What is Miss Bri Solo’s real name? Her Age, Career, Dating, Wiki

Who is Miss Bri Solo?

American social media star, YouTuber, model and cosplayer Miss Bri Solo was born under the zodiac sign Pisces on 28 February 2000, in the USA. She seems to be known only for her presence on the internet, especially her YouTube channel “Missbrisolo”, which she launched on 24 August 2022 and which is today subscribed to by nearly 90,000 people. Miss Bri’s posted over 250 videos and all of these together number more than 14 million views; most feature her showing off her attractive body, doing cosplay and spending time with her closest friends.

Miss Bri’s only recently disclosed her real name – Brianna Torres.


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Education and early life

Miss Bri was raised in the US by her parents, but because she rarely speaks about them in public, some of her fans believe that she’s not on good terms with them, possibly because of her OnlyFans account; she’s been active on the network for around a year now and has posted 33 videos and over 1,300 pictures, all of which together number more than 250,000 likes. It’s believed that Miss Bri’s father’s a construction worker and her mother a dentist, but this remains unconfirmed; even though Miss Bri’s kept the details regarding the siblings whom she might have a secret, it’s widely believed that she has a younger brother.

She attended a local high school and began building her internet fanbase during her time there; Miss Bri was passionate about dancing during her teenage years, while some of the other activities which interested her were acting with the school’s drama club, playing volleyball and running track.

She matriculated in 2018 and then moved to Los Angeles, California wanting to work on her career rather than go after a college degree.

Most viewed YouTube videos

Most of Miss Bri’s fans like her for her attractive body, especially her large buttocks and breasts, while others like her for her cosplay costumes, workout tips and personality. We’ll be covering Miss Bri’s three most watched videos on YouTube as these have led many people to become her subscribers.

Her #1 video “TRUST THE PROCESS Raven Teen Titans Cosplay” has been watched over 8.2 million times since it was posted on 22 August 2023, and has amassed nearly 300,000 likes; it’s a short video featuring Miss Bri cosplaying as Raven Teen Titans.

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Her second most popular video “Black Widow Cosplay” has been viewed over 400,000 times since 29 August 2023, and has amassed nearly 30,000 likes; it features Miss Bri showing off her Black Widow cosplay.

Her #3 video “The City Needs Me – Batgirl Cosplay Transition” has been watched over 210,000 times since 11 September 2023, and has amassed over 14,000 likes; it features Miss Bri cosplaying as Batgirl.

Presence on the internet

Miss Bri’s active on a couple of social media networks and together with her OnlyFans account and YouTube channel, these represent her primary source of income.

Over a million people are following her Instagram account, onto which she’s shared more than 1,500 pictures and videos; Miss Bri uses Instagram to share the details of her everyday life with her fans, as her content features her working out at the gym, cosplaying and spending time with her closest friends.

She’s tweeted close to 1,300 times since the creation of her Twitter account in October 2015, and over 600,000 people are following her on the network today; most of her pictures and videos feature her showing off her large breasts, while she can be seen cosplaying in others.

Miss Bri’s also popular on TikTok and all her videos combined number nearly 80 million likes; most of these feature her showing off her large buttocks and breasts, while she can be seen working out at the gym and cosplaying in others. She’s followed by nearly four million people on this network.

Miss Bri’s also active on Facebook, even more than on her other social media accounts as she tends to update this account multiple times every day; close to 40,000 people are following her today and her most recent post was on 10 December 2023, when she uploaded a video of her working out at the gym and showing off her hot body.

Love life and boyfriend

Miss Bri prefers to keep the details of her love life to herself and is yet to talk about the boys, or perhaps girls whom she’s dated.

Most of her fans believe that she’s today focused on her career and isn’t looking for love, while others believe that being an OnlyFans star is making it hard for her to find a man for a serious relationship; none of this has been addressed by Miss Bri.

There are also those who claim that she’s perhaps lesbian and in a relationship with a girl who can be seen featured in some of Miss Bri’s newer Instagram pictures, but this hasn’t been confirmed either.

Miss Bri seems to be single as of December 2023, hasn’t married and doesn’t have children.

Interesting facts and hobbies

Miss Bri’s a feminist and a geek, as she’s written in the ‘bio’ section of her Instagram account.

Cosplaying’s her favorite hobby and she’s attended various cosplay events around the USA; she’s thus become passionate about travelling and has also been a couple of countries around the world.

Although she’s yet to provide precise details about her workout routine, it’s known that Miss Bri has five training sessions at the gym every week, as well as that she’s mostly into working on her glutes.

She loves animals and cats are her favorites.

Gal Gadot’s one of her favorite actresses, and a couple of her favorite movies are “Heart of Stone”, “Wonder Woman 1984” and “Justice League”.

Age, height and net worth

Miss Bri’s age is 23. She’s 5ft 7ins (1.7m) tall, weighs around 130lbs (60kgs) and has brown hair and eyes, although she usually dyes her hair various colors.

Miss Bri’s net worth’s been estimated at over $1 million, as of December 2023.

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