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Olivia Ponton

The New York-based model and influencer Olivia Ponton was born on 30th May 2002 in Naples, Florida, USA, of Irish and American descent. According to online sources, Olivia was raised in a middle-class family, matriculated from a local high school, but hasn’t pursued a college degree.

These days, Olivia is a highly sought-after brand ambassador and content creator with over eight million followers on TikTok and three million on Instagram. The blonde has featured in several Victoria’s Secret Pink campaigns, also modelling for SKIMS, Ralph Lauren, and Love Shack Fancy, to name a few.

Although fashion and travel content is Olivia’s forte, she also specializes in swimwear shoots, having made her mainstream modelling debut with a 2022 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Rookie feature. She is currently represented by IMG Models, and has done a number of interviews and made public appearances in order to get her name out there, and enlighten her fans with details regarding her early years and career beginnings.

Olivia is 5ft 9ins (175cm) tall and weighs about 56kgs (123lbs).


According to a 2020 interview, Olivia began content creating when she and her best friend Sabrina Holt began uploading Tik Tok videos. However, she already had a respectable following on Instagram, thanks to her appealing travel photos.

Although it’s hard for influencers to find a work-life balance due to the nature of their job, Olivia disconnects from social media for an hour every day. ‘I feel like it’s very important to be able to make a hard separation,’ she told Modeliste Magazine. ‘That’s why I have such amazing friends and surround myself with amazing people.’

What Olivia loves most about modeling is helping other girls feel confident and empowered. Meanwhile, influencing is equally important to her as she feels that she has a duty to the young girls who look up to her. According to the blonde, she followed many Victoria’s Secret models during her younger years, and feels that her work as an influencer comes with an enormous responsibility.

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A typical workday for Olivia means waking up at seven, getting in a quick workout, eating breakfast, and checking business emails. After getting ready for the day, she then records content and heads off to a photoshoot or similar event if she has anything scheduled. Otherwise, she relaxes at home.

Despite having a jam-packed agenda, Olivia always makes time to work with the Public Benefit Corporation (PBC) Four Ocean, which has recovered over 30 million pounds of trash from the world’s rivers, coastlines, and oceans since 2017. For those who are unfamiliar, a PBC is a for-profit company with a legally binding commitment to a social or environmental mission – such as, in the case of Four Ocean, cleaning the ocean and encouraging people to prevent plastic pollution.

During her time off, Olivia loves to travel and create memories with her friends. Cooking and learning new hobbies are also high on her list of priorities. In 2020, she teased an upcoming sportswear line with leggings, sports bras, and long-sleeved tops, which is fitting: most of her followers became fans thanks to her workout routines, which incorporate a range of exercises and have been put to the test by thousands.

Speaking to Modeliste, Olivia shared that she would also be interested in acting. For now, she has yet to appear in any TV shows or movies, but fans of the blonde hold out hope and eagerly await they day they see her grace our screens.

The Florida native’s biggest inspiration is Alexis Ren, who started off as a Brandy Melville model and went viral at just 15 years old on Tumblr. Although Alexis’s story is rather different to Olivia’s, as she was scouted at a mall when 13 years old, and had her first important modeling gig in Japan at 14, the parallels are undeniable: both are known for their picture-perfect bodies, and used their online hype to build long-lasting careers.


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Olivia is also grateful to her fans, and has said: ‘Thank you for supporting me through everything… And just always giving me endless love.’ Although she finds it hard to cope with the negativity at times, she likes to go through her fan pages and read encouraging comments to lift her spirits whenever she’s feeling down.

Personal Life

In 2021, Olivia confirmed in an Instagram Story that she was dating the Canadian soccer player Kaila Novak. The couple began seeing each other in January of that year, and surprised fans when they celebrated their first anniversary after months of break-up rumors. During an interview with Teen Vogue, Olivia revealed that they began talking through TikTok DMs, saying: “She actually curved me for a week before first answering!”.

Netizens feared the worst in summer 2021 when Kaila began openly flirting with another woman on TikTok. Others also accused her of using Olivia to boost her public profile. Although Kaila had already made a name for herself in the Canadian woman’s soccer circuit when she began seeing Olivia, she gained thousands of followers when they were confirmed to be in a relationship.

Kaila, who was born on 24th March 2002, began playing soccer and hockey at just four years old, and never looked back. The sporty blonde represented in the under-17 Canadian women’s national team at the CONCACAF U-20 championship and other major tournaments. She began attending the University of California after matriculating from high school.

In 2020, Kaila became a part-time content creator with soccer videos, body positivity messages, and food reviews which she uploaded on TikTok. In no time, she had accumulated over 1.5 million followers, and was worth an estimated six figures.

Kaila and Olivia are believed to have quietly broken up sometime in early 2022, as the pair haven’t posted each other in over a year. Since then, the Victoria’s Secret model has been publicly single and focusing on her career, whereas Kaila is busy juggling her entrepreneurism with her athletic career.

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