an agent. Throughout the 1980s, she appeared as a guest in various series, including “A Year in the Life” and “Mr. Belveder”. She also had a two episode role in “Star Trek: The Next Generation” which is the third series in the “Star Trek” franchise, following the USS Enterprise-D as they explore the Milky Way galaxy.

Career Prominence

The 1990s marked Ramsay’s first foray into film, appearing in projects such as “Class Action” and “A League of Their Own”, which starring Geena Davis and Tom Hanks is a sports comedy drama film telling a fictionalized account of the All-American Girls Professional Baseball League. In 1992, she got one of her most notable roles in “Mad About You”, one of the stars of the sitcom also starring Helen Hunt and Paul Reiser as they play a married couple in New York City. The show was highly popular during the time, winning four Golden Globe Awards and 12 Primetime Emmy Awards.

She had other projects while working on the series, including “The Final Cut”, “Chicago Hope”, and “Everything to Gain”. After the end of “Mad About You”, she appeared in other television shows including a recurring role in “Dharma & Greg” and a guest appearance in “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation”. She was also cast in the 2001 remake of the 1968 film “Planet of the Apes” starring Mark Wahlberg and Tim Roth in a loose adaptation of the Pierre Boulle novel of the same name.Ove the next few years later she had recurring roles in “The L Word”, “Six Feet under”, and “Related”.

Later Projects

During the mid-2000s, Anne was mainly involved in independent film projects, while continuing to make guest appearances in episodes of popular shows such as “Dexter”, “Ghost Whisperer” and “House”. Approaching the 2010s, she was selected for a lot of notable film projects including “The Human Contract”, “Tanner Hall”, and “Wild About Harry”. She also gained a recurring role in “Hawthorne” which is a medical drama, and around the same time also had a role in “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”, which was well received among teenage and female viewers, and, even challenged the popularity of shows such as “Kyle XY” and “Gossip Girl”.

A few of her latest projects include “Emanuel and the Truth About Fishes” which stars Jessica Biel, and she was also cast in “The Taking of Deborah Logan”, a found footage supernatural horror film starring alongside Jill Larson; produced by Bryan Singer, it tells the story of a documentary crew discovering something sinister about an Alzheimer patient. She also had a recurring role in “Hart of Dixie”, a series following a New Yorker who fails her dream of becoming a heart surgeon and instead becomes a general practitioner in a fictional Gulf Coast town.

Anne Ramsay in “Dexter”

Personal Life and Social Media

For her personal life, it is known that Ramsay is single and has never been married. Her current status is often related to her character in “Mad About You”, who is constantly looking for love. however, she has mentioned that she is not that desperate. Some sources state that she has been in various relationships, and although never confirmed might possibly be married, but just refuses to disclose any information about that aspect of her life.

There are also rumors going around that she might possibly be homosexual, which may be the reason for her lack of any romantic relationships with men, publicly at least, but it has also never been confirmed. One of the reasons there is very limited information about her is due to the lack of any strong online presence. She does not have accounts on any of the major social media websites, joining a few people in the acting industry who prefer not to have any social media presence, and to keep separated their personal and professional lives.

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